What Is Class Hate?


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Window on their World                                                                                    


UK: ‘Mind the Gap’ (the class divide)

           Unlucky contestant                                                                          

                        The Yoke’s on You

                                           “Please do not feed the pigeons.
                                          They are a nuisance and a health hazard.”

                                           -- Public square sign, London

Austerity for Us, Corporate Welfare for Them

...Fair enough. A health notice...but unfortunately also a political program, called austerity (excuse the brutal and offensive comparison, which is only meant as forceful illustration and in no way as endorsement). A similar but less draconian variation of the same concept, which underpins what used to be called corporate welfare and trickle down economics : “Feeding the pigeons by giving the hay to the horses" (Bertram Gross, Friendly Fascism). Things have further degenerated since that 1980 quote, and the public subsidy of private enterprise against risk--with private profit taking--has turned into elimination of risk altogether (bank bailouts not failures), with direct looting of assets (depositors’ funds, etc.) under a ‘terrorist dictatorship of Big Capital’ (op. cit.).

False Consciousness Clouds Class Interests

Staples of the economic determinist view of history, the terms ‘social class,’ ‘class consciousness,’ ‘class hatred’ and ‘class struggle’ have faded from public discourse, along with public discourse itself for that matter. Opinion is received, not thought. We are to feel but not to think. In our ‘global village,’ the public square as public forum is now wholly circumscribed within television screens, another industrial outlet for toxic effluent.

If an imposed false consciousness has replaced class consciousness among the masses since WWII, processed out of us, that is not to say that social class no longer exists, as Western propagandists once liked to boast. With the West’s disappearing middle classes, the classical social analysis becomes ever more relevant. And the networked, virtual printing press (internet) is creating a new frame of reference, breaking down the iron rule that reality is what is televised (‘what we say it is’). Revolutions in technology may also create revolutions in politics.

For the owners, the dominated classes must be dehumanized into a commodity (or animal), so that talk of their status or well-being is beside the point, as it must be if profit for the one class is to be maximized at the expense of the other.

A classic on class consciousness:

The Flower Girl, NPRK 1972
(watch the first 27 minutes)

Minority Ownership and ‘Class Hate’

Historically a matter of lineage and land (ownership), in modern Western industrial societies, the social reality mainly proceeds from the material realities, with ...

...class division firmly rooted in the system of [minority] ownership...[and with]...economic and political life...primarily determined by the relationship...between [the class] which owns and controls, and the working class (i.e. private capital vs social labor)

-- Ralph Miliband, The State and Capitalist Society, 1969.

...That is to say, the owners vs. the dispossessed, separated from the means of production (land, etc.), who must be dehumanized into a commodity (or animal), so that talk of their status or well-being is beside the point, as it must be if profit for the one class is to be maximized at the expense of the other.

Like the crack of the lash to the horse, social divisions, hate speech and lies, intolerance and racism, violence and war are all part of the package of economic exploitation, injustice and inequality. But ‘it’s worth it,’ as Madeleine Albright 1 would say, to the tiny minority who benefit so richly from the ride.

Legoland of Lies

Nature vs. Nurture

Old World hereditary social rank--still now conferring political power in the European monarchies--was updated in the New World by meritocracy, a progressive advance moving the ideological weight closer to the middle of the balance on the question of biology versus environment (as determiners of individual destiny), and ridding us of the menace of dynastic misrule by an inbred, imbecile king (or so we thought). A new republic enfranchised any propertied white males, eventually including all others by 1918. Ideally, social status would become largely a question of occupation and economic class--money over pedigree or tribe.

Civil Rights Failure

The association of race/tribe with social status is ancient. In antiquity, two-tiered societies consisted of members of the ‘home’ tribe on the one hand, and the members of another clan, conquered in war and integrated into the first tribe as slaves, on the other (B. Russell). Tribal affinities then formed the basis of social class within the new group.

Likewise, conquest from the Age of Exploration gold rush to modern imperialism set up apartheid (minority) rule, where it was called the ‘white man’s burden’ (Kipling) to colonize, ‘civilize,’ or commit genocide, not only with the sword but also with a powerful economic instrument of financial minority rule in an ‘invisible hand.’ Foreign, minority rule, as part of imperialist expansion, carried with it racially tinged social hierarchy.

