Zuckerberg’s “Work Makes Free” Pitch
by Mark Birdsong
This was going to be one of those “most under-reported Stories of the Year” pieces at the end of 2017 but unfortunately before I could finish it my computer was disabled, and to tell the truth, so was I.
We know that tech titans like Facebook and Google practice totalitarian-style censorship: Google by its own admission and Facebook with its flagging of unapproved content. As Eric Schmidt steps down from the chairmanship of alphabet, to where he had been ‘kicked upstairs’ not long previously, it’s worth taking the measure of the status quo, according to technocratic pronouncements, of the totalitarian New Order.
For his part, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has emerged as an unofficial NWO figurehead with repeated public pronouncements promoting the agenda. For example, he recently said that an “international superstructure was needed” --i.e. World Government, an NWO goal--for the ‘advancement’ of humanity. (It is already on the way, with the Paris COP21 Treaty.)
But a defining moment, low-water mark and major ignored story of the year 2017 on that front was Z’s alarming commencement address at Harvard, last Spring; alarming because, reading between the lines, it suggests a vision where family, uncontrolled and politically inconvenient, is on its way out; indeed, it has become even another unmentionable word, except in the negative, like ‘conspiracy’, (or “Russia” at the Olympics, now the ‘OAR’--update).
Technocracy by the way is not about personalities, a man or his views; Z. is a vessel or presenter, like Pat Sejak. Of course on the surface nothing was overtly disturbing; it was all delivered with touchy-feely hugs, warm and fuzzy group giggles and soppy pseudo ‘let’s all do our part’ sentiment; gone is the trenchant, toxic rhetoric of your grandfather’s dictator. But make no mistake, dictatorship, as in globalist World Government dictatorship, was a big part of the message, again, along with other scary New Order agenda items, ticked off in insidiously syrupy tones. You see, the Reich that horrified the world is in control again, metastasized and in a new manifestation, and it’s busy building the world’s future. Your leaders in the West are its servants. But politics--and PR--have come a long way in 70 plus years. It’s all about artful illusion masking ugly realities.
For that reason, New Order pronouncements are delivered in code, or Newspeak. Still, individual puzzle pieces taken separately may be revealing in light of the big picture on the box, so to speak, to which oblique allusions are made.
The Purpose Crisis
Back to this barker for the NWO, who has previously appealed for the normalization of miscarriage (see article); Z. had another jarringly odd message for the assembled graduates, families, dignitaries and (Harvard) President Faust (sic):
We will need new purpose. It’s part of the challenge of facing automation, he says, significantly...
I quote: "Today I want to talk about purpose...The challenge for our generation is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose."
This is an odd thing to say, turning the practical, vocational-purpose graduation talk into something metaphysical, or sinister, that is when you fit it into the unspoken, grander scheme of things, in the unfolding Brave New World: he means alignment towards given purpose, as in following orders.
It is also unnatural to say...purpose is built-in by Nature. Purpose crisis? How's this for purpose: Find food, water, and safe shelter. Admittedly, this is no longer billionaire Zuck's purpose, pontificating from that most ivory of ivory towers, but it still is for most of the rest of the world as they struggle to provide for themselves, their children, and their loved ones while dodging NATO bombs and proxy-fired shells and bullets.
Transitioning from Human purpose through family
Crock tears for “Social Justice”--poor little rich boy
is sorry about your future miscarried
 grandchildren (but it’s for the best)
What his words are doing ugly violence to is the unspoken (because-formerly-taken-for-granted) fact of life and love that from time immemorial, universal human purpose has been to survive in the face of mortality. Higher up on the Maslowian pyramid of needs than scrambling for shelter, this means finding love and starting a family, to carry on the line and the name with children and grandchildren, and in this way to overcome death, not only in the immediate but in future, by bringing to life your descendants, through love. This is Love’s victory over Death, the closest we get to immortality on earth.
But the Death Cult has made other plans...
To uber-digital Facebook, a book may connote something academic or collecting dust on a shelf or a vestige of the human past, like Social Justice itself, along with free and natural reproduction
Without one scholarly jaw dropping in Cambridge that day, Zuckerberg was shamelessly rejecting that time-honored, sacred and universal purpose--which is saying something.
He elaborates on the theme:
“Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. [Our childrens futures? No.] Purpose is what creates true happiness.

You're graduating at a time when this is especially important. When our parents graduated, purpose reliably came from your job, your church, your community. [Not family, even back then!] But today, technology and automation are eliminating many jobs. Membership in communities is declining (i.e. family). Many people feel disconnected and depressed and are trying to fill a void [childlessness]. As I've traveled around, I've sat with children in juvenile detention and opioid addicts... (They’re not all that, anyway.)
