Paris Terror Suspect ‘Met Sarkozy in 2009’

Thursday 15 January 2015

Amedi Coulibaly, the suspect in the hostage taking Friday in the east of Paris in which five people were killed, including himself, met former president Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009, Le Parisien newspaper reported 10 Jan.

Coulibaly had met the then president of the republic at the Elysee Palace July 14 as part of a youth jobs training initiative, the French daily said. The Paris-born Coulibaly, who reportedly had an extensive criminal record, was also a former trainee employee at Coca Cola in the Paris region, a follow-up report 11 Jan. added.

Tale of ‘Two Sieges’

On Friday he was named as the suspect in one of two simultaneous police sieges that both ended with the deaths of the police targets. Coulibaly had reportedly taken hostages at a kosher supermarket next to the Vincennes Park. Four of the hostages were reported killed and Coulibaly in the ensuing siege. While massive media and police attention was focused on Vincennes, a second siege, 40km north of the city near the CDG airport, saw the two suspects ID’d after the Charlie Hebdo executions reportedly shot and killed by police while exiting their refuge at a printer’s. Journalists were turned away from the second ‘siege site,’ French reports said.

Muddying the Waters?

Coulibaly, brother of nine sisters, had been released from prison last year after serving less than one year of a five-year term, according to Le Parisien, which fact, along with his being presented to the then-president despite a long criminal record, would be consistent with the profile of a police informant. In the absence of trials -- circumstance which also fits the profile-- we are left to speculate: If a patsy, Coulibaly may have been used to ‘muddy the waters’ in the wake of the military-style execution of five famous Leftist caricaturists and another journalist in their offices near the Place de la Bastille. The subsequent targeting of the kosher supermarket at Vincennes has seen a shift of emphasis to the more politic narrative we are now hearing (from Hollande and Valls) of anti-Semitism, along with the mourning of ‘fallen police heroes’ (four allegedly wounded at Vincennes), away from a focus on the shocking Charlie Hebdo massacre, with its implications for intolerance of press freedom in the EU.

Apropos of informants and false flag operations, two fairly recent precedents come to mind: Likewise there was no trial of the Muslim author of the 2012 terror attack in Toulouse, Mohammed Merah, who was found to have worked as a police informer to the DGSE or DCRI, according to the Italian Il Foglio news. Merah was defenestrated after a similar siege, as was the shooter* who in 2002 shot and killed Communist members of the Nanterre city council during their council meeting, a salient parallel (in terms of the MO) to the killings of the journalists Wednesday (*a Richard Durn, who fell to his death from a window in the Paris Palace of Justice).

The destabilizing Nanterre city hall attack, which left 8 dead, came in the run-up to presidential elections with a former Trotskyist--Lionel Jospin, the prime minister-- favored to win. After calls for greater security in the wake of the traumatizing violence, Jospin was eliminated in the first voting round. The incumbent Jacques Chirac was re-elected over FN (Front National) leader and convicted racist Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Charlie’s Main Target

The attack on the Paris newspaper’s offices last Wednesday Jan. 7 saw a dozen killed including the best part of a newspaper staff of highly critical journalists, whose vitriolic covers had cuttingly ridiculed the PM Valls as a baton-wielding fascist martinet and the National Front Party leaders as black-clad Bavarians with social disease, i.e. fascism as a social disease (‘We’ve tried everything but the pox’--see below). The FN is now the leading national Party in polls for the upcoming March regional elections in the Departments (28%--L’Express) as well as for the first round of the 2017 presidential election (@30%--CSA).

It came as the journalists assembled for an editorial meeting in their office, suggesting that the attackers had access to inside information in the well-organized, military-style assault, leading later to the surreal scenes of movie-like violence in the decorous streets of Paris, now filled with police SWAT teams, police vans and black tanks.

Paris Attacks Echo NATO Gladio Ops

Spun as an anti-Semitic affair in light of Friday’s events at the kosher supermarket, the majority of the mayhem’s victims in fact fell on Wednesday in the Charlie Hebdo massacre, framing events rather in the light of NATO’s past Gladio false-flag anti-Communist operations in Western Europe, and exposing both the spin and events as the most corrupt of manipulations.

NATO's extreme Right 'Stay-behind' network in West Europe and Gladio operations in Italy sought to eliminate Leftist political influence and to discredit the Italian Communist Party with false flag operations like the Bologna train station bombing and ‘Red Brigade’ attacks, the most infamous of which was the kidnap and murder of the Italian Christian Democrat PM Aldo Moro, who had been reportedly ready to enter into coalition government with the Italian Communist Party.

At Charlie Hebdo, the editorial director, Stephane Charbonnier (dit Charb), was a longtime Communist Party member and at the time of his execution a supporter of the Left coalition of Jean Luc Mellenchon. Several of his executed colleagues were also either PC members; formerly associated with the Communist newspaper L’Humanité; or supporters of the Left.

Paris’s 11th district, where the newsweekly’s offices are located, has long been the venue for virtually weekly protest demonstrations. Going back to the late 19th-century Paris Commune, the district was a bastion of the massacred Communards.

