Valls Re-dubbed

French PM Address to National Assembly, 13 Jan. 2015

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ALERT: The Great Fertility Shutdown

Caution--Big Brother may be watching

Truth may be explosive and should be handled with care under regimes of controlled opinion: In Nature, a web is a device made to trap and kill. Please be advised that in current conditions of mass surveillance, the dissident articles herein are best viewed offline by some, such as opinion leaders, lest they be subject to a potentially life-threatening political sting. Use the green download buttons (below) to get the printable PDF format and/or cover your webcam.


To all readers: the webpage version of this webzine has been subject to censorship and repeatedly hacked, especially Issue No. 3 article ‘The Coming GMO Reproductive Holocaust.’ If despite our efforts you find on a webpage missing, distorted or out of place images or text, or broken or replaced links, please try the PDF format links below...

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