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The US Air Force’s New Mind Control Wing

Tools for ‘Peak Performance’?

Or covert ‘behavior modification’ through torture?

It would seem that full spectrum dominance of corporate media wasn’t enough.
There’s a new sort of covert, targeted ‘broadcasting’ going on with Directed Energy Weapons.

Weapons R&D that’s Good for You

To take at face value the PR material put out by the Pentagon (never a good idea), you might think that the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP, est. 1997) RF Division conducts a lot of bioeffects research aimed at optimizing pilot performance and the like. Though you wouldn’t normally associate weapons  research with such things, you would be forgiven for believing it after seeing on the various websites, factsheets and other official literature, as well as in the research documentation itself, the numerous references to “centers of excellence,” “human effectiveness” and “human-centered” work, etc. For example:

...advances in biotechnology, biobehavior, and neuroscience are used to enhance and extend the human performance of our Airmen. 1

In this context, it’s easy to forget that the Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate is all about fielding and employing weapons to immediately “incapacitate targeted personnel or materiel,” according to the same AFRL literature. So why the contradictory approach? Or has the unwitting reader stepped into a minefield of disinformation?

The predominant focus on performance enhancement in the literature (in relation to ‘Human Effectiveness’) is grounded in traditional aviation medicine concern with the bioeffects of things like the influence of g-force and air pressure on jet pilots; claims of research for purposes of meeting safety guidelines are bolstered by the weapons’ sub-lethal nature--by design they are supposed to limit the risk of (immediate) fatality.

But positive uses of bioeffects research that are very often hinted at are ethical and legal worlds away from the kinds of darkly exotic military research that’s been conducted for much more than a decade now under the cover story of “human effectiveness” or safety, which has necessarily filtered into research descriptions themselves.

Other reviewers have also noted a ‘semantic strategy’ in the “tendency of the military

to refer to ‘non-lethal’ weapons not as weapons but as ‘capabilities’ or ‘technologies’, which extends to individual types of weapons.  This ... is largely for policy and public relations effect in gaining acceptance of new weapons or even prohibited weapons.” 2

The spin is consistent with the secrecy found to be practiced, for example in the classification of what are normally public documents surrounding a 2002 evaluation report by the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council on Non-Lethal Weapons R&D.

But available research and contract documentation as well as earlier, FOIA-obtained (Freedom of Information Act) declassified material concerning radio frequency directed energy weapons (RFDEW) in particular belie the pervasive pretense, revealing an altogether different story:

Disruption of neural control, ...convulsions, ...seizure induction, ...working memory loss, ...radiation induced fatigue, sleep induction, ...disorientation, ...power required to heat a human, ...difficulty breathing, ...risk of cataracts, ...foreshortening of time perception, ...blocking of executive functioning,  ...incapacitation. 3

Other human bioeffects sought for the new RF weapons have included remote behavioral influence, EEG entrainment (induced brain wave frequency), or how human brain response to certain RF stimuli may mimic schizophrenia. 4

Mainstreaming Mengele

Despite the PR charade, it’s clear from mad science like this, revealed in available RFDE weapons research and development documentation, that it’s all about ways to remotely manipulate human physiology in order to degrade the human effectiveness or performance of targeted individuals. Indeed, this is what the HED (Human Effectiveness Directorate) logo suggests. Given the nature of the research, the Air Force’s “human effectiveness” should be understood in this negative sense, or as “effectiveness on humans” (of the weapons), and not as performance enhancement.

A 2005 AFRL document no longer available on the web gave a straight-up description of the negative nature of the human effects-based research:

This research effort is very broad, seeking to investigate incapacitating effects that can be induced through interfering with the human senses of hearing, vision, touch and smell. It will also address the effects of electrical current on various physiological systems including the central nervous system, neuromuscular interface, and endocrine system. Perhaps most profoundly some research will seek to investigate suppressive effects on the central nervous system through, for example, influencing neurotransmitter function.
--Director of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) 5

Think lab frog tap dancing to electrical shocks.