Racial hierarchy is the social relations part of the imposition of a minority rule (apartheid) capitalist system of production, masked by the commodity fetish...--Magdoff

With industrial development, wage slavery gradually replaced race slavery, lastly in the US, with the victory of the industrial north over the agrarian south in the American civil war. But North America and pre-Chavez Latin America retained their European-origin governing elite, albeit open to corrupted, collaborationist outsiders, and lately covered up in the US with token representatives in high places (Obama, Holder, Thomas--not to be confused with his famous namesake, Uncle Thomas).

In the US to be sure, African Americans’ struggle for civil rights--just 50 years ago--left its mark on the society as a whole in terms of integration and mutual tolerance. Still, remember that the movement’s leaders were slain (Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X), as were powerful advocates (JFK, RFK), in a decade of reactionary veto by bullet of ‘creeping’ democratic social progress and demands for unprofitable peace. If the social adjustments were real enough (banishment of legal discrimination, etc.), they have proven over time superficial--not in popular attitudes but in terms of the reactionary politics of an unreconstructed ruling elite of international financial ‘royalty’ at the apex of the pyramid. The malignant growth of a parasitic financial elite at home, with the continual concentration of wealth, had played out in favor of the old guard and its cause of entrenched privilege. The resurgence of biological (or ethno-religious) politics in the West, 2 to serve that end, is symptomatic of this regression.

All Americans are now equally without civil rights

Feudal Restoration

This then is another of the many contradictions inherent in ‘the system:’ As Western economies develop under private capitalism, politics is driven in reverse. As the southern periphery came online with the necessary infrastructure, the productive manufacturing industry from the center moved offshore, giving  way to more financial parasitism in the home economies. This structural economic change left the capitalist class no longer dependent on a thriving middle class of consumers to draw profit. Instead, we have a ruling class relying on public-bankrolled speculation, the outright sequestration of assets, financial fraud, and the offloading or creation of debt for the public (the groundwork of which goes back a century, to the founding of the central banks).

In the new economic circumstances, with the home middle class superfluous, the political tide is taking them out, with fresh campaigns of class warfare at home to parallel the literal warfare abroad. And in the place of meritocratic social mobility (which had once lifted many boats), the banking aristocracy, updating the old blood line aristocracy, favors regressive measures to guard privilege, entrench class division, and roll back old gains. Debt free higher education, quality health care are exclusively for the elite (see article); for the masses, austerity. Not only minorities have seen a civil rights rollback (see Voting Rights Act, below). Rights for all have been reset back to feudal times (rescinding of habeas corpus, eg). All Americans are now equally without civil rights. But African Americans in particular have come under attack...

Penal Liberia

With a shrinking middle class and ever greater numbers of the disenfranchised and ‘non-productive,’ US prison populations have surged. African Americans, twice as poor as a group as whites, 3 are sent up on drug charges at a rate 10 times higher than whites (ACLU). Drug laws (powder vs crack for example) and the bogus “war on drugs” 4 serve in part to perpetuate a de facto racial segregation through imprisonment (and thereby effective sterilization) of young minorities of reproductive age, in lieu of politically unacceptable reservations, apparently--once a seriously proposed “solution to the Negro problem” by Margaret Sanger’s old American Birth Control League. This would be an irrelevant anachronism except for the fact that the ABCL was the forerunner of today’s International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which pertinently is currently a  collaborator on anti-fertility campaigns in the developing world.

In light of the enduring US practice of keeping surviving Amerindians on reservations, and now also shamefully confining exemplary Muslims in ‘kennels’ (at Guantanamo), the resort to the highly disproportionate lockup of Blacks recalls the founding of Liberia in 1820 by white Americans, for the purpose of deporting African-Americans there. In a country with the largest prison population in the world (over 2 million or 743 per 100,000 in 2010, greater than the population of the state of Nebraska), one out of nine young African American males (under age 35) are incarcerated compared to one in 100 for white males (ACS). This effective ‘deportation’ also serves a pacification function, taking potential rebels out of circulation (cf FBI’s war on the Black Panther Party ca. 1968).