Not once does he utter the world “family”, verboten now, except in touting the benefits of not having to support a family (‘having time to code’); instead it’s “community”...
“We all get meaning from our communities. Whether our communities are houses or sports teams, churches or music groups.” Yeah, I live for Metallica, man...
Think of dealing with one of these tech titan companies online--it’s like interaction with a vending machine.
This is more or less their loveless Social Model for the Gattaca future, populated with finer human specimens at the cost of a reproductive holocaust
Gone with the Wind
What’s up with all that?
New purpose is needed because old purpose is going to be made obsolete by technology (and ideology)...hence the 'Purpose Crisis.' It does not compute in the scheme of the new “automation.” [Think of dealing with one of these tech titan companies online--it’s an experience as human as interaction with a vending machine. This is more or less their loveless Social Model for the Gattaca future, populated with finer human specimens, at the cost of a reproductive holocaust, a deletion of ‘corrupt data’ or binning of ‘defective product’.]
What he cannot say (but only hint at with lukewarm platitudes) is that under Western ideology and technological society, the world of natural freedom, like a blowing breeze carrying seed, is now in the process of being deliberately supplanted by a dystopian world of utter, artificial control, like a space lab. The logical next step to plastering the planet with parking lots,  ’technology and automation’ are transforming the future, Z. says.
Now let's take a closer look at some of the Harvard pronouncements in this light... [and remember that elite US academic institutions have a solid pro-eugenics track record going back a century.]
Z: "one of my favorite stories is about JFK asking a janitor with a broom at NASA what he's doing and the man says 'sending a man to the moon.'
Never mind that what he's citing is a legend, here's the import--an image of sweeping out dirt ...for human advancement ! In the context of the big picture, this is nothing other than the concept of genetic hygiene -- Nazi negative eugenics!

“We are sending the message that Zika is here to stay .." 
Dr. Peter Salama, executive director of the W.H.O.’s 
health emergencies program, 2016 
In this light, Z. is an example of a most ugly sort of chimera--a Jewish face for neo-Naziism, shamelessly promoting the concept of genetic cleansing that was used to rationalize the Holocaust. This time, we are talking about a reproductive holocaust, already underway. So-called Zika is only the visible part of the scheme, which is all about failed pregnancy and miscarriage--i.e. chemically-induced, mandatory abortion for lifetime consumers of the cheapest, GM foods, with cumulative effect as soon as the next generation.
On that score, the Facebook CEO made a public appeal on Aug 1, 2015, preceding the declaration of a public health emergency in Brazil. He basically said, don't worry about having miscarriages--an appeal to "normalize" disabled fertility as the herbicide-doped GMOs kicked in with the first births from the first post-GMO generation (women who had been consuming GM food since birth), as the (nightmare) scenario goes. As we noted at the time: ‘Facebook is well connected to the eugenic establishment, 1 whose very longstanding population control agenda casts its shadow over New Order social policy pronouncements.’
As we've shown in a 300+ page ‘proof’, when you add up Old Time elite eugenics, gay boosterism, pesticide-doped GMOs, war on gender identity and fertility, a ban on infant formula ads, and so-called 'Zika' births, what you get is an emerging new industrial model of human reproduction, based on chemically-disabled fertility and future paid-procreation by IVF. Its purpose is genetic cleansing or Quality Control over the gene pool.
Or here’s another metaphor from the same speech that compares big government projects, like the Hoover Dam, with what’s needed now at this time when new Purpose “has become especially important”...
“More than 300,000 people worked to put a man on the moon – including that janitor.... Millions (sic) of more people built the Hoover dam and other great projects.These projects didn't just provide purpose for the people doing those jobs, they gave our whole country a sense of pride that we could do great things. Now it's our turn to do great things.”
Hoover Dam, aka Boulder Dam, finished in 1936, was all about taming a wild rushing river, wonder of Nature, the Colorado. This is significant in the context here of stemming the tide: the Big Project is to tame the wild rushing river of human procreation and reproduction in favor of an industrial, quality-controlled model, by nipping the ‘problem’ in the bud; poisoning newborns with reprotoxic herbicide, through tainted milk from mothers fed on herbicide-doped GM food, in order to produce damaged fetuses in the following generation, and consequently, miscarried pregnancies, or Zika births. In other words, mandatory abortion for the biggest processed food consumers (the poorest), the “lowest” 15 percent, say, of the population, in line with very longstanding eugenic policy goals of the elite (as we detailed here http://metatexte.net/pdf/reproductive_holocaust.pdf).
