Amerika’s Extreme Right



Dr Strangelove moment @ DNC 2016 (inset and text only added to unretouched video still, above left)

(Above right) US president Obama’s wife Michelle ‘protests bullying’ next to a subliminal-ad background of crypto-swastikas at televised Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA 26 July, 2016 (red highlight & text added to unretouched video still).


It’s Starting: Still images from film ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ 2 (text added , above right)

The old formula

[The Right deflects blowback  from the exploited] masses into nationalism<--[the belief] that the enemy is FOREIGN [rather than the elite economic class or big business itself]-- focusing instead on a “foreign conspiracy” or immigrants. Before improving condition of masses, [they say,] it’s necessary to improve the position of THE NATION, [with more war (profits) or austerity, etc.] “Nation” is code for the corporate elite class [itself.]--Fascism and Big Business, Daniel Guerin

When it is pretended that the state [Homeland] has a good different from that of its citizens, what is really meant is that the good of the government --the ruling class--is more important than that of the other people. This view has no basis but in arbitrary power.

--Science and Society, Bertrand Russell

The Democrats--The ‘Good Cop’ of the Party Duopoly

In the oligarchy’s two-fisted Duopoly system in the US, the supposed Left hand--the Democrats -- are traditionally the Party of Light and Consumer Industry, the Lawyer Lobby and Finance while the Right hand, the Republicans, have been the Party of Heavy & War industry, Petro-chem and Finance, with overlap between the two sets or mixes of industrial/financial interests. Through (advertising) subsidies to Entertainment and Media, the two hands virtually beat the Public senseless in order to then rake in all the chips, turned out by Labor, regaining monies lost as paid out wages.

Both seek to prevent the enslaved Public from uniting in common cause against their capitalist oppressors but using different tactics. Instead of foreign (or immigrant) scapegoats, the Democratic specialty is domestic identity politics, to distract and divide the workers--Woman vs. Man, Gay vs. Straight, Black vs. White, instead of Corporate vs. Individual/Rich vs. Poor (see also: Monochrome Rainbow).

At the time of the DNC of July 2016, leaked e-mails from the Democratic Party leadership exposed the fraud at the heart of the nomination of Hillary Clinton and thus at the heart of the US presidential “electoral system” generally (which from its origins in fact always had a built-in fudge in the electoral college). They also revealed incidentally the Party’s utter contempt for the people whom it claims to represent. In the e-mails, one staffer refers to constituents as my “peeps”--an abbreviation (of people) but also a metonomy connoting ‘eyeballs,’ another term of contempt used in American advertising (as an audience size unit).

A Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, subsequently shot and killed on a D.C. street, is believed by many insiders to have been the leak source.

The forced movement of populations in deportations, evacuations, quarantines

is a deadly shell game where millions of the moved may turn up missing!

Language of Genocide

Immigration has been a central theme of the 2016 US Republican (GOP) presidential campaign, ‘the only thing we should be talking about,’ according to the Party’s nominee, in his grand political vision of inciting jackasses to set about nipping at each other. This time-honored political weapon of the Right is a polite format for discoursing on RACE POLITICS, to focus on differences in order to prevent the toiling masses from uniting, as they get their pockets picked by their betters. Race-based hate speech (or ethno-religious) singles out a scapegoat group to stand in (as sacrificial lamb) for the banksters themselves, while also ‘softening up’ the ethnic target for (further) attack on their countries in war.

What used to be usually coded or veiled hate speech has now emerged in 2016 as openly Fascist language and policy proposals notably in the Republican campaign, with the nominee Donald Trump’s promise to round up and deport millions of Mexican and other illegal aliens--a potential cover for roundups and mass internment of scapegoats and political opponents. The Republican nominee’s stigmatization of and incitation against a religious minority group--Muslims-- has seen Muslims targeted and killed on American streets because of their religion and dress. The admitted-extremist candidate has ominously declared the intention to create a list or national register of American Muslims--the ‘new Jews’--in a tactic straight out of Nazi Germany, which led directly to the Holocaust.

Muslims have in fact already suffered a Holocaust of their own, with up to six million murdered in NATO’s wars on Muslim countries since 1991, as we have noted elsewhere.1

Mr Trump, a crass and fraudulent bankruptcy artist, has run a campaign fully in line with both the bankrupt extremist politics of the Duopoly (despite running as an outsider) and with the symbolism of his signature ‘Beautiful Wall’--one of divisiveness and hate, geared to ratcheting up the police state repression with raids targeting selected populations within the US--in the name of immigration status but no doubt ultimately aimed at political ‘loyalty’;  to paraphrase an old saying, ‘First they came for the Mexicans, then they came for the Muslims and then...they came for me (and my family).’ As witnessed in WWII, the forced movement of populations in deportations, evacuations, quarantines is a deadly shell game where millions of the moved may turn up missing!

In fact, in a nation founded on principles of political and religious freedoms, traitorous Trump has promised a political litmus test to vet visitors (presumably to go along with ethno-religious profiling), hinting at what will be the real criterion for ‘selection’ in his coming roundups. This open racist and hate monger for the bankers (it’s not us, it’s them) is a fascist menace who, when cornered on the subject in a notorious CNN interview, failed even to condemn the infamous US hate group, the KKK.

As was especially obvious during the Republican primaries, Trump can’t even govern his own tongue. Obviously he has no business governing anything else.

A return of the Republican Party to power may well also mean a return to its own brand of extremism, and a new cycle of raging fear mongering and domestic terror that marked the last Republican reign, in the Bush II years.

For his part fellow neo-Nazi (see below) and Party member Newt Gingrich has chimed in, proposing that the US should now begin deporting some Muslims (July 2016).

