Notes from the Gulag
Homage to Dolores O’Riordan
Tuesday 16 January 2018
Q. Why Do So Many Rich and Successful Pop Stars "Suicide?"
A. To Control Public Opinion
16 Jan 2018, UK--There is a war on for the future and thought-leader celebs are dropping like canaries in a
Zuckerberg’s “Work Makes Free” Pitch
Wednesday 27 December 2017
by Mark Birdsong
This was going to be one of those “most under-reported Stories of the Year” pieces at the end of 2017 but unfortunately before I could finish it my computer was
london triptych
Wednesday 29 November 2017
Royal Wedding
A Marriage Made in Heaven Ralph Lauren's PR Dept.
(In the style of the genre)
The story begins with a name from Olde German stock, von Westenholz, belonging to one Violet, head of
gisele file
Sunday 12 February 2017
In our celebrity-saturated cultural envelope, so-called thought leaders are more often than not media darlings drawn from the world of Big Tech, Fashion, or whatever, more so than from that of
Food for thought: Rachel Carson on biological pest control
Tuesday 12 January 2016
Silent Spring author describes US govt. method of biological pest control for eradication of houseflies, 1962:
“Scientists at the Department of Agriculture laboratory in Orlando, Florida, are now
republished 26 Feb. 2018