Nazi Ghosts?

Was Giselle Bundchen’s Grandfather a Nazi?

    Giselle Bundchen

Has Tom Brady’s wife got an authoritarian streak?

Just asking because it seems Giselle Bundchen, the Brazilian model, has been going around suggesting 'worldwide law' to dictate mandatory birth control for the masses, such as required  breast feeding and compulsory condom use (now there's a good pretext for police cameras in your bedrooms).  In another bizarre tack, the supermodel allegedly told an interviewer that she feels that her husband's child from a previous relationship is her own ( it's mine, mine, all MEIN ! ).

Not that the pronouncements of fashion models need be taken seriously. After all, they're in the business of beauty not brains. But when the last of the supermodel breed makes a spectacle with repeated public comments that beg controversy, then you have to take note (and wonder what exactly the high-profile glamour puss is promoting--is she a budding spokesperson on the world government team?)

Speaking of controversy, in 2009 when America's golden couple were (re-)married in Costa Rica, gate crashing paparazzi were not just bounced from the private event but had the rear window of their SUV shot out as they tried to flee with their film―and their lives. The two men, whose agency INF said 'narrowly escaped death' have sued the couple, apparently following a lack of criminal prosecution in Costa Rica. Now what better way to share the joy and celebrate the big day than by opening fire on any uninvited guests?

What are these people, Nazis ?

The model, who happens to be of German-descent, has claimed for the record that her family has been in Brazil for six generations. She brought up the question of ancestry because of the historical background: The best known emigration of Germans to South America was that of Nazi war criminals after WWII, along the so-called Vatican rat line. Nazis later 'provided security' for some of the (then) fascist South American plantation states, a haven because the personal fiefdom of US Undersecretary of State for Latin American Affairs, Nelson Rockefeller. Nearby Argentina was a major post-war destination for Nazi war criminals as well as Third Reich treasure. The Nazis got falsified travel documents, so their civil details like date and place of birth would be unreliable. Previous European immigration to the region did occur in the late 19th century.

Given the murky history, Bundchen's statement would have been meant to preempt any facile connections being made based just on ethnicity or on the apparent coincidence that Bundchen's hometown of Horizontina (est. 1954) was “colonized by Germans,” as she has also said.

It has already been claimed on the internet that Bundchen's grandfather, Walter Bundchen, was a Nazi. This was impossible to verify on the web, especially with the unusual page redirections. But we did find information that, if true, might bolster the Nazi claim: an obituary of Walter Bundchen (d. Oct. 3, 2010) on the website of the Zero Hora (Zero Hour) newspaper from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where the family's hometown is located. It must be the shortest obit ever of a former mayor of a town with its airport named after him. More importantly, the brief obit said that Walter Bundchen moved to Horizontina "in the late 1940s". It also mentioned that he was born in "Tilings." 1 There is no country name given and there is no Tilings in Brazil. Unfortunately, the obit disappeared from the newspaper's website very shortly after we'd found it, here : . The page now lists "No results" for that name. The newspaper archives there in Porto Alegre are not invulnerable either.

Update Summer 2016: Zero Hora’s obit of Walter Bundchen has reappeared, completely rewritten and contradicting the earlier, removed one cited above. It is also predated to 5 Oct. 2010. It now says Bundchen was born (not in Tilings but) in Lajeado, Brazil. Bundchen died at age 84, according to the new obit, making his year of birth 1926. So we have the same local newspaper publishing contradictory obits of the same man, with the first one de-listed and the later one pre-dated.

Everywhere else on the net the man is listed as born in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, Feb. 23, 1916. But there is a problem with that information. If this place of birth clashes with the local obit, the date of birth contradicts widespread media reports of the celebrity couple's visit, as newlyweds, to Horizontina to celebrate the grandfather's 83rd birthday in March 2009. The celebrity news stories citing the grandfather's age in 2009 would indicate that Walter was born in 1926 instead of 1916, the prevalent date. Clearly then, some confusion about the date and place of birth. Curious.

As for the golden couple, they've put down roots in California, the Patriot husband's home turf. As chance would have it, it's also the one state in the union that had a governor who professed to "admire Hitler" and whose father was a Nazi officer, member of the SA (Gov. Schwarzenegger). Not the ideal PR move for Giselle, under the circumstances.

America’s Golden Couple

To be sure, no one is responsible for the sins of the father (much less grandfather).

And it’s possible that the whole web controversy over whether there’s an ugly Nazi skeleton in the beauty's closet might have something to do with jealousy of the model madchen and her sculpted Tom Terrific. Either way, they would seem to fit the bill as the perfect poster-couple specimen of ubermenschen for the flag-filled stadium Jumbotrons, under ‘Patriot’ fly-overs, in their totalitarian neo-fascist homeland.

Whatever the case, Ms. Bundchen would probably be better off going back to promoting beauty products rather than floating public comments that have the air of revealing trial-balloons for a frightening New World Order.

Now about that Lauren-Bush marriage...


Notes (May 2017 add)

1 "Tilings"--No Tilings in Germany either but may be Tilsit in former East Prussia. Here's what a Google search returns...

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