A Failed Surrender

Like Coulibaly, the Charlie Hebdo massacre suspects, the Kouachi brothers, were also Parisians with criminal records and known to police. (Cherif Kouachi, a former pizza deliverer, claimed to have been set up for his 2008 'terror' conviction.) His brother Said, a former City of Paris garbage collector, was on early release from prison, also like Coulibaly. Both of the Parisian brothers had been under police surveillance up until last summer 2014.

According to Le Parisien, citing the manager at the CTD printer’s, Michel Catalano, who spent an hour over coffee with the Kouachi brothers at the second ‘siege site’, the two suspects asked him to call the police, saying ‘Don’t worry. This is going to end now.’ He was not held hostage (nor was the one employee hiding upstairs) but was allowed to leave ‘as they had promised.’ On the arrival of the police, Le Parisien continues, still citing the witness, the brothers (exiting) made a failed attempt to surrender, the reported details of which have been subject to change.


Although the Charlie Hebdo attackers were masked at the crime scene, they were identified, police said without irony, after both of their IDs were found in the getaway car.

The motives and connections of the two separate groups of men, now deceased, were spelled out  in posthumously reported telephone interviews, allegedly done during the sieges, with French channel BFMTV. Corroboration of some of the claims came from a colleague of the victims at Charlie Hebdo -- Corinne Rey, dit ‘Coco’ -- who also allegedly allowed the armed, masked commandos to enter the newspaper offices where she worked in the exceptional absence of the regular security detail--after they “identified themselves as al Qaeda.”

Other Motives

France along with other NATO allies has reportedly thrown its support behind the terrorist groups in Syria in the longstanding regime change operation there against the elected president Assad--toward the creation of a Greater Israel--which has caused the deaths of 200,000 and the exodus of millions of Syrian refugees.

But President Hollande’s government had recently sought independent ground in calling for an end to sanctions on Russia and announcing its support of a Palestinian state, presenting possible additional motives, along with the anti-Communist influence operation, for an armed intervention.

Meanwhile the EU has hit a new post-Nazi low for divisive hate politics with the beginnings of official French stigmatization of its eight-percent Muslim population and of a flare-up of anti-Muslim threats and violent attacks. French TV-- in the person of the FN-associated pundit Eric Zemmour -- has gone so far as to entertain the future possibility of the deportation of Muslims from the territory of France.

Update: A Reverse ‘Dreyfus Affair’ against Muslims?

A posthumously released video of the Paris terror attack suspect number three, Amedi Coulibaly, has emerged, with associated media claims tying up loose ends surrounding the attacks. Notable about the unauthenticated and suspect video, which features subtitle ‘interview’ questions added onscreen, is that although Coulibaly never once mentions by name “Kouachi,” or “Israel” in the “interview,” media claims cite it as proof of his link with the Porte de Vincennes attack, with the Kouachis, and of an anti-Semitic motivation--the focus of the official spin of the terrible events. Some reports have even gone so far -- in a revealing stretch -- as to link the dead suspect to an unrelated past shooting in the French town of Villejuif -- not demographically exceptional but whose name means ‘Jewish town’ -- pointing to its value in the false flag scenario not as a target but in terms of spin, and lamentably then, to the kosher supermarket as a red herring.



Video from France3 TV (censored on TV) has emerged of the shooting by police of the suspect Ahmedi Coulibaly, as he emerges running into gunfire from the siege supermarket exit--possibly with hands tied.

The unnecessary killings of witnesses/suspects in a crime would also incriminate the perpetrator in the original crime.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Clarification of the cases of the ‘two sieges,’ already hindered by the deaths of all three suspects and consequent lack of a trial, was not helped by a fourth but underreported fatality in the aftermath of the attacks--the shooting death (alleged suicide) of the Limoges police commissioner, Helric Fredou, in charge of investigating the Charlie Hebdo executions, before completion of his report, now gone missing...

All in all, not a pretty picture.

Paris Is Burning

The beneficiary of this fresh airing in France of America’s ill-starred 9-11 banner and bogus and discredited ‘war on terror’ would be NATO, with the extermination of what has been aptly called an ‘old guard cultural brain trust’ in the heart of Paris, intentional social fracture along ethno-religious lines (à la Iraq), a political realignment favoring the xenophobic FN nationally, and a redressing of the wavering French stance on the NATO policy line internationally. It was in parroting the Bush-regime police-state rollout slogan that a conniving French PM announced the terror-induced measures for ratcheting up political repression --significantly, to include overt media censorship -- in his divisive Jan. 13 address to the National Assembly: “the world (the West) has changed.” Or better, relapsed... to ca. 1940, when governance by terror became the new norm and journalistic truth-telling a capital offense.

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Killer Covers

Valls as fascist storm trooper

FN leader Marine LePen caricatured on C.H. cover:

‘The FN’s hoping for three seats’ (in the National Assembly)--

depicted as concentration camp guard towers.

Marine LePen as Joan of Arc--a favorite FN figurehead:

On the rehabilitation and mainstreaming of the FN, formerly a pariah

in republican French politics...

“Skinheads? Don’t know any.”

FN leaders, TV booster, as stein-hoisting Bavarians

in a concentration camp guard tower.

Marine LePen as boozing bimbo (left) on former FN leader

(and father) Jean Marie’s knee:

‘We’ve tried everything... but the pox’



Le minable--French PM Address to National Assembly, 13 Jan. 2015

Valls Re-dubbed


Paris Is Burning