Zucko and Zika
Next, in a line about entrepreneurship, some subliminal references to the Big Pharma or “Monsanto Project” seem to drop in...
“But let me tell you a secret: no one does when they begin [have a single eureka moment]. Ideas don't come out fully formed...
[that idea] is a dangerous lie. It makes us feel inadequate since we haven't had ours. It prevents people with seeds [of good ideas] from getting started... That’s not a thing.”
Does he protest too much ? (This writer can personally attest to very frequent eureka moments, creatively speaking, that is until the long-term, involuntary electroshock evidently took its toll.)
Z. is talking about entrepreneurship but the particular topic doesn’t matter, on the level of subliminal soup, where messaging is by loose association. Consider this reading of that line as a sort of Freudian denial of something unspoken...
  [The] secret [Project, which] prevents people’s seeds from getting started, is not a thing. It’s a dangerous lie... It makes us feel inadequate since we haven’t had ours [offspring].
The Three Ways to Build New Purpose
Z continues that he will outline three ways “to create a world where everyone has [our] sense of purpose,” and by “our” he means the Fourth Reich--of which he is a Jewish face; Bundchen is another, more familiar, Nazi face (see article) --”so we can all keep moving [i.e. marching] forward together.” This is of course authoritarianism he is espousing, though he’s about to strike a rhetorical pose condemning it, after first giving the sorcerer’s new apprentices their marching orders.
Decoded, these are: 1) Genetic cleansing (by shutting down fertility); 2) Labor Camp for All  3) One World Government Dictatorship
But of course you don’t just say that anymore, like the fool Nazis of old. The three ways, in glittering Newspeak for the drooling Harvard grads...
  1. by taking on big meaningful projects together
  3. by redefining equality so everyone has the freedom to pursue purpose
  5. by building community across the world
  7. ***
[1] “It's time for our generation-defining public works.” [...to give] our whole country a sense of pride that we [can] do great things...
  1.  How about stopping climate change!
  3. -- Forming one world government, under the global warming pretext, (see note 2 ) to start with international energy controls and (carbon) tax
  1. Sharing your genomes!  
  3. --For more mapping and more profiling, lists and control, just as Facebook maps private lives for political profiling and as invaders map new frontiers to be settled. The goal? Cleansing the gene pool, with your participation, for genetic quality control
  6. Collaborators

"Reinhard Heydrich (Interpol, assassinated Prague 1942--cf Lidice), who engineered the Final Solution, believed that the secret of manipulation lay in involvement and collaboration (of the victims). With the appointment of Jewish councils of elders (even rabbis) to enforce Gestapo edicts, Heydrich's hatchet man Eichmann could compel each Jewish community to cooperate in its own destruction." [The councils decided which names to put on 'transport lists' (death lists). ]

--Alan Levy, Nazi Hunter: The Wiesenthal File, 1993, p.91
  10. Voting online!
  12. --Normalizing vote manipulation by making black-box e-voting standard, with proprietary software, to definitively put an end to democracy, through facilitated hacking of electronic data, instead of using incorruptible paper ballots
[2] “The second thing we can do is redefine equality..with a new social contract
Here the dead letter US Constitution, legal basis of the Republic is acknowledged, and with it, the dead Republic. The PM Macron has explicitly said as much of the French Fifth Republic, now a rightless state member of the EU.
  1. We should explore ideas like universal basic income
  3. What’s the catch of this ‘gift from Greeks’ rolling up inside the gates? This from arch-capitalist Mark Zuckerberg or some new incarnation (Zucko Marx)?
  5. In fact, there is a new push from the Right, like the WSJ, Silicon Valley Tech titans, Brussels Council of Europe, Zuckerberg, ‘Elon Musk’, etc., complete with lobbying groups and internationally networked NGOs (see ‘BIEN’); Ending ‘entitlements’ is a longstanding goal of the Right but it has also been a political third rail. So now, with the opportunity presented by this high tide of Fascist evil, instead of ‘Reform’, ‘Modernization’, etc. it will be Bait & Switch: eliminate social spending with the promise of a mirage-replacement, based on non-binding charity. Equal opportunity moves from legal requirement back to old-fashioned philanthropic endeavor, aka ‘let the devil take the hindmost.’
We can all make time to give someone a hand. Let's give everyone the freedom to pursue their purpose.”
He means vocational purpose, now elevated to life purpose; many Americans are doubtless still attached to the founding, enshrined notion of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, not of work; But “Work Makes Free”, is it ?
We're all going to make mistakes, so we need a society that focuses less on locking us up or stigmatizing us. “
   This sounds like a pitch for an end to minimum wage and normalized prison labor.