Political Relapse

For those who are not incarcerated, disenfranchisement is still a problem. Today in Obama’s Washington DC, African Americans, who make up the majority of the federal district’s resident population, are not entitled to vote for, and have no political representation in the US Congress. In a recent ruling (Shelby County vs Holder, June 25, 2013) the US Supreme Court (including Justice Thomas) effectively struck down the core civil rights-era Voting Rights Act, allowing former Jim Crow states to re-enact poll taxes and to further limit minority voting through gerrymandering. Not that the fail-safe US ‘electoral system’ is not otherwise rigged (it fails safely every time); this revision was above all a matter of ‘good form’ (cf. attempts to gradually dismantle the legislative branch, starting with the Senates, in Canada, Ireland…). Detroit has come under open financial dictatorship, faring slightly better than another major African-American city, ‘ethnically-cleansed’ New Orleans. But the civil rights meltdown, as noted previously, has been general.

Other population control measures, which have become more prominent than ever before (see article “The Depopulation Agenda”) in order to deal with growing ranks of the marginalized, cast a wider net. Measures such as the new zero child policy (an agenda masked by the real progressiveness of increasing tolerance) effectively replace sterilization laws that many US states, European nations and some Canadian provinces, notably Alberta, had on the books for the greater part of the 20th century. These are now impolitic (after open Naziism, 1933-45) and have been replaced in the West by these new expedients as well as other means (chemical disabling of reproduction: see article).

The retrograde new biological politics in the West are indicative of an attempted restoration of the old order in new forms; the ancien regime is subverting the gains of the american revolution of meritocracy over discredited biological determinism, in a reversal of political evolution being carried out in the name of evolution. Politically speaking, the New World Order wants to do away with upright posture.

Nostalgia or Realpolitik?

2013 US Passport page:  Driving the oxen (to make ‘bread’)




Text: “Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart(/land) of America.”
--Dwight D. Eisenhower  



The West is sick with excessive concentrations of economic/political power, which like blood poisoning, can be fatal.

The Ruling One Percent

Minority (elite) ownership under cartel capitalism means unrestrained capital accumulation leading to ever increasing concentrations of wealth. The Gini index, a measure of the equality of wealth or income distribution puts the US at ‘86 percent unequal’ 5 (2009) in terms of net worth. CEO pay runs at 350 times that of workers on average (2012, AFL-CIO).

It should be hardly surprising that economic power bestows political power and that economic inequality means political inequality. Call it plutocracy, kleptocracy or the banking aristocracy. The West is sick with excessive concentrations of economic/political power, like metals poisoning of the blood, which can be fatal.


Dictatorship by Capital                                                                                                     

Despite slight differences (some pluralism) in the dominant class there is... “consensus on the need to preserve and strengthen the private ownership and control of the largest possible part of society's resources and to enhance to the max the profits which accrue from that ownership.. ...men of wealth and property have always been fundamentally united in the defence of the social order which afforded them their privileges... [the ‘conspiracy’ of the profit motive -- called defence of ‘national security’ or ‘freedom.’]

...The politics of advanced capitalism have been (only) about different conceptions of how to run the the same economic and social system and not about different social systems...‘the economy’ means the capitalist economy.. 6

Industrial capitalism is an intensely coercive form of organization of society that cumulatively constrains men and all of their institutions to work the will of the minority who hold and wield economic power; and that this relentless warping of mens lives and forms of association becomes ...more and more an impersonal web of coercions dictated by the need to keep 'the system' running... “

Government an Instrument of Big Capital

"The capitalist class rules but does not govern (rules the governors)...[and] “the state [is] an agent (instrument) of private economic power.”