Dancing around Humanitarian Law

Besides ‘performance enhancement’, the Mengele-like studies are also cloaked in euphemistic terms suggesting defensive purposes (studied bio-effect “may be of non-lethal weapon concern.”). But if the aim of research like this were truly to protect from exposure, and not to inflict such nefarious if non-lethal effects, surely a more effective route would be to work towards an explicit ban of these weapons and of the electromagnetic manipulation of human physiology, as already called for in a resolution of the European Parliament [Jan. 28, 1999, A4-0005/99], rather than establishing a new military wing to develop (and operate?) them, as has been done in the US.

Instead, US-led NATO for its part, has called for ‘vigilance’ among its member countries against legal restrictions on the use of NLWs. 6 Furthermore, the JNLWD itself has already been accused (by campaigners) of violating the Chemical Weapons Convention in its chemical non-lethal weapons research and development. [see]

Institutionalized Torture in Military Operations?

But this is not only about R&D. The green light for application of the technology was given years ago. As reported in Neil Davison’s University of Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project (BNLWRP),

“[a] ...Defense Science Board (DSB) report on Future Strategic Strike Forces advocated further development of ‘non-lethal’ weapons affecting the physiological or psychological functions of individuals or populations as part of an expansion of weapons with disabling effects advising that "Applications of biological, chemical, or electromagnetic radiation effects on humans should be pursued.” 7 {my emphasis)

The same report adds that the targeting of the new weapons would include the domestic (US) civilian population:

In June 2005 the DOD's Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support stated that "non-lethal" weapons would be further investigated for use in ‘homeland defense'. It noted further that basic research into the physiological effects of "non-lethal" weapons would be expanded and that opportunities to share military technology with law enforcement agencies would be identified. 8

This view is reaffirmed by US Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne, who said of non-lethal weapons in 2006 that "we need to start using that here in the US on Americans.” 9

Today, the technology and weaponry to inflict the studied RF bioeffects has been patented [see US patents 7784390, 20070139247 for example], fielded and is operational, according to targeted individuals; radar and microwaves are being trained on tracked (and surveilled) citizens. The identity of the actual agency doing the zapping is not verifiable because these operations, which constitute torture, are covert.  Torture is illegal under the Conventional Weapons Convention, the Convention Against Torture, Geneva Convention and the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. Hence the secrecy and the need for cover stories to avoid legal problems. (This may also explain why some of the AFRL’s research does not originate with the Pentagon but with the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice (an instrument for militarization of state-level law enforcement), which may avoid contravening international treaties in some cases.)

The Guantanamo Precedent

The Guantanamo detention camp is a standing symbol of the fact that the US has abrogated the rule of law in favor of rule by force. It has more or less openly embraced torture as an element of its “non-lethal” arsenal, with the camp’s physical and psychological torture of kidnapped inmates including simulated drownings, forced injections and medication, sensory deprivation or saturation--to name a few--and multiple alleged suicides of the victims.

Six out of the eight current US Republican presidential candidates, as well as the Democratic president, have endorsed the use of torture.

As of this writing, the US Senate had passed a bill (2012 National Defense Authorization Act) legalizing the arbitrary military detention and torture of US citizens explicitly (effectively domesticating the 2006 Military Commissions Act.) Already the executive has assumed and exercised the extra-legal right to assassinate American citizens, including juveniles. As the smoke from 9/11 dissipates to reveal the outlines of a new police state, it should be getting clearer now for the American people who the camps are really for.

                     Camp Bucca, Iraq

Surely it shouldn’t surprise that the US is an egregious human rights violator, despite its loud, righteous and repetitive hypocritical posturing (as a liberator)--coming as it does from the lipsticked media mouth of this grizzled old slaver, chronic perpetrator of serial genocides, still on the march, towards its fourth (overt) illegal war of aggression in the space of a decade--a prolonged blitz the likes of which the world has not seen since the days of the Nazis, a close relation [see Edwin Black, War on the Weak; John Loftus, America’s Nazi Secret; Jacques Pauwels, The Myth of the Good War; Charles Higham, Trading with the Enemy, etc.].