[3] [But] "Purpose doesn't only come from work," Z. allows. The third way we can create a [new] sense of purpose for everyone is by building community [instead of family].
Progress now requires coming together not just as cities or nations, but also as a global community. [World government.]

This is the struggle of our time. The forces of freedom [slavery], openness [destruction of sovereignty] and global community [world dictatorship] against the forces of authoritarianism, isolationism and nationalism [sovereign democracy].
And to wrap it up with a sentimental flourish: crocodile tears over the grave of Social Justice; actually, in the instance, over an underprivileged student who wanted a gift of a “book on social justice.” To uber-digital Facebook, a book might connote something academic; or collecting dust on a shelf; or a vestige of the human past, like Social Justice itself, along with free and natural reproduction.
In light of this reproductive 'revolution' and the death of family (and Love) that will go with it for many, underlings will sadly be looking for purpose in all the wrong places, as Z. would have it, marching in step chanting “Slavery Makes Happy” under a new gate marked “Work Makes Free”.
To end, a prayer: May you “find the courage to make your life a blessing.” More at find the courage of Spartans to leave weak newborns on the hilltop for dark, swooping eagles.
Labor Camp for All--EU Work Camps
When salaries are kept so low and cost of living so high that full-time workers spend all of income on upkeep only, i.e. food, shelter, transportation, just to reproduce their daily labor...then they are nothing but glorified slave labor, with cars, TV* and chains of debt, in pseudo-work camps run by corporate residents on tax holiday.
In Ireland, the EU host state of Facebook’s international headquarters, where individual, private rented accommodation is out of reach for the majority of workers, shared housing with strangers is the norm--de facto bunkhouses--exactly like a work camp. 
Inside the factories or call centres, employees are typically on call outside of normal business hours, including evening and weekend shifts, and may be enjoined to obey like begging dogs (see factory poster at right) and to graze like cattle; compulsory displays of political loyalty may be required at any time -- “All stand for a moment’s silence for the victims of the [latest Muslim] terror attack’; ...they should stand on their heads instead because as proven time and again, for the West it’s a war of terror, with false beards; a device for ratcheting up the police state at home and for military adventure abroad. There are other reasons, as you now know, why the feisty French and Americans are living under the gun.
As for the work camps, all that is missing really is piped-in martial music and outdoor assemblies. This is the EU.
* TV
Blinders, ca. 1944--Late in World War II, when Jewish “deportees” arrived by train at death camps like Belzec and Sobibor, their passage led past walls with painted-on ticket counter windows or departure timetables, crude and false reassurance of onward journeys at the dead-end sites. (--Levy)
(Top) Factory poster, Ireland;
(Above) Resto window: Grazing Directive for human
cattle (‘Vieh”)
The name of Z’s Facebook predecessor? “Facemash.”
‘Zika’ baby
1 Facebook is ‘in the abortion business’ through its indirect but major contributions to Planned Parenthood and is linked through them to organ harvesting and sales. See feature
NB The availability of abortion for fetal abnormalities is a sine qua non of keeping the lid on the Project; the WHO ban on advertising of infant formula and boosted promotion of breastfeeding are likewise integral parts of it.

2 Climate change (excerpted from ‘Resistance’ no. 2)
Despite the record-setting volume of hot air hyping man-made climate change and global gearing up to save the world, it’s another sky is falling scenario that’s turned out to be a myth and a con. Weather war
Historical cycles in climate temperature have been shown not to correlate with atmospheric CO2 levels but with variations in the sun’s radiant energy (source), as anyone would expect. The best-known data showing a locked-in upward trend in temperature since the 20th century was shown to have been based on flawed data and methodology (article). Separately, leading climatologist proponents of global warming at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia were exposed as frauds in the 2009 Climate Gate scandal (see article) in which their private email correspondence was hacked and released. In one such email, a scientist, Dr Phil Jones, implied that though his data actually showed climate cooling since 1998, it would be impossible to publish since it contradicted the ‘consensus’ on ‘settled science.’ As for wild weather, there must be some other explanation (search : HAARP).
Not aligned with progress but with reaction, our corporate leaders are taking us back to the pre-science era of dogma and medieval forms of censorship as they exploit the unknown to trade in myth, an ancient theocratic practice, [like throwing heretics in dungeons, also making a comeback].
Duel: Sweeper stalker
NWO Figurehead Announces
New ‘Purpose Crisis’
Wednesday 27 December 2017
After his appeal to normalize miscarriage...Zuck pitches
Work and ‘Community’ to Replace Outmoded Family
Mark Zuckerberg delivers Harvard College commencement address, May 25, 2017