--Ralph Miliband

Victor Deni illustration (1919)

It is a patently absurd pretense that a city mayor (Mayor Wallstreet) with a net worth of $27 billion can represent (and govern in the interests of) citizens with a per capita annual income of $30,000 (2010) and a 20% poverty rate (New York City, for example). The same can be said for the (US) national political ‘leadership’, with average personal wealth of members of the US House estimated 7 at $6m (2011); and that of members of the Senate double that figure at $12m (Center for Responsive Politics). This gaping disparity is a measure of the disconnect between political representative and the ostensibly represented, and reflects the political reality of a dictatorship by capital, despite continuing democratic pretensions.

The security mania to which we have become inured goes hand-in-hand with extreme economic inequality. Real security (peace) is by way of economic justice--which the US reformer FDR called a ‘New Deal’ (playing card analogy meaning ‘new hands’), recognizing capitalism’s tendency to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few, and aimed at leveling out living standards--and not ‘gated-communities’ or nations, islands of stalag security, armed to the teeth, in seas of misery. “Our prosperity/peace is bound up with others' and cannot be promoted by disaster for others...differences [between us are] overstated and exploited for political reasons.”--Bertrand Russell, Authority and the Individual

Back to the Fuhrer

With economic developments driving political regress, the former inclusiveness of postwar boom years has degenerated into backsliding to old ideological forms, necessary to justify rampant inequality and parasitism. In the West, blue blood theories of “right hierarchy” are convenient for justifying economic disparity and preserving the status quo. Playing on race and differences in general also distracts from the essential opposition between rich owners and poorer laborers.

If biological politics may be indispensable to a game of dispossession and differentiation (called competition), “...from the point of view of biology or sociology [itself] there is no basis for class division [and] ...race theory is [irrational] biological mysticism” (--Wilhelm Reich). Indeed, within the older and famously tolerant Muslim societies for example, though there are obviously also great economic differences, the emphasis is always on personal relationships and solidarity, with race not even in the vocabulary (excepting in some unrepresentative, Western-sponsored states). The proletariat is just another name for the expropriated.

Studiously avoided in the ‘us and them’ or nature vs. nurture debate is the question of
the ‘nature of the game.’

Nature of the Game: Dispossession, Differentiation, Apartheid

Studiously avoided in the ‘us and them’ or Nature vs. Nurture debate is the question of the nature of the game. The sky scraping pyramid of unequal wealth under private capitalism (versus state capitalism) is more a reflection of the rules of the game itself than of the merit of the players. Like water taking the shape of its vessel, the form of economic organization necessarily plays the decisive part in shaping the social outcomes.

Great Seal of the United States

Rule by Overseer symbol

Politics for Dummies or Teachin’ ‘em Young               

Wonderful World of Disney Ideology


(L-R) Dopey’: A worker (miner) and dwarf (inadequate);

Goofy’: man-beast Everyman.

Dumbo’ : The Public--massive but infantile beast, afraid

of rat ringleader

Disney’s ‘Cinderella’s Castle’ (above left), a stylized version of Ludwig II of Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, the Nazi homeland (above right).

Factoid: Strike breaker Disney, a long-time FBI informer and groundbreaking McCarthyite in Hollywood, along with a certain Ronald Reagan--B-film has-been turned star stool pigeon

SS Major and Nazi war criminal Wernher von Braun discusses America’s future on the children’s program, the Walt Disney Show, 1959 (above left). von Braun in earlier days (in civilian clothes) (above right)

(Above left) German V2 rocket model ‘moonship’ at Disneyland Theme Park’s Tomorrowland, 1955, created with the advice of Disney consultant von Braun. (Above right:) Illustration depicting Dora slave labor camp, used to construct V2 test rockets under von Braun’s direct personal supervision [complicit in war crime of working to death 10,000 skeletal laborers there; not charged by the US. KZ=konzentrationschlager--concentration camp; The Dora works were notorious among deportees for their fatal work details ( known as Dora Kommando). The Dora camp had among the highest death rates of Nazi camps in Europe.]

The alliance between scientific progress and social progress has been lost in the Western scientific dictatorship, where a corrupted science, co-opted by reactionary authority, is now used to roll back human progress and enslave.

