The Coming GMO
Reproductive Holocaust


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Here We Go Again...

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Nazi Roundup of the “unfit,” 1941                 ROUNDUP: “Kills the Roots so Weeds Don’t Come Back”
                                                                                                             double meaning: ‘mutagenic’


The War on Fertility: The Class War Goes Nuclear

Genetic Solutions

GMO Outrage -- New ‘Final Solution’ to End Free Reproduction?

Mounting research findings indicate that genetically manipulated foods and their paired pesticides, made by the ‘Agent Orange’ and ‘IG Auschwitz Companies,’ 1 may damage your children’s fertility.

The pattern of historical and scientific evidence suggests a move to bring the regimentation of industrial production to bear on human reproduction...the Nazi eugenic dream of genetic quality control for a ‘master race.’

The Mutation Age or The Age of Genetic Pollution

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Replication--A Delicate Balancing Act

“The endocrine system, nervous system and immune system provide the body's bulwark against threats to health and life...”

The human endocrine system, comprising many organs and glands, is a delicately balanced fluid control system which regulates sexual reproduction by means of a timed-release of finely tuned quantities of the body's hormones--a 'programmed' process that has evolved naturally over millennia. It is responsible for the manufacture of the physically transformative male and female sex hormones androgen (testosterone) and estrogen, that also influence the body's physiological equilibrium, metabolism, and growth and development, including that of the reproductive tract and sexual organs. (--Encyclopedia Britannica 2005)

Changing the natural balance of hormone levels with external agents like natural estrogens or synthetic hormones can affect fertility. An example of this is the female contraceptive birth control pill (1960). In women, synthetic female hormone supplements suppress ovulation by simulating hormonal conditions during pregnancy, when re-conception is naturally blocked. Even in ancient times, a naturally occurring chemical (silphium) from plants, that mimicked estrogen, was used as a contraceptive.2 In men, overexposure to estrogen may cause neutering effects. In at least two documented occupational safety hazard cases, the dust from the manufacture of estrogenic hormonal products in pharmaceutical plants caused male workers to suffer such effects. 3

Synthetic Hormones in our Foods, Packaging

Chemicals that are structurally different from estrogens but that imitate them in the body are called xenoestrogens (“ZEE-NO” or 'foreign' estrogens) or synthetic estrogens. The herbicides used with GM crops belong to this group. That is, they have a DUAL ACTION--they are bioactive agents both in weeds and in humans. In weeds, the herbicides cause disease and death. In humans, they act as drugs, mimicking the female sex hormone estrogen and consequently unbalancing the body's endocrine system. Because they disrupt regular hormone function, these chemicals are called Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs; see Theo Colborn’s Our Stolen Future). Earlier types of pesticide EDCs were chlorinated hydrocarbons. Those used with GM crops, ‘Roundup’® (glyphosate) and ‘Liberty’® (glufosinate), are phosphorus-based EDCs.

Pesticides are toxic chemical compounds that include herbicides,

which act against plants, and insecticides, which act against insects.

In addition to herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup ®, other prevalent EDCs in the Buna 4 soup of tens of thousands of different petrochemical pollutants in the environment include insecticides; industrial chemical PCBs; plastics and 'plasticizer' softening agents, derived from toxic Benzene, like BPA in baby bottles and phthalates in water bottles. Their harmful effects on health have been observed both in wildlife and in humans--most strikingly, neutering effects (CHEMTrust 2008).

Chemical Neutering--Going for the Gonads

Some of the unusual effects observed in nature and resulting from EDC chemicals, as reported in various studies (see footnotes), include ...'complete or partial sex reversal'... in fish 5 ;  pesticide-linked sex change in frogs and toads, 'hermaphrodite polar bears,' and 'genital abnormalities' in many other species of mammals worldwide. In men, sperm counts have plunged, according to multiple international studies. A landmark, widely referenced Danish study (Carlsen 1992) 6 concluded that men’s sperm counts have dropped dramatically (60%) over the past 50 years, suggesting increasing infertility. The trend has been corroborated by later studies (Swan 2000; Travison et al, 2007) as well as recent European data indicating that "sperm quality [count] is approaching crisis levels that may impair fertility" (--European Environmental Agency, 2012; my italics). The latter report also noted "a steep increase in ... rates of endocrine ... disorders" in children. Chemical neutering is an established method of pest control.

The table below shows common EDC poisons, found in pesticides, household goods, cosmetics, toys and baby care products as well as in water and food, as residue:

TABLE 1, Common Environmental EDC Chemicals


GM food is a pesticide carrier

Note that like synthetic hormones for birth control (estrogen for example), most of these synthetic xeno-estrogens also have a reprotoxic effect, disrupting the natural balance of the endocrine system in the human body.

Exposure to these hormone-like chemicals occurs through absorption mainly by way of the skin and through diet. What sets GM foods and their paired herbicides apart from all of the other EDCs is the fact that they make food a pesticide carrier and the direct ingestion of pesticides unavoidable. With a herbicide-tolerant GM crop, herbicide like Roundup ® is applied directly to it. Because the food plants absorb the herbicide spray, the toxic chemicals cannot be rinsed off, making the ingestion of herbicide residue inevitable, in unmarked processed foods for example (US). Even in the many countries where GM food must be labeled, consuming products like meat, milk or eggs, which do not require labeling, and that come from GM-fed animals is another dietary route of exposure (Aris et al, 2011). 

It’s in the Water

Water polluted by herbicide runoff is another source of ingestion. Syngenta’s EDC herbicide chemical atrazine (banned in the EU, 2005), which has been linked to human birth defects (Tyrone Hayes, UC Berkeley), “can be detected in most streams and rivers of the US” (National Resources Defense Council report 2009), where the chemical is deposited as runoff. The pollution triggered a $100m settlement by Syngenta (jointly owned by the Swiss Novartis and AstraZeneca of the UK) with six midwestern US farming states seeking compensation for the cost of having to remove it from drinking water. The herbicide chemical glyphosate, a xenoestrogen (Thongprakaisang et al 2013), has also been found extensively in surface water in the US;  in groundwater in Denmark, where it was banned in 2003; and in the urine of almost half of urban residents sampled across Europe in a 2013 study.

‘But the Levels Are Low’

Glyphosate is the ‘active ingredient’ (among others) used in the Monsanto herbicide Roundup®, which has been found to be toxic in trace amounts. For example, at just 1 ppm (parts per million), Roundup ® has been found to cause severe endocrine disruption, significantly (35%) reducing male testosterone levels in lab animals (Clair, 2012). In addition to endocrine disruption, Roundup ® has also been found to have many other toxic effects (see Table 2) at even trace amounts, including DNA damage in human liver cells at just 5 ppm concentration (N Benachour 2009), well below regulatory limits for herbicide residue in GM food (40 ppm in soybean, cottonseed; up to 400 ppm in feed--EPA. Residues on food have been found at up to half the level left on food crops). Both the disruption of  hormone levels and of DNA integrity are mechanisms that would produce an anti-fertility effect.

BPA/Phthalates - Wide exposure

Additional studies have shown nearly 100% exposure rates in tested groups of people to the ubiquitous BPA at some level of blood concentration 7 and high rates of exposure to phthalates. 8  Both BPA and phthalates are xenoestrogen (synthetic hormone) EDCs that have been found to promote infertility. Thermal-paper transaction receipts may contain up to 10 mg of BPA (USEPA), which is very readily leached from materials and absorbed through the skin. Food contaminated with leached chemicals from plastic packaging or container linings is a dietary route of exposure to these EDC chemicals. The EU’s EFSA sets an acceptable daily intake of BPA at just 0.05 ppm. In France, BPA is banned from use in food packaging. Safer alternatives to these materials are said to exist at similar cost.

    Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” ® (RR) crops are modified with a gene 9 (cp4 or epsps) making them
    resistant to the herbicide Roundup ® (glyphosate), so that fields of crops and weeds may be sprayed
    together with the weed killer. The German chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer also makes
    GM crop seeds engineered for herbicide tolerance (“Liberty” ® -- glufosinate).

Particular Vulnerability of Infants/Fetuses

The body's natural defenses in an adult provide barriers and filters that help prevent foreign chemicals from doing damage at low levels but the rapidly developing fetus and lactating infant are especially vulnerable to acquiring serious developmental disorders as a result of the effects of EDCs or other poisons, even at low levels. In developing infants and embryos the blood-brain barrier and the detox or blood filter organ, the kidney, are not fully formed. Some chemicals can cross the placental barrier (see Thalidomide, Roundup ® below).

Poisoning Mother's Milk

The human embryo depends on its endocrine system for development but also on hormones from the mother's placenta, which if the levels have been disrupted by EDCs, could produce developmental effects on the fetus. After birth, the mother's hormone levels continue to influence infant development in mother's milk, through lactation, also “one of the most significant routes of exposure to pesticides for any mammalian juveniles... [my italics]. By contrast, exposure to pesticides in baby formula appears to be almost negligible.” 10  Thus EDCs may have indirect effects on the development of a fetus or infant by changing the mother’s hormone levels. Lactation exposes an infant directly to the (plastics or) pesticide chemicals absorbed by the mother, with potential developmental effects.

Another route of direct exposure is the transmission of EDC chemicals that can cross the placenta, as mentioned previously. Glyphosate, the EDC ‘active ingredient’ of Roundup ®, has been shown to cross the placental barrier in mammals (Daruich 2001). Roundup ® itself has been shown to be lethal to human placental and embryonic kidney cells (Benachour 2009).

Insecticide in the Womb

The endocrine disrupting (EDC) feature of GMO herbicides is only part of the GM crop toxicity picture. While some GM plants are engineered for resistance to herbicides (to be carriers), others are genetically modified to make their own pesticide, from every cell of the plant. A modified, insecticidal bacteria toxin (Bt) is used in Monsanto's Bt corn (MON 863), among other GM varieties. These synthetic ‘foods’ are EPA-registered pesticides. GM toxins and genes have been found to transfer to the human body (see Table 2, Netherwood 2004). The Bt toxin was found to be present in the blood of a high percentage of pregnant women and their fetuses (93% and 80% respectively), showing that the GM insecticide also crosses the placental barrier. 11 Exposure was thought to have occurred through diet on products from animals fed GM feed. It has also been speculated that the subjects' gut bacteria may be manufacturing the toxin after having acquired the gene (see note 9) responsible (Cry1Ab) through ‘horizontal gene transfer’ from the modified corn to gut bacteria (Jeffrey Smith). The GM Bt toxin is recognized as allergenic and immunotoxic in ‘non-target’ species (humans, for example) and has been linked to leukemia and other illnesses (see sidebar “Mezzomo” below).


            Mezzomo Bt study

            “..The number of red blood cells (RBC’s) as well as their size, were significantly reduced, and so were the levels of hemoglobin for oxygen to attach to. Every factor regarding RBC’s indicated some level
of damage for all levels of toxin administered and across all Cry proteins. The tests clearly demonstrated that Cry proteins resulting from the Bt toxin were cytotoxic (quality of being toxic to cells)
to bone marrow cells. Studies continually show that these proteins kill blood cells by targeting the cell membranes of RBC’s. [This includes human RBC’s in in vitro tests.) ..Caused anemia in mice, even at the lowest tested dose [of 27 ppm] ...”

Dr. Belin Mezzomo, Department of Genetics and Morphology and the Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Brasilia

‘Pesticide with That?’ -- Consumer as Pest

Some might call the ubiquitous presence of hazardous chemicals in our environment an unfortunate fact of life under petrochem rule, but this health risk is now exacerbated by the once hardly imaginable development that the public are now ingesting pesticide directly with their foods. This is possible because the real novelty of GM foods, as far as the consumer is concerned, is that they make pesticides in your plate unavoidable -- they are synthetic foods that contain pesticide, ‘disarmed’ infectious agents and antibiotic resistance genes. About 20 percent of the GM ‘foods’ commercialized produce their own insecticide (Bt toxin) 12 throughout the plant. About 70 percent of cultivated GMOs are designed for herbicide (pesticide) tolerance and so can be directly saturated with it (weed killer) in the fields, carrying absorbed chemical residue--hydrocarbon fuel derivatives--all the way to the dinner plate.

The Regulatory Stand-Down

‘But the Authorities Have Got Our Backs’


As one might expect, in a nation that has suspended the rule of law, regulation of industry has been dismantled in the US. The post-legal, Fortune 500-subsidiary has effectively short-circuited public oversight via industry shill appointments at key government posts (FDA, USDA, EPA, USSC, and on up). There is no legal requirement for US companies to seek FDA approval for synthetic foods, which the compromised regulatory authorities deem “substantially equivalent” to their organic counterparts. Nor is GMO safety testing required. Nominal regulatory responsibility is fragmented between USDA, FDA, EPA, FTC with industry stand-ins as agency chiefs.

Ideally, manufacturers would be held responsible for knowing if their own product is safe or not, at their own expense. Not that self-policing is a reliable check on this industry. Monsanto’s own commissioned pesticide lab testing has been found in the past to be fraudulent (Craven Labs, 1990; IBT Labs, 1976), an industry-wide problem (see ‘The Companies,’ below).

For their part, GM companies like Monsanto have publicly rejected responsibility for the safety of their own food products destined for public consumption: “It’s not our job.” 13 According to an industry critic, this is a classic warning sign: “The willingness to hand over responsibility to regulatory agencies is the hallmark of the irresponsible company” (--J Braithwaite, Corporate Crime, 1984). Nor does Monsanto make samples available for independent testing.

Government by Industry for Industry

A glance at Table 1 -- the hazardous chemicals -- shows that we are on a dangerous merry-go-round of product release, hazard detection, and post-damage chemical ban instead of a more sensible red card system, which goes to show the heavy political weight of Big Chem and its power to freely influence our environment. Failed regulation occurs because it is these powerful multinationals, particularly from the petrochemical/pharma complex, who write the rules and put the overseers in place. Monsanto has had shills on the US Supreme Court (Justice Clarence Thomas, a former Monsanto counsel); at the head of the government regulatory agencies US FDA and EPA, as well as USDA and the Commerce Department. Ex-employees have populated the ‘Justice Department’ and ‘Homeland Security’; Disgraced ex-Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle Pharma (aspartame), until its acquisition by Monsanto in 1985. Before becoming US president, the former CIA director, NWO- and JFK?-conspirator 14 George Bush I was a director of the Pharma company Eli Lilly (1977-79).