Social Darwinist

Extremism in the Party of Barry Goldwater is not of course new. Gingrich, the Republican former US House speaker, had already made clear his neo-fascism in his own presidential run back in 2012. As we noted at the time, that campaign distinguished itself for starkly showing up the extremist nature of the Republican faction of the US corporate Party Duopoly, not just with Gingrich’s code words but also with the pronouncements of nearly all of the other standing Republican candidates as well...

When a presidential candidate in mid-campaign does a prime-time network profile interview, it is not for idle tele-chat but to take the spotlight to frame his campaign theme, mark out his political philosophy. You can be sure they are measuring their words.

Public as prey

Asked his greatest moment over a long political career, the pro-war, old soldier of the American Right Newt Gingrich seemed to answer with a catch-all metaphor, citing a trip on an African safari ‘watching cheetahs basking in the sun after a kill.’ ... On cue, the interviewer Piers Morgan asked if Newt’s prey was Barack Obama, quickly deflecting the highly suggestive comment by a presidential candidate implying a predatory taste for social Darwinism.

Here is an illuminating description of ‘dog eat dog’ social Darwinism from another source:

...a world where ‘each creature feeds off another’ ... ‘and where the death of the weakest permits the existence of the strongest’, as in Nature. ‘The strongest must dominate.’   --Mein Kampf

Human as animal

From the same interview, candidate Gingrich on what he might have been if not a politician:

“A zookeeper.”

Animal Farm

No candidate had gone further in echoing the Nazi-archetype in the use of the deadly instrument of domination that is race hate than Rick Santorum, who has openly used the language of genocide in referring to the Muslim victims and targets of America’s current ‘endless war’ campaign...

US Republican presidential candidate Santorum (2012, 2016) on the ‘Muslim enemy’:

“They (Muslims) are interested in destroying the world...

...Look at Europe. Europe is on the way to losing. The most popular male name in Belgium — Mohammed.  It’s the fifth most popular name in France among boys.  They are losing [the war] because they are not having children......we need to... eradicate [the enemy], and that’s the final thing. ..This is going to be a long war.” --Columbia U. “Islamo-fascism” (sic) Awareness Week, March 2007

Compare this quote from a German statistics scientist in a 1937 article for the American Statistical Society entitled “Development of German Population Statistics through Genetic-Biologic Stock-Taking":

[Eugenics] means the targeted selection and promotion of superior life and an eradication [my emphasis--ed.] of those portions of the population which are undesirable." Friedrich Zahn, president of the Bavarian Statistical Office and SS member, data provider to the Nazi Party’s Race Political Office. --From IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black p. 49

Hand puppet

It’s worth noting the context in which Santorum’s ugly speech was given: a Columbia University “Islamo-fascism” Awareness Week. Just who are the fascists here ?

American academe was a prominent proponent of the Eugenics movement until the Nazi horrors it inspired forced more discretion. Consider Yale University’s 1945* annual report, apologizing over the racial composition of the student body: “the proportion of Jews has somewhat increased and remains too large for comfort” (cited in The Secret War Against the Jews, John Loftus; *under Yale trusteeship of Prescott Bush).

At the level of policy, the extreme Right positions are clear, with the Republican faction candidates nearly unanimously pro-war, pro-torture, pro-police state, with discussion of racial profiling, etc. At the level of speech they are usually guarded, and settle for dropping hints at the fascist ideology behind the policy, which require a little exegesis to clarify...

Great White Hope?

hough not a candidate for president, the Republicans’ ‘evil Maria’ Sarah Palin was a sitting governor and candidate for VP on the 2008 GOP ticket versus Barack Obama, then as now emphasizing immigration as a campaign theme. She has since relocated from the great white North to hard-line anti-immigration Arizona, taking her sights off Russia to look instead south to Mexico.

In an episode of her briefly televised Alaskan wilderness reality TV show, which in one scene featured a bear protecting its cub, the candidate and mother of four commented significantly: that Mama grizzly’s gotta do what she can to save the species (not save her cub). Immigration. Save the species. Get it? A safe but crypto-fascist subliminal appeal to racism.

Republican Mosh Pit

Palin’s running mate in 2008, John ‘bomb Iran’ McCain is a case apart, who has no qualms about publicly calling for the torture and murder of a foreign leader (Russia’s Vladimir Putin, before the blood of the fallen Libyan Nasserite leader, Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, had yet dried).

In 2008, McCain ‘defended’ his opponent Obama on the campaign trail when speaking at a local event with one of the screened audience members, who stammered into a proffered microphone He’s...he’s Arab. McCain: No Ma’am. He’s a decent person. Racist inference: Arabs are not decent people.

All but two of the original eight 2012 GOP candidates were on the record as pro-war and pro-torture, if not pro-racist. Though Ron Paul is one of the two exceptions just cited, he has been criticized for past political newsletters in Texas said to suggest a racist viewpoint. For his part, Paul pointed the finger at his competitor Michelle ‘All cultures are not equal’ Bachmann,  saying “She doesn’t like Muslims. She wants to go after them.” (--Ron Paul guesting on The Tonight Show, Jan. 2012)

(Below left) Dennis Hopper portraying an American fascist in an episode of The Twilight Zone, ‘He’s Alive’ (i.e. Hitler), Jan. 24, 1963 (1st Bush coup later that year);


1 Gideon Polya,

2 Handmaid’s Tale--1990 film based on the eponymous Margaret Atwood novel about an American dystopia ruled by a Masonic fertility cult in which women are relegated to role of baby factories. Setting up a straw man, it presages, as an upside-down mirror image, the (Masonic) cult of infertility that women and men alike are now subject to in the present.

Stills from The Handmaid’s Tale; c.f. Masonic NWO regimes today

First published 2012; Revised and updated Fall 2016