For the Nazis, non-‘Aryans’ and esp. Jews, were considered no better than expendable cattle. For the Americans 50 years later, this despicable, fascist world view has been generalized to include the masses as a whole, with Muslims singled out for genocide as ‘the new Jews’ (see issue No. 1). To their credit, as it were, Disney were correct in their early hint at a normalized Nazi future under an American Reich.


(Above left) American Disney’s Snow White, 1937, (at height of pre-war Naziism). (Center:) Skin ‘whitening’ cream for men on sale in Asia, 2011; Nivea [Latin: ‘snow white’] is a brand of Beiersdorf of Germany. (Right) Vaseline “healthy white” skin lotion; Dove “white beauty” bar, from Unilever of the UK (not pictured)

Class Hate on TV

Disney’s Symbolic Human Slaughterhouse

Soft-core snuff films on prime time

Disney’s ‘WIPEOUT’ (4 million viewers), on abc TV network, is a paean to class war: Sadistic spectacle of abuse as entertainment in a jaded, neo-fascist society. How long until “WIPEOUT, senior edition” ?

Symbolic slaughter as comedy                                           Red Grease for the Gears                                                                                                         

Pig in the mud--Pernicious propaganda                   ‘Bloodied’ in the meat grinder: Hamburger with that ?

JER-REE’s ‘White Trash’

Staged Smears on American workers:

GE’s (NBC -- update: now Comcast) ‘Jerry Springer’: Pro wrestling-type, staged daytime TV ‘freak’ show, assassinating the character of the American working class on behalf of their corporate America employers for over 20 years (2012).

So why pay good wages?

And on the Big Screen...

Planet of the Apes, 1968: Social revolution-era film depicting the overturning of the established order as being as absurd as apes ruling men.



And now...The Zombies

Mall Zombies: Dawn of the Dead 1978 -- Originally a metaphorical critique of consumerism. Stripped of element of social criticism in later genre films, with the public represented as shooting-target threat. (Below)

The Zombie Masses: Dawn of the Dead, 2004 (left); ‘Zombie’ bus riders (right), Universal UK’s Shaun of the Dead, (2004)


“The Mechanical Monstrosity” (The War Machine Society)                                      


American ragtime jazz music (Scott Joplin eg) :
an African American artistic take on the US’s mechanical soul
(cf Kurt Vonnegut’s
Player Piano; Gershwin’s pile-driving ‘Piano Concerto in F,’ etc.).

Player piano roll (click above)

21st c. Man in the Machine                     Native Man in Nature
(ONeill/White/INFphoto.com)                    (corbisimages.com)

Technological society creates “...a general trend to get inside some mechanical strait jacket [car, robot gear (Google glass) which] corresponds to the situation in which [indigenous peoples] once got collectively and psychologically inside the totem animal... The terror inspired by wild beasts which led tribal societies to get ... inside the tribal totem animal is repeated today as those confused or overwhelmed by the machine world are encouraged to become hard, brittle and smoothly metallic ―like the corporate robot, inside the totem machine.”

...It finally leads us to an "..inhuman wilderness even less manageable than that which once confronted prehistoric man...This worship of totemistic mechanism is a trek toward the voluntary annihilation of our individual humanity...”  --Marshall McLuhan, The Mechanical Bride, 1951

Land of Lockjaw

L-R: American industrialist (ex GM CEO); Hollywood actor; Politicians                            


Compromised Nature - ‘Biophysical Reproduction of Mass Suppression’

According to the Viennese psychologist Wilhelm Reich, an authoritarian, machine civilization of mechanistic control produces actual physiological rigidity in its denizens, at odds with their free human nature.

Ossified layers of distorted consciousness, produced in the organism over generations under the weight of traditional authority, and necessary for it to perpetuate its privilege, were symbolized in
Hugo’s literary metaphor of the monstrous Quasimodo, from Notre Dame de Paris.

To extrapolate to modern technological society, the distortion of living in a maladapted social system geared not to human nature but to an automated process of profit generation manifests itself in the physical contortion of the rigid lockjaw, or the familiar tic of the riveted American grin, flashed automatically, even in the most inhuman and macabre of circumstances (see Abu Graib image below). The lockjaw/grin deformity would be the hunchback of our times.