Breaking the power of corporate rule by nationalization of over-powerful multinationals has proven difficult. When Sri Lanka moved to nationalize the local Pfizer ca. 1974, its socialist government lost power in a likely soft coup in the next round of elections (it was the year after Salvador Allende tried to nationalize the local Citibank, resulting in the original Sept. 11 fascist coup). Today, already outsized Western multinationals are combining, consolidating industry’s grip on power over government under the Western private capitalism model (versus state capitalism).

It is at best a measure of the boot-on-the-scale profit prejudice of our compromised justice systems that responsibility for something as vital as ‘food’ safety has been abdicated by manufacturers and regulators alike, and that GMOs are still unlabeled (in the US) in violation of the most basic, founding FDA doctrine of prior informed consent. At worst, these failings may be seen as a deliberate stand-down for a definite purpose...

Regulations, Continued--

The dissemination of GM foods is taking place in Europe, as in the US, within an ‘extra-legal’ process of collusion between the various institutions and instruments of corporate rule--a form of force feeding. Why?

Mass Medication

As discussed, the novel GM food crops are designed as pesticide carriers. Studies have indicated that the biological effects of the herbicides include acting as endocrine-disrupting artificial hormones. Because these pesticide compounds are bioactive chemicals, the GM food crops should be treated for regulatory purposes as drugs, not ‘substantially equivalent’ foods. Like all new drugs, GM crops must be subject to labeling requirements. Environmental pesticide destined for human consumption without labeling is forced drug consumption without prior informed consent, or

Big Tobacco

Considering their records for deception, willful pollution, the devastation of PCBs, dioxin, Agent Orange and Napalm, and even war crime convictions for mass murder (BASF, Bayer: see below, ‘The Companies’), let’s say that the effective self-policing in place is a very dubious proposition. The GM crop industry’s dismissals of repeated studies pointing out their food products’ toxicity must be regarded in the same light as those made for decades by Big Tobacco, a lies, disease and death business, whose capital of Raleigh, NC incidentally is an international Ag-biotech hub and US home of the three foreign giants of the Big 6:

RR: ‘Trust Us’

BASF Crop Science (headquarters), Bayer Crop Science, Syngenta. Monsanto and Dupont are also present, but not Dow. Monsanto formerly had a Philip Morris director on its board, John S. Reed. Other directors of Monsanto past and present have included a former CIA director, Stansfield Turner (--NNDB) and a member of the Pentagon ‘Health’ Board, respectively. This latter fact brings up the point that Monsanto is an insider company, which in the past has been a go-to firm for tight-lipped, dirty jobs for Uncle Sam: such as ‘special’ weapons projects: uranium/plutonium handling in the Manhattan Project to build the A-bomb; and the chemical weapon warfare against farmers in Vietnam. Monsanto also produced wartime synthetic rubber supplies.

Curious Exceptionalism

Let’s be frank. The GMO roll out has government project written all over it. Like the Nazis before them, the US has inverted science to follow a political program, and made the dissemination of GM crops immune from legal challenge with its April 2, 2013 passage of the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ 15, a giant red flag, which together with the regulatory and testing free pass, secrecy, numerous illegalities, scientific warnings about toxicity, and the criminal or toxic records of companies involved should raise the loudest and most urgent of alarms.

It is certainly counterintuitive to apply toxic pesticide directly to the food crops we eat. While the plants have been engineered to tolerate the toxicity, people have not been.


Commercial Rationale of GMOs

As mentioned, as pesticide carriers GM foods lead to the direct ingestion by people of dangerous, fuel derivative chemicals from their food. Residue from Roundup ® weed killer on food products has been found at up to 50 percent (WHO) of the level left on the crops treated with the pesticides and is stable for one year (WHO) in plants; in animal products like meat it is stable for two years
(--PAN UK).16

It is certainly counterintuitive to apply toxic pesticide directly to the food crops we eat. While the plants have been engineered to tolerate the toxicity, people have not been. But the GM gimmick, which brings no net benefit to farmers or foods,17 does benefit the petrochem-pharma complex. Besides the royalties on GM seeds, it means that farmers are locked in to buying the seeds they used to get for free and to buying the paired herbicide to go with it. A variation on the McDonald’s coke with your burger business model. With GM crops, the free use of the natural fertility of earth by farming is subverted and monetized, turning landowner farmers into serfs (Engdahl), put in the feudal position of paying ‘rent’ to petrochem ‘landlords’ to farm their own land. And because Roundup ® persists in soil, farmers face the economic non-choice between continuing to use the herbicide-tolerant seeds in replantings or leaving fields fallow for at least seven years (op cit.) until traces of the herbicide have washed away.

It should be a self-evident, no-brainer that poisons like weed killer and insecticide have no rightful place within food. Unless of course they are there for ulterior reasons.

Strategic Rationale of GMOs

While there may be no positive value of GM crops for consumers, which partially explains the adamant lack of labeling, the novel combination of food and pesticide does produce a synergistic, negative effect on human health, unsurprisingly -- it is a pathway to human disease. This further explains the refusal to label, as well as the legal immunity granted Monsanto in the US (see note 14). It should be a self-evident, no-brainer that poisons like weed killer and insecticide have no rightful place within food. Unless of course they are there for ulterior reasons.

There is a pacifist saying about beating swords into ploughshares -- ‘Make Bread not Bombs.’ The world now faces the nightmarish eventuality of bread AS bombs.

The possibility of using food as a weapon was explicitly discussed in the sinister Kissinger Report/NSS Memo 200 back in 1974. But technological developments since then have evolved the potential realizations of this aim beyond the conditional withholding of food aid--the option considered at that time. The advent of gene splicing in the early 1970s and then GM foods in the mid-1990s have made it possible to now convert food itself into an arm or weapon of biological and chemical warfare. There is a pacifist saying about beating swords into ploughshares -- ‘Make Bread not Bombs.’ The world now faces the nightmarish eventuality of bread AS (time) bombs.

Human Toxicity - Genotoxicity & Disease

As far as human health is concerned, the most important novelty of GM crops is that they are carriers of disease-causing agents: the pesticide residue or built-in insecticide or both. “Roundup ®” and “Liberty ®” herbicides, Bt insecticide and the GM crops themselves have all been linked to disease in humans. In particular, the herbicides have been shown to damage reproductive function in offspring, causing birth defects or miscarriage (see Tables 1,2). This result, together with a pattern of other evidence strongly suggests a purpose of meeting the admitted political goal of depopulation, as well as commercial aims, through these means. At the same time, it’s notable that the toxin-loaded GM crops stand to profit the pharmaceuticals business as well--which is also partly involved in GM agriculture (see heading The Companies below)--through disease.

Food as a Weapon - The Fertility Prevention Imperative

DoD - Department of Death

In the natural environment, the use of chemical pesticides -- herbicide or insecticide -- is the most common method of pest control for plants and animals. Biological pest control is another method, which may operate on mortality, on reproduction, or both. On the minus side, biological “regulation of mortality” may affect survival through factors such as limitation of food supply or promotion of disease (pathogens, toxins, reduction of nutrition, disabling biological defenses, etc. ) On the plus side, as it were, “regulation of reproduction” may operate on fertility, reducing numbers through sterilization: chemical or radiological corruption of DNA, resulting in failed birth (damaged or mutated chromosomes usually doom a pregnancy, with miscarriage or birth defects); chemical (hormonal) attack on gender type (neutering); or by otherwise disrupting mating practices.

From the purely mathematical (and criminal) Western military perspective, unfortunately, all of these chemical and biological extermination methods may equally apply to ‘reducing human populations,’ with the addition of psychological warfare (propaganda) techniques targeting mating practices; increasing infant mortality; promoting and coercing abortion and contraception; elimination of medicinal defenses against disease; corrupt immunization; euthanasia; food crop destruction and other attacks on life-supporting ecosystems to collapse population ‘numbers’ (through fracking for example, or the bombing destruction of water treatment plants, as in Iraq, to produce "a shortage of pure drinking water for much of the population" resulting in "increased incidences, if not epidemics, of disease"--Pentagon).

We are now seeing manifestations of most of these approaches to human depopulation--a mass extermination program --notably through the forced and extra-legal (see note 15) adoption and dissemination of unmarked, pesticide-containing genetically manipulated (GM) foods.

“One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of certain populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means: famine and sickness.”  --Robert MacNamara, Chair of the WHO (World Health Organization) Expanded Immunization Program, April, 1996; [Vietnam-era US Defense Sec.]

A Look Inside GM Foods

The ‘Package’ -- A Can of Worms Wrapped in Bio-Tech Tinsel

Genetically modified foods are essentially crops modified to contain pesticides -- through absorption in the field, with engineered tolerance, or with pesticide production built in to the crop plant itself. Herbicide tolerance is normally the main trait imparted to a host plant, via a transferred gene (transgene--see note 9). Additional genes are included in the full package (‘cassette’) of transgenes mainly (ostensibly) for purposes of functionality of the herbicide tolerance feature. These include genes from ‘disarmed’ infectious agents like viruses and bacteria, along with bacteria toxins and antibiotic resistance. These are transferred into food crop plants together with the tolerance trait. These mutant GM genes, designed to jump into new hosts, are unstable, prone to recombine and attached to a strong promoter which locks on their expression (or overexpression) wherever they may end up (

The Package, Continued--


A Trojan Horse?

Now to recap, our wholesome organic foods have been modified to include pesticide, toxins, genes from pathogenic bacteria and viruses, in combination with an antibiotic resistance trait... The fact that the various features of these constructs constitute a quasi-legitimate function for commercial use does not preclude of course that they also compose the elements of a trojan horse, hiding weapons in its belly. For this is exactly what the weaponization of food would look like, disassembled, before random recombination in the wash of the human gut, as a ‘soft-kill’ ticking time bomb (for 10-15 percent?).

Whats in a name? “Roundup”; the Cry gene; Creve Coeur (Heartbreak), Missouri

-- (Monsanto headquarters)


GMOs/Herbicides Harmful to Mammals/Humans

for Roundup, Glyphosate, Roundup Ready®  crops, Bt toxin, GM transformation

Table 2

Major Toxicity Studies

Remarks on Studies

Roundup ® Mutagenic

Note that the Roundup ® formulation (see note 22-end) is more toxic than its nominal active ingredient, glyphosate. It is glyphosate however which is the chemical studied in national “risk assessment tests.” This is unscientific methodology, which checks the ‘best-case’ scenario instead of the worst, glossing over risks. It is the proprietary (undisclosed) additives or ‘inert ingredients’ in Roundup ®, such as surface agents, that are the most highly toxic, multiplying a formulation’s toxicity up to 100-fold (Seralini 2005) and which have been found to contain a carcinogenic contaminant, ‘1,4 dioxane,’ at 350 ppm (CANTEST). Roundup ® has been shown to be mutagenic/genotoxic (damages human DNA) at concentrations hundreds of times lower than those of the herbicide residue left on GM food crops (Archives of Toxicology, Feb. 14, 2012). Even without the highly toxic additives, glyphosate tested alone has been shown to be reprotoxic, disrupting fetal hormone production, similarly to dioxin (Romano 2012). It should be added that studies have shown the main breakdown product (AMPA) of glyphosate to be also genotoxic (Manas et al, 2009). A summer 1998 Monsanto ad campaign (“Food, Health, Hope”) in Europe promoted its GM foods as a ‘solution’ to population growth (The Ecologist, Sept/Oct. 1998) among other things. The yields didn’t pan out. That would then be by means of...?

..experts have found potential evidence of latent ‘sabotage of fertility’ through chemical disruption of endocrine and reproductive systems, delivered via environmental chemicals and the food supply, in what would amount to forced, mass medication for sterilization in offspring.

“A Pox on your Useless Spawn”

Miscarriages for the Masses

The preceding table only includes major findings but total studies published by experts showing toxicity of ‘Liberty’ ™ (glufosinate), Roundup ®, glyphosate, Roundup Ready ®  and Bt crops number over one hundred. The conclusions of the numerous independent studies are now clear : GMO ingredients and herbicides have been found to promote disease in humans. In lab tests, recurring negative effects seen include neonate mortality, infertility, miscarriage (spontaneous abortion), birth defects. Similar outcomes have been noted in livestock.18 In other words, experts have found potential evidence of latent ‘sabotage of fertility’ through chemical disruption of endocrine and reproductive systems, delivered via environmental

               Black Stork

chemicals and the food supply. This would amount to forced, mass medication for sterilization in offspring, through chemical neutering with xenoestrogens and corruption of DNA via the ingestion of mutagenic pesticides.


As seen in the studies, some of these effects take a generation or more to surface, which in the case of lab hamsters is about five months, compared to about 25 years for people. Genetically modified foods have only been commercialized for 17 years (since 1996), and so generational anti-fertility effects in humans, like miscarriage or birth defects in offspring will not yet have been seen.

The Companies

Big Poison Corners the... Food Business (Upstream)

Many of the world’s creation myths imagine the origin of humans as a lump of clay earth. As for the chemicals production business, it started with a lump of coal.

All of the biggest synthetic food crop companies responsible for GM foods today come from the toxic chemicals business, manufacturing substances derived from coal tar, almost all of which are poisons, like pesticides--antithetical to life. [Carbon itself is the essential element of organic or living matter.] Obviously not something you would want to see in your dinner plate--a lump of coal.

Coal tar [used as driveway sealant]

Even if the modifications made to food crops do not employ petrochemical-derived substances -- i.e. the transgenes come from living organisms and not from chemicals -- which as we’ve seen still involves risks -- GM synthetic food does carry hydrocarbon-derived poison in the form of pesticide residue, because unlike with organic plants, it is applied directly to the resistant, mutant crops and so, is absorbed and then consumed in food.

Toxic substances can be used as disinfectants when they are toxic to microbes. In this way, the toxicity of some of these compounds led to their use as pharmaceuticals, another business area of some of these companies (Novartis, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Dow). This is how the German Bayer created the first antiseptic, a bacteria-killing sulfa drug in 1933, discovered in a red dye derived from coal tar. Bayer had first entered the pharma business (from dyestuffs) with its invention in 1899 of aspirin, another coal derivative, (which with regular use however can cause GI hemorrhage). Amazing what you can make from a lump of coal, which is as rich in different chemical substances as it is toxic. (Note that antibiotics derive from organisms (bacteria, fungi) and not from hydrocarbons but they function as medicines on the same principle of toxicity to microbes. (‘Anti-biotic’, the glory of Big Pharma, ironically means ‘against life.’ ) “Prescription drugs are no more than tamed poisons” (Braithwaite, Corporate Crime, 1984, p.208, citing a pharma industry medical director), hence their inevitable and often serious side effects.

Pharma production, from petroleum feedstock, as with plastics, generates a highly toxic waste stream that must be treated before release. This includes cyanides, arsenics, acids, heavy metals and toxic sludge. "By far the greatest concentration of pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world is in the [US] state of New Jersey, manufacturing HQ of Ciba-Geigy (Novartis), Warner-Lambert, Roche, Sandoz, Hoechst-Roussel, J&J, Merck, Beecham, Schering Plough, Squibb... New Jersey leads all American states in overall cancer mortality, and in the variety of mortal cancers" (Braithwaite, Corporate Crime, p135). [note: New Jersey is now ranked second in US cancer incidence, 1979-2000, according to NCI/CDC.]


There is a natural affinity between the petroleum refining and chemistry businesses--both use fossil fuel as starting point (feedstocks), with oil refining analogous to chemistry-intensive distillation. Both industries can produce synthetic materials like gasoline, rubber, plastics, and dyes etc. from oil. The two giants of the two industries, monopolies in the US and Germany, ‘married’ with the SO-IG Farben partnership agreements and the creation of the joint Standard-IG Company in 1929, bringing together the great US and European fortunes of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, respectively, in a petro-chemical empire. [Besides natural affinities, it was also a marriage of necessity, with Farben’s development of a process (Bergius process, 1909) to make gasoline from coal potentially threatening SO’s empire.]

Germany was the world capital of the chemical industry in the early 20th century, with the biggest companies, Bayer, BASF, Hoechst initially focused on the production of synthetic dyes like indigo, from coal tar, a by-product from the Ruhr steel-making belt. The Germans had a monopoly in this business--dyestuffs--until the entry of the American gunpowder maker DuPont (another GM food major) into the field at government urging (Borkin). Today the US is the world’s biggest chemicals manufacturer and second biggest exporter, after Germany.19 Germany is the second biggest exporter of pharmaceutical products (--World Trade Analyzer).

Reducing the thousands of chemical compounds derived from coal tar to their building block elements and then reassembling them into new ones later formed the basis for creating new synthetic materials like nylon fabric and plastics. Cheap as dirt coal tar, an industrial toxic waste product, continued to be used as a hydrocarbon feedstock in the chemicals business until 1980, by when it had been fully replaced by petroleum feedstocks. 20

Pesticide as Mass Extermination Agent

Together the big three IG companies produced or provisioned strategic war materials like explosives (from nitrates) and poison gases, like chlorine and mustard gas, used on battlefields during World War I, and later banned by the Geneva Protocol in 1925, by which time the three had merged into the IG Farben cartel. "To the Allies, IG and poison gas were synonymous" [Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, Joseph Borkin, 1978].

Towards the end of WWII, IG developed Sarin nerve gas. All of the poison
gases were developed in pesticide R&D (op. cit.). Zyklon B ™, the notorious extermination agent used in the WWII Holocaust was a pesticide (insecticide), made by IG Farben (and “sold at Bayer sales offices by a licensee (Degesch)” --Anthony Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler).

Zyklon B

Resource poor Germany also required fuel and rubber to run the planes, tanks and other vehicles overrunning Europe. These materials were manufactured synthetically from coal by IG Farben at their massive fuel and “Buna” rubber factories at Auschwitz III. The company tested new drug compounds on their slave labor inmates. The tests were sometimes fatal. Internal company correspondence on the subject survives:

“We need approximately 150 [women]... Despite their emaciated condition, they were found satisfactory.

We shall keep you posted on developments concerning this experiment... The experiments were made.

All subjects died. We shall contact you shortly on the subject of a new group...”

(Glover, 1977: 58 cited in Corporate Crime, John Braithwaite 1984, p. 5)

Company executives including two directors (Ter Meer, Bayer; Krauch, BASF) were convicted at Nuremberg of crimes against humanity and mass murder, where the 24 IG executives charged were informally known as “the Devil’s Chemists” (Borkin, The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben).

After the cartel was disbanded by the occupying Allies the three separate companies were refounded in the early 1950s. Unchastened, Bayer and Hoechst elected convicted war criminals to Board directorships. But they did find it advisable to later market a healthy pink-colored product called “St Joseph’s Children’s Aspirin.”


Marketed from 1958 as sedative/anti-morning sickness drug for pregnant women, by

gmbh under the directorship of convicted war criminal, former IG poison gas chemist and head of IG Auschwitz, Otto Ambros. [Advisor to Dow Chem, 1952+]

Caused miscarriage and birth defects (ca. 210,000 victims). The thalidomide scandal was the catalyst for major reforms in the regulation of prescription drugs and product liability laws internationally. Also showed that ingested chemical compounds may cross the placental barrier to damage a fetus.

Thalidomide victim
Thomas Quasthoff

Weapons of Warfare and Synthetic ‘Food’

The path of the former Farben cartel companies from war ordnance to mutant food was via their synthetic fertilizer and pesticide products for agriculture. The compounds used in chemical fertilizers and pesticides for farming are the same or similar to those used in high explosives and poison gas, respectively, which IG made for the military. Both synthetic fertilizer and explosives are made from ammonium nitrates; [IG (BASF) invented the process for capturing nitrogen from air (Haber process) still used today.] Sarin nerve gas, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicide are all organophosphate compounds (Phosphorus-Carbon). While they are related by composition, they do not share the same mechanisms of action. But glufosinate has been shown to be neurotoxic (PAN UK), like Sarin. Glyphosate may be neurotoxic.21

After the wartime-American government succeeded in breaking the hold on synthetic rubber development in the US by filing criminal charges against IG Farben’s US partner Standard Oil of New Jersey (SONJ, today Exxon), production of an American version of Buna-S from petroleum began in 1942, with the S (styrene) component contributed by the Monsanto chemical company. The American IG company GAF was a Monsanto shareholder. Like the IG companies, Monsanto, today the world’s biggest synthetic seed company, was in the Buna club, is a pesticide maker, and also began by selling a coal tar-derived product, saccharin--the food sweetener--to Coca Cola (until 1972, when cancer concerns put it on an FDA blacklist).... Saccharin was listed by the US EPA as a hazardous waste (#U202) until 2010.

Like saccharin, other food products are derived from coal tar or petroleum; these include many food dyes such as yellow no. 5 (possible genotoxic) and 6; reds (no ban in food, US) no. 3. (carcinogen in animals-rats) and 40 (genotoxic in animals); and blue 2 (carcinogen in animals-rats)...used in cake icing, for example. Artificial food colorings is another market for the chemical dyes of the ex-IG company, BASF, which began life in the dyestuffs industry (textile dyes). All coal tar-/petroleum-derived substances risk being contaminated with even more poisonous chemicals because of their toxic common source (Naphtha). Such was the case with Monsanto’s mixture of 2,4,5-T herbicide in Agent Orange (which is not necessarily to say that the mix was accidental or the company unaware).

ROUNDUP is Monsanto’s follow-up to Agent Orange

Monsanto’s Agent Orange

Both Dow Chemical and Monsanto of the US produced Agent Orange for the American military during the Vietnam war but Monsanto’s mixture (of BASF’s U46 and 2,4,5-T) was more toxic because of the latter’s higher contamination with dioxin.

For 10 years, in the chemical warfare
Operation Ranch Hand,” the toxic herbicide was sprayed on farms to destroy food crops and populations in S. Vietnam, in violation of the Geneva Protocol, causing famine, death, over half-a-million (500,000) gruesome birth defects, as well as multiple-generation disability that persists today.

Agent Orange victim

Monsanto’s follow-up product to Agent Orange was its current Roundup herbicide, first developed in 1976. In 2000, Monsanto “refounded” itself by spinning off much of its toxic legacy as well as the associated legal liability to focus on its new business of mutant synthetic food crops and other pesticides. Besides Agent Orange, the company had also manufactured (and illegally dumped in the US) from 1935 the toxic industrial chemical PCBs linked to cancer (banned US 1976). It paid out a US$700 million settlement with the US state of Alabama in 2003 for illegal hazardous waste dumping (PCBs). It was the widespread release by the industry of thousands of toxic chemicals like these into the environment that inspired Rachel Carson’s landmark book, Silent Spring (1962). 

Aspartame, rGBH

More recent toxic Monsanto products include:

- rGBH-- bovine growth hormone--a shot in the arm for milk production that sickens dairy cows and has been linked to infertility, birth defects in cows and cancer in humans. Sold to Lilly, 2008.

  1. -Aspartame-- replaced Monsanto’s saccharin sweetener in diet soft drinks, tainted by (bladder) cancer concerns. Aspartame is likely a neurotoxin (J. Olney 1971). Its maker, NutraSweet, is a former Monsanto subsidiary.

Monsanto is the record-holder for the worst industrial accident in US history (Texas City disaster); ranked fifth on the US EPA’s 1995 list of worst toxic waste releasers; and once ranked third in the Superfund 7 list of responsibility for the highest number of toxic waste sites in the US, after no. 2, DuPont (Mother Jones, 1985). As an industry, the chemicals business as a whole, including Pharma, ranks third in toxic waste release by industry sector after metals mining and electric utilities [Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program, 2009 TRI National Analysis], presumably excluding the oil business and the Gulf of Mexico.

Dow Chemical

The American Agro-‘biotech’ major Dow Chemical Co. for its part, made its contribution to the horrors of the Vietnam ‘war’ (massive decade-long carpet bombing of co-op rice farmers) with its product, NAPALM, as well as Agent Orange. Incidentally, Dow has been recently suggested as a model prototype of the new “Social Benefit Corporation” by the Rockefeller Foundation, presumably part of the attempt to recast even some of the most egregiously destructive private profit-making ventures as ‘responsible and caring corporate citizens;’ a wrapping of wolves in wool, reminiscent of the Nazis’ “National Socialism.”

...hapless ‘consumers’ are ingesting effectively unregulated, unmarked, non-uniform, pesticide-containing ‘experimental’ synthetic food, made by notorious poison manufacturers!

What all of this means is that hapless ‘consumers’ are ingesting effectively unregulated, unmarked, non-uniform, pesticide-containing ‘experimental’ synthetic food, made by notorious poison manufacturers !

In the US, legal challenge to the cultivation of the mutant food crops would appear to have already been blocked, with passage of the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ as mentioned. Legal precedence at least recognizes the nature of the problem: “A new invention to poison people … is not a patentable invention” (USSC Lowell v. Lewis, 1817). As it happens, the well-connected Monsanto has its former counsel sitting on the USSC bench.


Big Chem and Pharma’s GMO Conflict - Making a Killing as a Mega-Cartel

The Big Six synthetic crop/chemical firms Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont (Pioneer), and Dow are all one-time members of or linked with the old IG Farben cartel. 22  Together they now constitute 74% of the global pesticide market; Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta account for 47% of the global synthetic seed market (ETC Group). Monsanto ranks third in biotech ‘crop science.’ These Agro-biotech companies are forming a new oligopoly in the image of that of the other carbon club members, the pharmaceutical and oil industries.

In Agro-biotech, the industry concentration is formed by partnerships, notably between Monsanto and BASF; cross-licensing agreements and/or technology sharing between Monsanto and DuPont, Monsanto and Bayer Crop Science, Monsanto and Dow, etc... And potentially by interlocking directorships and cross-shareholding. Three of these GMO firms, Monsanto, BASF and DuPont, account for two-thirds of patents on a new generation of stress-tolerant genes (ETC).

Novartis was formed from Ciba-Geigy (DDT), known as the Basel (Swiss) IG, part of the Farben cartel, as were Dow and DuPont. Its agribusiness was spun off as Syngenta, jointly owned with AstraZeneca, itself a former member of the old cartel as Imperial Chemical of the UK. Syngenta is also a supplier of glyphosate for ‘Touchdown’ herbicide, a variant of Roundup. Thus Novartis and AstraZeneca--through their ownership of Syngenta--as well as Bayer are the three cartel members doing business directly in both mutant ‘crop science’ and in Pharma, a position with an inherent conflict of interest because they would stand to profit from disease caused by their synthetic foods, when it increased the companies’ pharmaceutical sales. The regulatory stand down on this dangerous issue, as well as on the formation of an oligopoly, is yet another giant red flag warning sign concerning GMOs. [A comparable conflict of interest exists between Big Pharma and Big Chem

with the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment or their use in products.]

Monsanto was in a similar position with its former ownership of Searle (which introduced the first oral contraceptive pill in 1960). The pharma subsidiary was spun off to Pfizer as Monsanto repositioned itself as the lead Agro-biotech company, dropping in advance the hot potato of what might otherwise have become a high profile conflict of interest controversy for the leading GMO company, raising further doubts about the industry’s legitimacy. At about the same time, it also disposed of its enormous legal liabilities arising from its toxic legacy (PCBs, dioxin, Agent Orange, etc.) by spinning off its core industrial chemicals business into a new company (Solutia, 1997), which subsequently went Chapter 11 in 2003, before being acquired by Eastman Chemicals for $3b--in a possible shell game shuffle with the Law. In a similar maneuver, Monsanto may have recently purchased the notorious Blackwater (now Academi) as its own private army (to go with its legal divisions), as rumored on the Web. The private security firm was purchased via a private equity fund (USTC Holdings, NY), possibly an intermediary for Monsanto, which had previously been contracting the hire-a-thug services.


The first commercial use of petroleum (oil) in the US was as a patent medicine.

Standard Oil (SO, Exxon) founder John D. Rockefeller’s father was an itinerant patent medicine peddler.

Kier’s Petroleum--Three tablespoons a day’

Big Pharma

The (media) voice of Big Brother is that of the old patent medicine show pitchman, turned up to totalitarian level.-- Marshall Mcluhan

Isn’t self-policing enough to neutralize a structural conflict of interest between Pharma and Big Chem’s synthetic foods?

“The pharmaceutical industry has a worse record of law-breaking than any other industry..”
--J. Braithwaite Corporate Crime

To be sure, “it’s a fact that the products of the pharmaceutical industry save many lives. They also take many lives, harm with serious side effects, or do nothing at all.” (op. cit.). Besides cancers, adverse drug reactions are a leading cause of death in the US. The grossly underreported ‘ADRs’ ranked fifth, at over 100,000 deaths per year, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (Pomeranz, 1998). Artificially high (cartel-like) drug prices and patent legal battles keep needed medicines, notably generics, out of the hands of dying patients for the benefit of one of the most profitable industries :60% - 80% of LDCs (least developed countries) don’t have consistent access to the most essential drugs’ (--WHO, 1979).

‘Three top companies were convicted of conspiracy under the US Sherman Anti-Trust Act for price-fixing of the life-saving antibiotic tetracycline, keeping prices artificially high (up to 1000%) for more than a decade following the medicine’s introduction. Two other companies were named as co-conspirators. (--op. cit.)

(Charged 1961, Kennedy admin.; Overturned 1973, Nixon era)

Since 2001, pharmaceutical firms have paid nearly $50 billion in legal settlements, with and without criminal charges, for fraud in the US alone (wikipedia).

Eli Lilly --Zyprexa

Just to take one of the many examples, this from a company which allegedly had one of the better reputations in a dodgy industry (yet also manufactured the vaccine-mercury thimerosal, and provided a domestic source of LSD for use by CIA 23 during the illicit drug’s ‘60’s heyday...relevant precedents by the way to government mass medication with GMOs:


Notable settlements have included Eli Lilly’s record $1.4 billion in 2009 to settle a criminal charge for fraud in the off-label marketing of the antipsychotic Zyprexa to elderly dementia patients, despite the drug’s known risk (FDA) of causing early death in the elderly.

Conflict of Interest?

Tens of thousands of additional victims (or the surviving families) have pursued class action settlements internationally for other harmful side effects of the same ‘blockbuster’ drug (of questionable therapeutic value). 24 Lilly had paid an additional $1.2b by 2007 (wikipedia) to settle with customers who suffered up to 100 pound-plus weight gain (op. cit.) and developed diabetes while taking Zyprexa. Zyprexa grossed Lilly $4.8b profit in 2007, mostly through Medicaid fraud. At the same time, Lilly made $3b in revenues from its diabetes drugs Actos, Humulin, and Humalog. Its diabetes drug Byetta has been linked to pancreatitis and kidney problems (FDA)...potentially forming a profitable daisy chain of drugs and disease.

J&J (The Family Company): $2.2b settlement for off-label marketing of the antipsychotic Risperdal to elderly patients causing early death. Product also linked to weight gain, diabetes.

Pfizer-Wyeth: Advil kidney damage in elderly.


As noted in Braithwaite, '..evidence sustains the conclusion that the pharma industry is more prone to bribery than any other in international business' (Corporate Crime... p16, [1984])...a conclusion supported by recent events in China, with ‘rampant bribery’ (Xinhua, Aug. 15, 2013) under investigation there (GSK, Sanofi, Novartis, AstraZeneca) as a ‘widespread practice’ among the foreign pharmaceutical majors. GSK alone was said to have distributed up to $500 million. Its executives confessed to the charges (Shanghai Daily). The Chinese authorities add in the reports that bribery, as a cost of sales, adds 20 percent to the price of medicines. GSK, ‘the godfather,’ Merck, Sandoz, and Baxter are also being investigated for price-fixing. In the same inquiry, Lilly executives admitted that the US company directly paid doctors, a total of $5m in kickbacks, for each prescription of its diabetes drugs Humulin and Byetta (FT, Aug. 22, 2013).

As long as legal charges constitute a small proportion of profits on drugs that are fraudulently marketed or that cause harm or both, they amount only to an overhead cost of doing business, or a regulatory ‘fraud permit fee.’ ...All of which goes to show the need for acute concern about the lack of regulation and built-in conflict of interest between Big Pharma and GMOs.

The Totalitarian Future?

Taken together, the pattern of facts of this (admittedly grim but unflinching) review show probable evidence of a concerted war on natural fertility: in food plants (Terminator gene), in soil (herbicide soil depletion), and in humans (anti-fertility ‘vaccines,’ genotoxic herbicide in GM food, chemical neutering).

This suggests an attempt to overturn free reproduction in general for the purpose of reproductive control; to terminate equality of fertility in favor of eugenic reproduction (according to a preferred hierarchy of race and/or economics) -- a program of selective breeding through the disabling of natural reproduction by sabotage of fertility, i.e. miscarriage or birth defects in the second or third generation; mass extermination of the ‘lower genetic lines.’

In this nightmarish and mechanical travesty of Nature, reproduction would become another two-tier system, as in education, where privilege (economic means), as the guarantor of political loyalty and the perpetuation of privilege, would be the necessary passport--a projection of the exclusive social logic of ‘education for the elite’ onto biology--‘reproduction for the elite.’

The new two-tier food regime--organic and synthetic--would give rise to the new industrial reproductive regime. Just as the masses cannot pay for healthy organic food, the infertile masses, consuming synthetic ‘food,’ would not be able to afford artificial reproduction, introducing an economic gateway to replication. Repression becomes ‘pre-emptive’--no longer a question of shooting down rebels but of preventing their birth.

GM foods and pesticides are the biological and chemical bullets in a war on the human body -- the machine civilization’s new frontier for invasion and remake Man in the image of
Industry. This has been done before, to Nature, with the transformation of the natural landscape. Think of the dark mill in place of the meadow. Industrial blight. Urban sprawl. Toxic waste sites. Dead zone rivers and seas. As industry circumscribed the Wild in external Nature, now it will circumscribe the human gene pool for controlled evolution ?

IG Farben logo:
homunculus in a test tube
--the alchemist’s dream of creating life

Back to Buna Soup

A scenario of control is emerging where the West is taking on the aspects of a concentration camp without walls. ‘Wing-clipping’ of subject peoples used to be psychological, ‘mind-forged manacles’ (religion, indoctrinatory education, media). The restraint of slaves was done with shackles. Unexploitable peoples were exterminated. The West is already embarked on a course of regression, a ‘Brave New World’ Order, where the degradation or physical disabling of subjects, with virtual chains, would become the norm: new limits on nutrition (Codex Alimentaris, reduced nutrient GM food), immunosuppression, disease for profit, involuntary sterilization, and ‘behavior modification’ (institutionalized torture) to ‘degrade’ political dissidents. Capitalism requires turnover, with planned obsolescence of products and now new pressures on human health. 25 Mass extermination will be done at the level of disabled fertility, with suspect DNA corrupted, ending unwanted genetic lines through miscarriages and birth defects--deliberate, industrial genetic pollution. The UN Agenda 21 future blueprint calls for the konzentration of populations into de facto strategic hamlets for control...

