Homage to Dolores O’Riordan
Q. Why Do So Many Rich and Successful Pop Stars "Suicide?"
A. To Control Public Opinion
16 Jan 2018, UK--There is a war on for the future and journos, musicians, intellos and other artists are dropping like canaries in a toxic coal mine of a banana republic.
English authorities announced today the sudden death of a guest at the Park Lane Hilton, Westminster--a healthy 46-year-old, world renowned Irish music artist, Dolores O'Riordan, saying it was "not suspicious". That is suspicious.
[1st clue]
Next, before any test/autopsy results are in, media both English and Irish repeat 20-year old reports of the late D.O.'s depression--a devoted mother of three and one of Ireland's wealthiest women--conveniently setting up the foregone conclusion that "dead rock star = overdose", together with cooked lab results. This is effectively complicity. [2nd clue] (Equally common is the "unexplained" demise, like those of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and so many others.)
Ms O'Riordan's family should do an autopsy in Ireland, looking for bruising of the nose and lips due to asphyxiation (smothering)--a star whacking M.O. when thought leaders pose a threat to all-important received opinion (as in the notorious case of USSC Justice Scalia; the US is so corrupt, they needn't even bother removing the pillow.)
A National Disgrace
On the radio the day after, RTE leads morning news not with events in London but instead with an update on a 33-year old cold case of a murdered baby (still hunting killer)... in other words, a red herring to say "look the other way". [3rd clue; NB 33 is a Masonic 'magic number' signature (4th clue)--but we don't talk about that sort of thing; oops, now I've violated the Omerta!]
Stoning the Corpse
  1.     Days following, radio guest heard giggling on air about someone OD'ing on a "cocktail of painkillers", laughing it off.
  3. Marty heard reciting limericks...making light.
  1. Damning with faint praise: (She was) "arguably Limerick's greatest ever rock star"--LV;
    NB she's the ONLY one, unless you count Richard Harris, who was an actor, not a rock star, with one hit single.
  1. Press running worst possible pics of the the singer (c.f. Amy Winehouse, d. "two 3"/7/11--another number combination of numerological significance).
Looks like the bourgeoisie immediately closing ranks to cover the kill. [5th clue]
A Macabre Smirk
Dolores lured to London and an untimely death by the (Big) "Bad Wolves", on 11-7 label, dies on 15-01-2018, which sums to 7/11--more Masonic fingerprints. [6th clue]
After Martin McGuinness 1, how many national heroes and heroines will Ireland's leaders happily deliver to its enemy for execution, just to keep their own bread buttered?
 If a neighbor moves in and claims your upper floor, are they a friendly neighbor? Obviously not. If you really want to be friendly with your bad neighbor, at least have the spine to wait until they've agreed to move out (not just "power-sharing"). A sheep that doesn’t recognize a wolf when he sees one is a lost sheep.
Day after her demise..."I am a friend of the UK”
There you have it.
Dolores O’Riordan was not only musically very much in the Celtic tradition but also in terms of her beautiful devotion to family, which is obvious in her songs like Ode to My Family: "my moth-er, my fath-er...does anyone care?"; or "it's not me. Not my fam-i-ly...", etc.; (see also the youtube video of her and her Mom chatting with interviewer in Limerick). The marked Irish devotion to clan is after all part of the national identity. And therein lies the "problem."
A full-scale war on family as we know it--a new Masonic revolution-- has been raging in the NATO countries, under a rainbow banner, for some time now, coinciding with an attempt to redefine family in gender neutral terms (hence the pressure on--and coming criminalization of?-- wild-sower hetero males). How can this be? Because human reproduction is being transformed, all signs say, from natural to industrial, in favor of Fordist, quality-controlled artificial reproduction in future (by IVF). For now, this means the phasing out of natural fertility, chemically.
Poster display stand outside Irish Maternity Ward
promoting breast-feeding (LKUH, Donegal)
See note in ‘Gisele file’ article, reprinted below, on link between lactation promotion and Monsanto’s ubiquitous glyphosate.
Monsanto's herbicide glyphosate is found to be prevalent in groundwater, surface water, as residue in GM food and in the urine of almost half of urban residents sampled across Europe in a 2013 study [Friends of the Earth Europe].
Lactation is “one of the most significant routes of exposure to pesticides for any mammalian juveniles... By contrast, exposure to pesticides in baby formula appears to be almost negligible.”
 -- Jensen, Slovach 1991 in Gillian Bentley, Infertility in the Modern World, 2000, p. 102.
Still developing infants are most susceptible to the harmful effects of doses of pesticide, accumulated in the mother over her lifetime of consuming doped GM food. The result is damaged fertility due to reprotoxic chemicals, leading to future miscarriages, seen in animal studies. See also "Zika".  More
To be sure, the test results are not in regarding the O'Riordan inquest. But the fingerprints all over this case, as already described, no doubt will leave a stronger impression.
Add to that the background of a NATO drive to destroy the family and Ms O'Riordan's high profile, vocal advocacy in line with Irish cultural traditions, and it looks highly likely that she became a casualty of that conflict--a pre-emptive political killing for the purpose of silencing a strong national voice. When it comes to avoiding a damaging, public political clash, celeb whistleblowers are evidently not allowed--name one.
Hanging the Harpists
In that sense, the ill-fated singer is tragically like a hanged Irish harpist of old, destroyed by another Elizabeth, to stamp out Irish culture, then as now.
Who killed the baby(s), indeed.
Does anyone care-ayr-ayr?
Does anyone care-ayr-ayr?
Does anyone care-ayr-ayr?
1 MM -- No less than five of the symptoms associated with the rare genetic condition with which Martin McGuinness was diagnosed are also associated with targeting with RF radiation (microwave): weakness; joint pain; tingling/numbness; fatigue; changes in skin color (if red).
What a coincidence.
A sixth symptom always associated with RF targeting but not with the rare disease is tinnitus--a constant ringing in the ears.
Important Question for Martin McGuinness's widow:
Did he complain of tinnitus with the onset of the other symptoms?
If yes, then it follows that this was a medical murder, with induced symptoms to mimic those of a disease whose treatment was chemo (directed at the bone marrow, in some cases), which by itself may be fatal.
At the time, the Irish Independent noted of the normally hale leader, "Within just a few weeks of his recent diagnosis being made public, a suddenly frail McGuinness was gone." (24/4/2017)
This is consistent with a cure worse than the 'disease'.
He died age 66 on 3/21 ('33')/2017.
RFDEWs (Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons) are a new class of NATO non-lethal weapons.
Untimely Death of
an Irish Rock Star
Tuesday 16 January 2018
Dolores O’Riordan with
mother in Limerick
Graham Norton Show