Sexual Negation/Impotence and Blood Lust

Mythologies have interpreted dualistic human nature as one of fallen gods, with a dichotomy between the spirit and the flesh, the divine and the animal--an interpretation which expresses our archetypal, shared consciousness of something lost (“everybody’s looking for something”--The Eurythmics).

For Reich, Science/technology gave humanity an escape from our animal nature in the machine. But the suppression of the animal side--a society’s sexual negation for example--is also the explanation for sadism, which does not exist in animals.

Life as a process taking place in a machine, a factory society (with sex reduced to another mechanical process: ”pneumatic bliss”--Eliot) reduces us to the existence of a  ...

‘...brutal robot ...opposed to that which is vitally alive, kind [“natural decency that springs from the joy of life”], social and related to nature...traits man misses in himself (brought out in Disney's animals)... In suppressing his own nature [his natural humanity], mechanistic man ‘shows his higher nature’ and ‘distinguishes himself from lower, animal man in sadistically torturing and murdering him...’ [grinning all the while].

Disney’s Bambi                                    Abu Graib prison, Iraq

The way of fascism is the way of the automaton, death, rigidity, hopelessness [in lock step with death--human life and death as 'turnover' (or fuel combustion) in the financial drive of a profit/war machine.] The [natural] way of living is fundamentally different. It is more difficult, more dangerous, more honest, more hopeful.” --Wilhelm Reich

Automation Gone Wild

The Flood: Fantasia, 1940; from 25:05                              Later, Mickey


1 Former US ambassador to the UN, who described the deaths of an estimated half-million Iraqi children due to the pre-war US sanctions in these terms. (CBS ’60 Minutes,’ “Punishing Saddam,” May 12, 1996)

2 Biological politics

‘...in the West;’ also in Israel. The US is operating concentration camps for Muslims (Guantanamo), amid a virtual Kristallnacht of blatant hate speech and calls for the purge of Muslims from the US military, etc. There have been zero Muslim American members of the post-coup regimes. In NATO’s EU, biological politics have been on the ascendant since 2001, with calls for the deportation of Muslims, high profile deportations of Roma, and a ban on public protests by Muslims (in France)...etc. Very 1938...while millions of Muslims have been murdered by the Western powers in the Near East.

Africans and African Americans have come under devastating attack. The AIDS virus has predominantly killed Africans. Haiti, which undoubtedly would have joined hands with Socialist neighbors Cuba and Venezuela if let be, was attacked and occupied. Majority- African American cities have been targeted: New Orleans with armed ‘ethnic cleansing’ in 2005 (see here) and Detroit, with neo-colonial/apartheid governance under direct financial dictatorship. The conspicuous over-representation of African Americans in the enormous US prison population parallels the continuing existence of Indian reservations, biological politics par excellence.
The zero child policy is also an example of the newly expanding biological politics, albeit casting a wider net.

3 Both African and Latino Americans are living in poverty at more than twice the rate of whites (25% in 2010, Census Bureau).

4 ...also a pretext for attacks on civil liberties and the targeting and violent repression of political opposition groups, as in Thailand, Mexico...(news ticker: ‘Mexico to privatize state oil company’)

5 2009, Edward N. Wolff; 86 out of 100 on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 meaning maximum or perfect inequality and 0 perfect equality

6 Some argue that it is not free market capitalism under which the West operates and this is true to the extent that private industry and finance have become parasitic on massive public subsidy, risk elimination and debt creation. Still, this is not a planned economy and the essential anarchy of the market system remains, misallocating resources and fabricating need where none existed in order to meet the private profit imperative, rather than meeting public needs. Private capitalism may be a better name. (This is not necessarily to endorse fully planned economies--the allocation engine of the market is useful to a certain degree, but because limitlessly rapacious (to the point of consuming its operators), needs the strong hand of the state (the collective) to master and direct it and set off-limits a large swath of the economy as the public commons: land, agriculture, banking, energy, petrochem/pharma, armaments and heavy (war) industries, health and education, for example, under socialism/state capitalism).

7 disclosure of personal wealth not required