Feminist Bombing


Who demeans women?

Besides hate speech, another variant of attempts by Western multi-nationals--through their shills in media and politics in New York/Atlanta and Washington--to retroactively justify ongoing anti-Muslim wars is to absurdly invoke women’s rights, as if transforming millions of Muslim women into war widows, or maiming and killing them directly, were some kind of ‘empowerment.’ (When the West commits crimes, it does so righteously, and demands its victims say ‘thank-you.’) Examples of this ‘innovative’ propaganda variant include the high profile bans in Western countries on the wearing of the veil. This is thinly veiled race politics, legal stigmatization marking the bogeyman du jour. It is chauvinist intolerance of cultural difference masquerading as progressiveness, to mask the crime of wars for empire.

Veiled Muslim woman in Seville, Spain
(c) 2006 Cristina Quicler, AFP/Getty

Or take this op-ed piece entitled “Women must never again be ashamed to be female.” In this gem of sophistry, the author suggests that Muslim women wear veils out of shame of their femininity. This claim demands examination. Women of the Middle East still have their femininity, which they consider a very beautiful thing. So beautiful, in fact, that it should be partly covered, as you also do in the West. The difference is only quantitative (how much to cover). This is called a cultural difference: the varied interpretations and reactions of different peoples to Creation. Like having a different word, in their language, for ‘ignorant’, ‘dishonest’, or ‘malicious.’ To use such differences as the basis for war propaganda is as depraved and hysterical as advocating war over skirt lengths. No difference is too small, apparently, to be exploited for large-scale corporate killing by its facilitators.

If anything, ironically it is the “feminist” suppression of femininity in America, in a confusion of equal rights with equivalence, that begs the question whether or not it is sufficiently valued. Cultures that never banished femininity in the first place could not be said to be ashamed of it.  “Save femininity,” yes! In the USA !

The trend in the US, pioneer of look-alike mass-produced cars, seems to be an eroding of ‘gender-based’ (biology-based) identity altogether: another cultural symptom of the intolerance of difference in a factory society that demands uniformity (machines cannot tolerate differences in the objects they process). An expected, synergistic result of this adaptation of the human to the machine would be falling reproduction rates, or population control--a longstanding goal of Western power because a requirement for stable dictatorship (see Bertrand Russell’s Science and Society). If demographics is destiny, the masses, in voluntarily limiting their number, better serve their masters by decreasing their collective political power and simultaneously aiding in their own pacification. Also, as loyalty to family is replaced by allegiance to state, human ties are weakened and a rival for loyalty is eliminated.

The point is tolerance of difference, and a caveat against manipulation.

To return to the editorial, taken in its context of continual war-mongering against Muslim nations, the sinister inference of this hypocritical smear on Islam is that cultures deemed at odds with US dogma are thereby candidates for annihilation, to do away with ‘out-moded’ ways of life. The ultimate in fashion police. In the gnarled hands of North American editorialists, the admonition “never again” against genocide becomes a justification for genocide. Call it ‘feminist bombing,’ a new twist in war propaganda on the already twisted oxymoron called ‘humanitarian bombing’, heard recently concerning Syria and Libya, and made infamous in Vietnam in the nonsensical phrase “destroy in order to save.”

The opinion piece is only one example from what has become a major new propaganda front; part of a regularly changing story line surrounding illegitimate wars that began as 9-11 vengeance, then hunt and capture (of a Nemesis), followed by search and destroy (WMD), and now, amazingly, an unlikely ‘feminist’ crusade that slaughters men, women and children alike. Of course a constantly changing story continually contradicts itself, like the spiel of a con artist...and in so doing, discredits both the tale and the teller..

April 2012


(Above L-R) Stripped of their dignity: Demeaning virtual strip or grope search mandatory for American travellers, including children and elderly (1,2); American woman disfigured by epidemic obesity, subject of a popular TV show (3); Hollywood actress as human mop, in multi-billion dollar US porn industry.


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