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Eugenics All Dressed Up as Social Progress

New Wave Naziism

Imagine for a moment the eugenics movement--an elite campaign par excellence-- framed as a human rights struggle for the masses. Very up is down 1984, right?

To put it in perspective, from the WWII point of view, this would mean 1940s-era Nazis posturing that the extermination of the untermenschen was somehow or other for the untermenschen -- a human rights struggle (‘destroy to save?’). Fortunately they didn’t have such sophisticated PR. Now we do.

Fast forward to the present. Now consider the “rainbow movement” : A eugenics campaign to stem the tide of the untermenschen birthings of the masses, in the name of human (gay) rights, by disrupting mating through the promotion of same sex pairing.

That is very 1984, totalitarian- style public relations spin, for the purpose of politically palatable reproductive quality control. And that is what is behind the Great Gay Hype.

Ideological Trap

Hatchets out for wayward feminist--uk press

In a clever ideological trap for critics, oppose the previously unimaginable systematic destruction of the people’s cherished Natural Right to freely reproduce and found families, and you are a bigoted, antediluvian opponent of gay rights; or if you oppose mandatory abortion (through chemically-induced miscarriage and stillbirth) or the inducement of grave and permanent birth defects, then you are a 'pro-life crank,' according to the grotesquely distorted, shattered-glass image in the empire’s media Hall of Mirrors ….

The neo-Nazis may happily posture as crusading defenders of human rights instead of the fall-in-step, bullying brownshirts that they are; picture them all straight-backed in polished black boots; take their insults, intimidation, smears and threats as a badge of honor and courage.

[Note to brutish fanatics: This is not to deny rights for gay couples like civil union or to stigmatize any group. But it is to say that this rainbow social engineering is a manipulation--a new and improved Public Relations facade for today’s take-two eugenics campaign, framed as human rights struggle.


Update: Eurovision 2016 Notables

The Lady doth protest too much! (Below left, right)

EV 2016 ‘winner’ (and EU ‘prize’) Ukraine in shock Nazi whitewash with song ‘1944,’ while presenter offers straitjackets for sale to viewers--in inadvertent exposé not of European culture but of EU culture of contempt for the public.

Joe Woolford & Jake “Shakeshaft" (left)

n.b. Here the new campaign intersects with tradition--a convention in the uk of segregation of the sexes for a measure of reproductive control, famously in the navy, from where the phrase

Rum, sodomy and the lash!’

if love were a crime ♪

Orwellian evocation of love by those responsible for the current unfolding destruction of the natural love model of reproduction, in favor of industrial artificial reproduction, with gays willing or unwilling figureheads for an historic industrial assault on love, on gender, on freedom and on family, with the disabling of natural reproduction by a sinister chemical warfare attack on human fertility.

This is the crime.

EU 666 fixation...

Italia--Horned Beast head in sacred delta,

highlighted in EV music video


Horns salute by black-clad 'High priest' (officiator at sacrifice); Band name: "Minus One";  Song 'Alter ego' co-written by Eurovision regular composer Thomas Gustaffson [aka ‘G:son’], member of Swedish Heavy Metal band 'Masquerade,' with Empire records.

Gustaffson is a self-acknowledged musical plagiarist 2 and composer of 69 EV songs including

'Let your heart be mine'; 'We Own the Universe'; [Devil] 'In Disguise'; Surface of Pain...(below left

--see red highlighted surface in added inset, on praying hands; G:son at right);

Minus One singer Francois Micheletto has guested as vocalist with Metal band "Arrayan Path" (aka "Arryan Path") with tracks such as 'Osiris', 'Sacrifice', 'Blood Symphony', 'Kiss of Kali', 'The Damned', 'Prometheus'...on Pitch Black Records.

(Left) Arryan Path's "Terra Incognita" album cover (legend text added) featuring Masonic symbolism: Sun eye, moon eye of Horus, Egyptian Falcon-god hunter and slayer (sacrificer to Osiris, god of Underworld); Ruler of World.

See also article "The Masonic Secret."

German entry, ‘Ghost’: “Who’s scared now...”

Notes from Eurovision 2014 (Revised)

The ‘Gender Equality’ Distortion : The Meaning of ‘Conchita’

From Love to the Lab--Roll Over Romance, Here Comes Industrialized Reproduction

What if Nature’s hot-blooded way of procreation was made obsolete? If unreliable Love became outmoded in a blue-bloodedly efficient regime of reproductive Quality Control? What would become of male and female identity, of passion, of systemic opposite attraction, complementary contraries, black yin and white yang halves of a cosmic whole? Can a ‘system’ that only breathes by both Ins-and-Outs be made to stop and still live on?

Consider the Eurovision 2014 song ‘contest winner’ ‘Conchita,’ EU poster figure for a eugenic ‘gender neutrality’ agenda (‘We are unstoppable’). Righteously upheld as an absurd example of ersatz social progress (when all the men have donned evening gowns, then we’ll know we’ve arrived), this gender iconoclast is less cabaret drag queen than provocation, an inflammatory mockery not least to Latin women (bearded ‘Conchita’).

A man in drag with grease-paint beard, ‘Conchita’ is instead a hermaphroditic blend of both male and female features, like yin and yang merged into a muddled gray. As such, it is an emblem of ‘non-gender,’ of the destruction of the black and white original types, and so too in practice, of fertility and the capacity for natural procreation.

As a sterility symbol, this figure represents nothing less than the despoiling of the eternal creative principle, neutralized because superfluous in the emerging scheme of controlled reproduction through IVF (for some), and chemically disabled fertility (for the many); the natural biological reality of gender difference and attraction for regeneration (by Love) is devalued and denigrated because superseded; in its place the hermaphrodite figure--a Baphomet-like mockery of procreative Love, first glint of a would-be dawning age of the industrialization of human nature. Call it 'homo-nazism,' a campaign to homogenize humanity and in so doing to destroy natural fertility for the purpose of eugenic control.

Symbolic Hermaphroditism

Despoliation of Gender Difference (& Love)

(L-R) 2014 Eurovision Song Contest’s ‘Conchita’; Disney’s tween idol Miley in concert gear;

Gender neutral American Satanist 1 Manson--Note 'sun eye' 'moon eye' (inset pic);

see also ‘Terra Incognita’ below

If you think this analysis overwrought, perhaps even colored by prejudice, consider the lyrics of the winning Eurovision 2014 song--or this year’s NWO marketing jingle, if you like-- which barely work as a romantic ballad of a jilted lover’s revenge but make more interesting reading when taken as spiteful threat, as New World Order celebration of the rebirth and ‘triumph’ of eugenic Fascism in the West (neo-Nazism), addressed to old nemeses and the event’s viewers...

Rise Like a Phoenix

Waking in the rubble <war ruins ca. 1945>

Walking over glass

Neighbors say we’re trouble <Nazi bad rap>

Well that time has passed  <we won, in the end>

Peering from the mirror

No, that isn’t me

[A] Stranger getting nearer

Who can this person be?


You wouldn’t know me at all today <from blonde crew-cut to bearded lady>

From the fading light I fly <but same old vampire regime, bringing darkness>

Rise like a phoenix Out of the ashes <of 1945>

Seeking rather than vengeance, Retribution <rightful revenge, for war defeat>

You were warned Once I’m transformed

Once I’m reborn

You know I will rise like a phoenix

But you’re my flame <pun--my love; my burning fuel>

Go about your business

Act as if you’re free <(EU neo-) Nazi rule now>

No one could have witnessed

What you did to me <1945>

Cause you wouldn’t know me today

And you have got to see

To believe

From the fading light I fly

And rise like a phoenix

Out of the ashes

Seeking rather than vengeance

Retribution  You were warned

Once I’m transformed

Once I’m reborn

I rise up to the sky

You threw me down but

I’m gonna fly

... ♪
You know I will rise like a phoenix

But you’re my flame <I rise as you burn>

Masonic Phoenix rising -- London 2012

Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

Three Penny Opera?

More evolutionary references from Eurovision

The musical hit parade of the 2014 edition of the Eurovision show was followed up by the EU anthem, which is of course Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, played in a not at all triumphant but strangely subdued style and accompanied by a ghoulish singer, who to tell you the truth looks about as joyous as a grave robber at sundown. Perhaps one meant Elegy to Joy.

Last year, the eurovision gong show featured a star-spangled USA motif. More out of ghoulish hand-rubbing than anything else? “The New World Order is gloating over the reversal of fortunes since ‘the war’ (the Nazis ‘have won’) and has hijacked the old American symbols of independence and turned them on their heads,” we wrote.

In 2014 there is no sign of the now badly damaged US brand, like ‘Enron’ or ‘Chernobyl.’ In its place we find the surprising inclusion of China in this European song contest, first with a stolen and faked Chinese ladder trick (see below) and then with one of the evening’s emcees inexplicably dressed in Chinese costume, and sporting a framed photo portrait of the Asian UNO General Secretary, figurehead of the NWO.  The Eurovision 2014 song contest motto?  “Join Us.”

Copy cats

EU: Chinese ladder trick


    with wires                      no wires

Imitation may be a form of flattery but as Ukraine discovered much to its dismay, coming from the EU, what seems an invitation may also be a threat.

For the Chinese, the ladder trick is a balancing act and demonstration of amazing human skill. For the Eurovision contest, and in line with the preceding political interpretations of the EV show, the ladder climbing can be taken as an allusion to the purported human improvement possible through eugenic breeding, or controlled evolution of the species by the New Spartans. Such is the industrial, really Fordist, eugenicist dream--a nightmare for the masses whose ‘unworthy’ genetic lines would be snuffed out as part of a reproductive ‘quality control’ process (see also article).


1 'Satanist'--Manson is a priest of the Church of Satan.

2 'self-acknowledged' musical plagiarist: i.e. out of court settlement for 'Listen to your Heartbeat,' EV 2001, Sweden, from Belgian song 'Love is a Card Game,' EV 1996


Above R-L: EV’s ‘Conchita’, ‘Carny’s’ Priscilla

Originally published 2014. Revised with EV update Fall 2016