Rather than an anomaly, systematic torture has gone hand-in-hand with systematic economic exploitation. But in changing times that challenge future US hegemony--American capitalism’s endgame--the mask has slipped as the gloves came off.

Still, the ‘technical problems’ of international humanitarian law remain.

RF Directed Energy Weapons--Invisible ‘Taser’ for Dissidents

The use of RF Directed Energy Weapons is roughly similar to other ‘electroshock’ weapons. Just as the cattle prod-like ‘taser’ weapon has been widely adopted in law enforcement to temporarily disable (or permanently kill) those targeted, pulsed microwave directed energy weapons have been covertly adopted by the US  for remote incapacitation of human targets. Although loosely analogous to the police taser, an important exception is that the lower voltage microwave directed energy may be applied to the targeted person, such as a political dissident, invisibly and continually over the long-term. More properly classified as weapons of electronic warfare--a type of information war--RFDEW are used for the ‘jamming’ of ‘enemy information systems,’ which also happen to be human brains.

Coming Shift to a Health Care Pretext ?

Former history professor Newt Gingrich, an old Rockefeller hand since his days canvassing in the South for the presidential campaign of Nelson Rockefeller, was an early proponent (1986) of non-lethal weapons (see During a 2012 presidential debate appearance, Gingrich made a pitch for federally-funded neuroscience research, signaling a possible shift to recast R&D in the name [only] of Autism and Alzheimer’s. That a long-time non-lethal weapons booster, Department of Defense Policy Board member and self-confessed social Darwinist should be pitch-man for a new government drive on the mental health of the elderly corroborates this view.

Dark Precedents

While RFDE weapons may be something new, the goals of mind control and behavior modification are long-standing ones. The secrecy and awkward pretexts of the current program recall several notorious precedents: the documented, long-running (begun 1953) US government MKULTRA program, thought to be behind the ‘trickle-down’ introduction of LSD to the American ‘baby boomer’ generation, as a mind-altering chemical warfare agent (Marks); Nazi mind control tests on inmates at Dachau, where other murderous experiments were performed under cover of ‘aviation medicine’; 10 the Nixon-Ford era ‘Special Virus Cancer Program’ (overseen by another Rockefeller hand, Henry Kissinger), in which the AIDS virus was ‘discovered’ following R&D by scientists working in association with the US Army bioweapons lab to ‘search for the cancer virus’ in the ‘war on cancer’.

Endnote: History has shown us that forms of political organization that are anathema to universal human nature and its aspirations, upon which international law is based, are destined only for ignominy, in the dustbin of history. From the Reichstag fire to 9/11,  the shadow of German history falls today on the USA.


From where the impetus?

Nonlethal weapons have not received the priority they merit at the Pentagon. This report makes a persuasive case for changing that, said [Rockefeller] Council [on Foreign Relations (CFR)] President Richard N. Haass., Feb 2004.   11


Cover stories

...millions of Holocaust victims were forcibly ‘evacuated’ to the gas chambers under the pretext of disinfection and of public health measures.  --Emerging Viruses, Leonard Horowitz

Warsaw ghetto entrance sign: Attention: Epidemics--Entry Prohibited.
IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black


Among the various Rockefeller-funded scientific institutes involved in the Nazi medical experiments in WWII was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Psychiatry.

Fascist-aesthetic statue of Atlas Holding Up the World, at Rockefeller Center, New York City

RFDEW antecedent...

(Hollywood) depiction of

lobotomy victim


AFB-Air Force Base

AFRL-Air Force Research Lab

DOD-Department of Defense

JNLWD-Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate

JNLWP-Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program

NLW-Non-lethal Weapons

PR-Public Relations

R&D-Research and Development

RF-radio frequency

RFDEW-Radiofrequency Directed Energy Weapons
WPAFB-Wright Patterson Air Force Base


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AFRL RFDEW Research Excerpts


NLW Rationale for Asymmetrical Warfare (1986) - Newt Gingrich


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