Pesticide-fed and neutered humanoid proles?

In the “...New Sparta, selective breeding [will] increase the gap between ruler and ruled, until they become different species. A revolt of plebs becomes as unthinkable as organized insurrection of sheep against the eating of mutton.”--Bertrand Russell, Science and Society

HG Wells’ ‘Island of Dr Moreau’ film still image   


American Industrial Dream

Dine on GM food, in your polyester suit, at an oily plastic table, watching fake news in your astroturf garden. Keep a bottle of phthalate-coated allergy pills on hand--which may give you diabetes--and a glass of fracked water. You’ll need your PVC phone to call the Big Pharma doctor. Don’t expect calls from the grandkids.

Paradise Lost, Lost

In this polluted garden of ours, water, our source of life, falls from the sky. Our food -- the fruits of the earth -- springs from the land, trees and sea. We reproduce by love.

But dark ‘Satanic mills’ encroach, and now the devil’s alchemists have spat their poisons into the fountain of life.


1 Agent Orange-herbicide produced by Monsanto and Dow and used by US military in Vietnam War to produce famine and 500,000 birth defects

‘IG Auschwitz’ - i.e. BASF, Bayer, Hoechst (now Aventis), formerly of the IG Farben cartel, which operated a petrochemical complex and slave labor camp at Auschwitz (Monowitz Bunawerke).

See also article “The Depopulation Agenda” note 7.

IG’s Hoechst merged with Rhone-Poulenc to form Aventis, now Sanofi Aventis. Its Sanofi Pasteur division is the world’s biggest producer of human vaccines.

2 Encyclopedia Britannica 2005

3  Workers’ exposure to dust in pharmaceutical plant producing estrogen-based products (DES) caused impotence, breasts in males, Dawes Laboratories, Chicago, 1968-71. Similar phenomenon noted in Puerto Rico pharma plant, 1976. Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry, J. Braithwaite, p.134:

4 “Buna” from Buna or nitrile rubber, the synthetic rubber produced at Monowitz, IG Farben’s concentration camp.

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9 ‘gene’ - we adopt the sense of this term as commonly used in biotech although it is now becoming dated, with the weight of research generally against the idea of one-to-one correspondence between chromosome locus and a specific trait (see Backgrounder).

10 Jensen, Slovach 1991 in Gillian Bentley, Infertility in the Modern World, 2000, p. 102

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12 Bacillus thuringiensis, a naturally occurring bacteria closely related to anthrax (Bacillus anthracis). The GM version of the natural Bt toxin is itself genetically modified and much more potent--as immunotoxic as the cholera toxin, another endotoxin.

13  "It's not our job to prove our products are safe, it's our job to sell them." --Monsanto PR Executive (Scrubbed from web.)

14 There is evidence linking Bush with the JFK assassination, such as, he was a CIA agent (--JE Hoover) at the time, placed at the scene, who fits the description (independent oil operator from Houston) of a man arrested (and released without record) leaving the crime scene in Dallas that day. 

see also:

15 US ‘Monsanto Protection Act,’ April 2, 2013 [Plant Protection Act: Farmer Assurance Provision rider in HR 933: Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act 2013]

-- an exceptional suspension of the right of recourse to the courts, forcing the adoption and dissemination of GM food crops even if proven harmful to human health.

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17 Manufacturers touted the benefits to farmers as less herbicide use and fewer applications. In fact, more herbicide must be used, and even more toxic chemicals, because of weeds acquiring the herbicide tolerance trait. The promise of ‘higher yields’ has also proven false.

18 Haryana, India-- “A team of investigating veterinarians report that buffalo consuming GM cottonseed suffer from infertility, as well as frequent abortions, premature deliveries, and prolapsed uteruses. Many adult and young buffalo have also died mysteriously.“

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22 Monsanto was a participant in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, from the Manhattan Project to

Oak Ridge National Labs. It produced the Vietnam War-era chemical weapon Agent Orange.

Monsanto and IG chemists (Gerhard Schrader) reportedly collaborated on the development of chemical warfare agents including organophosphates in the joint, postwar Chemagro company in Missouri for the US military; Monsanto also partnered with Ter Meer’s Bayer from 1954 in a joint company, MoBay and sold its plastics business to Bayer in 1996. Monsanto is currently partnered with BASF (since 2007). Two of the remaining founding IG Farben companies, BASF and Bayer, are each twenty times bigger today than the original 47 company cartel. The third, Hoechst, became Aventis, which merged into Sanofi-Aventis. Its Sanofi Pasteur division is the world’s biggest maker of human vaccines; Aventis Crop Science was acquired by Bayer in 2002.

Syngenta is a subsidiary of the Swiss Novartis (derived from the ‘Basel IG’ firms) and the UK’s Astra Zeneca (from the UK’s Farben cartel-linked Imperial Chemical), forming direct links between the GM food and pharmaceutical businesses. Like Monsanto and Bayer, Syngenta is also a maker of (glyphosate) herbicide for GM crops.

Monsanto’s links with Exxon, which supplies the petroleum-derived solvent for Roundup, go back to

its wartime synthetic (styrene) rubber manufacture with technology from Exxon (1943). Exxon and Monsanto later formed a joint company, Advanced Elastomer Systems, to produce synthetic rubber.

Monsanto entered the oil refining business in 1955. Exxon units have operated separate chemicals divisions since 1950 --Compiled from Web.

Roundup formulation --of glyphosate + up to 83% Exxon isoparaffin solvent [hydrocarbon constituent of crude oil, which may contain benzene, naptha, sulfur (Solomon et al. 2005, p. 24)] + POEA/dioxane + [trade] "secret ingredients."

23 ‘Search for the Manchurian Candidate,’ John Marks, 1979--It is a “supreme irony” that the result of a search for a chemical, behavioral/social control mechanism (LSD) was rebellion. We can only hope that the feeding of (pesticide) acid to the people will have a similar effect this time around.

24 Lower performance than placebo: Reuters--Dallas News ‘Eli Lilly ... drug trial inconclusive,’ Sun Mar 29, 2009. In its clinical trials, Zyprexa showed more prevalent serious side effects than the much less expensive drug it would replace, Haldol. Deaths of trial subjects (20) went unreported (op. cit.).

25 ‘new pressures on human health’: through GM foods/herbicides. Two-tiered food may be paralleled by two-tier health, with the elimination of good health based on good food and nutrition. Currently the products of Big Pharma ideally cure illness, an exception to the norm of general good health. A new business model may be emerging where good health would be a subscription-based service for those who can pay to stay healthy in a world made deliberately toxic for the monetization of good health.


(L-R) Common N. American passenger pigeon, hunted to extinction  ca. 1900;

N. American bison, hunted to near extinction ca. 1900; Bison skull mound USA ( National Audubon)