Eugenics: A Peculiar View of the Family

Ronald Reagan (left) in “Bedtime for Bonzo,” 1951

Google doodles: Sochi ‘Go gay’ rainbow (inset); Jane Goodall tribute/monkey mirror

Pink Propaganda Tsunami -- Riposte

On the Natural Right to a mother and a father...

EU diktat

Clap along...

Farben’s Angel(a)

‘Climate change.. world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction’

--John Kerry

NATO Coup in Ukraine

Gorgon - a female monster


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NYSE Welcomes ISIS

Pentagon Pentagram

Note dissimulating star-shaped
perimeter wall/fence in white

femen @ the Vatican, Nov. 6, 2014

government that listens

Update 27 March, 2015: Knox conviction thrown out, without retrial, for “lack of evidence”

[Knox case has become ] a very political case in the US. [There is] very considerable evidence against her. If the case is decided by law she will be extradited [to serve sentence in Italy]. If it’s decided by politics, perhaps not.”

--Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz