The Masonic Secret



Freem-s-n-y is a quasi-religious and esoteric all-male secret society “defending aristocratic principles” and invested with pre-Christian, pagan symbology, especially that of the Egyptian Isis-Osiris cult... It is a “system...with profound political influence” with cells in the seats of power in government, military, banking and business, medicine, law, judiciary and police--internationally (mainly in the West). The UK alone counts some 10,000 individual lodges (ibid).

Claimed to have been formed over the operative medieval guilds of itinerant, cathedral-building stone masons, modern speculative freemasonry (founded England 1717--contemporary with the rationalist Enlightenment) can be viewed as informed by Gnostic 2 and Deist 3 philosophy and English anti-Papist/clerical attitudes, in a departure from dogmatic faith to reasoned self-interest, under the motto ‘Do as thou wilt.’

Masonic emblems--square and compass,
‘G’ for God/Geometry; 4 all-seeing eye/sun in sacred delta pyramid (top)

Far left: William Blake’s Urizen with nets or webs, representing absolutist (scorched-earth) self-interested rationalism; Left: Victor Deni illustration.

While sometimes considered to be Christian; an eccentric bourgeois social club; ‘good for your career’; the definitive ‘Old Boys’ Club’; a mechanism of elite power for the social  emanation of its aims; a forum for collusion or a network of well-placed fixers...freemasonry in its ceremony is said to recreate the religious rites (playlets) of ancient Egypt--arguably the progenitor of Western and Near Eastern religions. It was condemned by Papal bull in 1738 and banned in Austria 1795 and Russia 1799, 1822, 1917 (rehabilitated 1995) variously on suspicion of organized political subversion and conducting “demonic seances” based on the declared heretical practices of the suppressed (1312) Knights Templar chivalric (and banking) Order. 5

The Obelisks


Pagan Monuments 6 -- The Egyptian obelisks standing at the heart of the Western capitals are monumental evidence of the ‘profound influence’ of Freemasonry in the 19th century, as are the euro currency banknotes today (see below). The American capital, Washington D.C., is itself a monument to the Craft in its architecture and urban design, as is well-known.

Before: Humanist Europe -- bank notes on national currencies celebrating art, culture, humanity and full national sovereignty.

After: EU euro notes celebrating...stonemasonry (Freemasonry)

My what beautiful...Geometry !



The Two Europes

The Glory of Europe was its humanism, celebrating the mosaic of its unique, long-fermented, diverse ethnic and cultural character, coming to fruition in the Arab-catalyzed Renaissance, then Enlightenment--after the long winter of the dark ages of the Holy Roman Empire--and culminating in the cream of European arts in its classical music, its painting and architecture, its temples of learning, its literature...

Its modern nadir was the sacrifice of a generation of youth in the maw of the industrial death machinery of WWI, sparking revolution; and again in WWII, with the death camps of the Holocaust to exterminate the spreading revolution--according to the standards of the grinding mill of Western industrial/finance capital--still reigning--that human value is labour value alone.

Which values are more reflected today in the edifice of the Brussels EU? With its participation in genocidal wars on Muslim nations; “Let them drown” policy on refugee asylum seekers; Ruthless class-war austerity; Financial sacking of its own member states; Its monetary control through the single currency begetting 50 percent youth unemployment;  Its burgeoning eugenic war on free reproduction and family, featuring creeping sterilization and euthanasia?  Its street riots in a growing police state of mass surveillance?  Its forced membership and continuing imperial expansion, with NATO wars or proxy wars of aggression, of late in Kiev, where its Sieg heil-ing neo-Nazi surrogates down passenger airliners and bomb their Russian-speaking compatriots, like old times, with NATO forces massing near the Eastern border?

Heil ! --Pro-West Ukraine PM (Right) with Svoboda Party (formerly National Socialist Party) leader Tyahnybok (unretouched image)

Below, Oleh Tyahnybok 7 (unretouched)


(Mock) Romans bearing club-bundled ax ‘fasces,’ emblem of punitive power of the state and of fascism (above left); Above right: Fasces emblems either side of the US flag, US Capitol House of Representatives.

Like Freemasons, the Nazis’ darling Nietzsche favored pre-Christian pagan values--the virtues of strength & power undeterred by the moralism of the weak.

See Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals; Beyond Good & Evil.

If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject”

--Rothschild 8 associate Ayn Rand.

Masonic costume

Eye on the EU

Angela’s “G” spot

Above: ‘Supreme Council’ (à la Masonic Lodge organization/terminology) & Masonic ‘All-Seeing Eye’ logo; Right: letterhead

Based on the circumpunct (above), an ‘ancient solar symbol and alchemical symbol for gold’
(--Dan Brown, see 10), the All-Seeing Eye “suggests the heavens’ unblinking sun” and the Egyptian sun god Re, associated with Horus


Above: ‘Eye of Horus’ symbol

Sacrificer & Protector of Power

In mythology of ancient Egypt, Horus, a falcon-headed god; son of Osiris and Isis and protector of power.

His “right eye represents the sun or morning star” -- a Lucifer symbol [son of the morning, from Isa. 14:12];

his left eye, the moon. The reigning king is a manifestation of Horus, or Re, whose name formed part of the Pharaoh’s title

(ibid). NB Father of ‘king’ is god of underworld.

statue of falcon-headed god Horus bearing sacrificial offering (to underworld god Osiris) in Egyptian funerary rite, 800BC

--Giraudon/Art Resource, New York

cf. later Roman cult of Light-god Mithras, ‘Patron and Protector of Empire,’ sacrificer, associated with Creation (ibid);

Masons date historical years as Anno Lucis--in the year of Light.

Tomb of Sennedjem fresco--Osiris flanked by stylized sun and moon

Eye of Horus ‘Protector’ on Mediterranean fishing boats.

European Parliament: The Eyes Have It

Above left: official EU Parliament 9 logo; Right: ‘Restored’ EU Parliament logo, as stylized Horus-eye glyph, with subliminal association made explicit.

Above left: actual ‘parliament,’ Palace of Europe, Strasbourg;

Above right: Tower of Babel, Babylon--site of Baal (devil)  worship.

Rapacious Data Lust

'...massively organized info a means of social control, a weapon of war,

roadmap for group destruction' --Edwin Black’s “IBM and the Holocaust.”

US Total Information Awareness logo, ca. 2002;

[Blackmailer’s] Motto--“Knowledge (of you) is Power (over you)” - Scientia est Potentia

Above left, Horus eye (denoting sacrifice for protection of power) : Sinister Holocaust-era advertisement by

IBM Germany (DEHOMAG) ca. 1939, which reads: ‘Supersight with Hollerith card readers’ (for finding Jewish populations) --reproduced in ibid. Note smokestack plume.

cf European Centre for Disease Control logo (below & below right):

see also article in this issue “EU Fissures”

USA--Masonic Republic

Above left: Great Seal of the United States on the US Federal Reserve one dollar note, with Masonic All-seeing eye symbol at top (capstone) of pyramid; 

Above center: Unfinished pyramid 10 top of Masonic House of the Temple, Washington, D.C., Masonic capital of US.
Right: Mural depicting historical cornerstone laying of US Capitol by G. Washington, in masonic apron (1793).

Prometheus statue, Rockefeller Center, NY, NY

Prometheus--Greek god (of masons/craftsmen) who stole fire from the gods, symbolizing power over Nature (e.g. through science & technology)

...but also ‘Bringer of Light’ (sun/fire) -- literal meaning of ‘Lucifer’-- from the darkness.

US Statue of Liberty, with sun crown, gift from French Lodge Freemasons

to American Brethren.

Pont d’Alma flame torch, Paris

In Entertainment

US Big Three TV broadcast network logo

Pop Culture...

Below left: Cosmo cover; Right: Still from Katy Perry “Dark Horse” music video;

                                                                Diamonds--crime pays

                                                    [“So Good to be Bad”--David Guetta]


Late R&B/Gospel singer Whitney Houston on talent versus gimmicks: “There are some extremely gifted and talented young women and young men out there who don't have to really put on Halloween costumes, just be themselves...A little extravagance, a little flair, a little sexiness or a sultriness is cool, but some of them are very dark... “


(Above left:) Gaga: Marry the Night/Welcome to the Darkside;  (Center:) Grammys 2012 ‘Black Mass with sacrifice’ number--on day after Whitney Houston’s death (pyramid tracing added); / (Right:) the late Wendy O. Williams

“Devil worship”--South Africa Council of Churches [on ‘Gaga’]


Scions of society and royal figureheads “..[confer] an aura of indisputable approbation on..freemasonry." 11

Below left: Queen of the Night in Masonic handshake with the Grand Patroness of World Masonry,
United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)


Above right -- Lady & the Beast: Gaga in Baphomet headgear...Lucifer is God (“I swear to Lucifer”)

Freemasonry: What’s the Big Secret ?

“The English Mafia ?”

A salient feature of freemasonry is, like organized crime, its Omerta or strict Code of Silence, on stated penalty of death in blood-curdling oaths 12 contained within ‘rituals often based around murder’ stories (‘Hiram,’ Jacques de Molay, etc.)--Knight.

Masons identify as ‘Brothers of the Widow’s Son,’ meaning the mythological ‘Hiram Abiff’ of their rites--interpreted by some as a camouflaged Horus, son of the ‘widowed’ Isis, and sacrificer/protector of power.

Brethren judges, lawyers, police, government officials, business leaders and accepted criminals 13 further vow to : ‘vindicate [a brother’s] character when wrongly traduced and to suggest in his behalf the most candid, favourable and palliating circumstances in extenuation of his conduct even when it is justly reprehended...’ 14


Top: Reported hidden camera footage of robed, high-degree mason initiates in wine/blood ritual 15 within a pentagram ‘magic’ circle, during a secret lodge rite in Turkey (click image for video)

Middle: Lower echelons on the gravy train

Bottom: Public face--Charity PR-front on parade: Shriners

“Enemies of the Brotherhood have been denouncing its rituals as devil worship for more than 250 years.”

(Knight, p. 230)

Broken Secrecy Oath?

Amadeus: Apprentice mason [Dec. 5], dead at 35 the same year (Dec. 5, 1791) as the production of his allegorical opera on Freemasonry, “The Magic Flute,” and before finishing an anonymously commissioned Requiem (his own?). A courtier spitefully? buried in a pauper’s mass grave.

“An evil spirit presides over this brotherhood.”

-- Tamino character in The Magic Flute (die Zauberflotte)

'fair dawn [ & morning star ]--to your delight our friend Tamino wakes soon to swear allegiance to our sacred band..”

Freemasonry banned in Austria 1795 until 1918 fall of the empire.

Magic Flute opera’s pan flute piper (above left); Fertility god Pan (center); Goat god, Baphomet 16 (above right).

... “a seed of evil” -- US Pres. John Quincy Adams (Letters on the Masonic Institution)

Washington D.C. House of the Temple 17

Guided tour video images (youtube) : Above left, serpentine/dragon motif decoration, torch lamps; center: crowned double phoenix symbol over sun?glory; Right--double phoenix/eagle of Lagash OR Trompe l’oeil bearded, crowned Baphomet horned head image? on end wall of gallery of seals of the masonic orders.  See enlargement, far right: Reads ‘horns, crown, beard, necklace, goat ears.’

video T=14:58, click for youtube. [Update: Sorry, video removed from youtube]

‘Ancient evenings’ 18

Don’t take my word for it. Take Stanley Kubrick’s...

Eyes Wide Shut

Masonic references

The giving of passwords like ‘Shibboleth,’ ‘Jachin,’ Boaz’ form part of the raising in degree ceremonies.

‘Fidelio’ -- Fidelity a sacred obligation in Freemasonry (repeated four times in unison at closure ceremony of Royal Arch Chapter).

Below: (crowned double) phoenix Masonic emblem on ‘Grand Master’/’High Priest’/Magus’s throne

Incantations: ‘Sacred prostitution’ (ritual sex) was practiced by the ancients in temples to Tanit (Carthage), Ishtar--Babylonian red-light ‘Queen of Night’ --objects of sacrifice.

Eight-pointed Star of Ishtar

--associated with the planet Venus (morning star)

SACRIFICE : A hireling pays the ultimate price for breach of secrecy...



The Elite Unmasked

Note: Venetian masks were used historically by easily-recognizable elite to hide identity while partaking in the Bacchanalia of Carnival

  1. L.lit. ‘farewell to flesh’).

Final Cut

Curious coincidence :  Stanley Kubrick‘s death followed the release of his director’s cut of the film by some six days, March 7, 1999

(24 minutes subsequently censored).

Bohemian Grove

Moloch as horned owl: mock human sacrifice to “cremate care” (conscience) for the Power Elite.


The secret name of the Masonic ‘god,’ also referred to as ‘The Great Architect of the Universe,’ is revealed only in the higher rites of exaltation--to Royal Arch Masons of the Third Degree--as a composite, denoting the “full godhead” 19

JAH-BUL-ON, said to refer respectively to the ancient Yahweh; Baal, the Phoenician (sun) god of fertility and thunder; and lastly ON--variously interpreted as Osiris or the Egyptian site of the Re/Osiris sun cult (Gr.: Heliopolis--City of the Sun; see note 6 Obelisks). ‘Inside the Brotherhood’ author Short renders the made-up name ‘Jah-Bul-On’ as ‘God, Lord of On.’ Other information suggests a Triad of three gods or attributes. 20

Of Baal, to whom ancient peoples offered human sacrifice at Moloch or temple altars, it is, according to a noted Grand Commander Mason, an “appellation of the devil” (--Albert Pike).


-The controversial name ‘Jah-Bul-On’ is said to have been dropped from Royal Arch ritual in 1989, after more than 150 years, 21 concurrently with the publication of the Martin Short exposé “Inside the Brotherhood,” and replaced with substitute JHVH (Jehovah)--giving new meaning to the term ‘unmentionable name of God.’

-While banned in most Muslim countries, Masonic temples where they do exist in them are known in Arabic as El Beit es Sheitan or ‘House of the Devil’ (Short, p.170).

                 “Go Longhorns!”22





1 ‘Profound influence’-- “The Brotherhood,” Stephen Knight, p. 32. Knight cites example of the French monarchist and Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution co-architect Giscard, who according to a French Grandmaster, joined the brotherhood in 1974 to win the French presidency that year, overcoming the overwhelming post-’68 favorites, the Socialists.

[ Knight died aged 33, 18 months after publication of “The Brotherhood”(an admittedly flawed book but still useful with discernment). His first book, Jack the Ripper--The Final Solution--laid blame for the infamous Victorian-era crime on the royal-defending Masons.]

2 Gnosticism --from ‘Gnosis,’secret knowledge. A philosophy ‘profess[ing] to reveal to an inner elite of initiates esoteric teachings concealed from the many” (Walton Hannah, ‘Darkness Visible’)

"...influence[d by] Platonic philosophy, from which was borrowed the doctrine that a lower demiurge (divine being; Gr: literally ‘craftsman’) was responsible for the creation of this world...-- Britannica 2005

3 Deism - 18th-century Enlightenment philosophy characterized by devotion to Reason and Nature:  Rationalism and Natural religion.

4 ‘Geometry’--i.e. ‘Sacred geometry’ in Freemasonry, of esoteric significance, as Numerology in the Kabbala.

5 While official freemasonry denies any link to the historical Knights Templar, there is a Masonic Order within british freemasonry by that name, which for its part, claims direct descent (Knight, p. 168); some Masonic rituals are based on Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, site of the Templar Order’s palace headquarters in the Kingdom of Jerusalem during the Crusades;  other rites focus on the Templar’s last Grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, burnt at the stake, Paris, 1314, after which time the Order is sometimes speculated to have gone underground;  the Inns of the Court (the English Bar) in the City of London are housed in the former headquarters of the historical Knights Templar there (ibid).

Templars were founded ca. 1120 by crusading French knights.

Bible stories name Hiram of Tyre builder of Solomon’s Temple--prime focus of Masonic ritual.

Melqart (‘Phoenician Baal’) god of Underworld at Tyre, modern Lebanon (‘Baal Hammon’ [Amon] in Carthage) = bearded idol of Templars?

6 Obelisk--architectural symbol of Osiris, 'consecrated to the divinity of the sun'--Pliny ( ‘Inside the Brotherhood,’ p. 116)

With the exception of the example at St Peter’s Square, the sponsorship, transport and/or installation of the obelisk monuments was a ‘wholly Masonic affair’ (--ibid).

Paris obelisk, Place de la Concorde, from Luxor; 1836.

London Obelisk, known as ‘Cleopatra’s Needle,’ at Victoria Embankment, 1878 (cf. Dublin Needle, 2000). Originally from Heliopolis, like its twin in New York City Central Park, 1880. Two obelisks would have stood as pair at entrance to Re/Osiris temples at Heliopolis (ibid, p.117).

Washington DC’s obelisk was not from Egypt but built in situ.

"The spirit of the sun god was supposed to enter the stones at certain periods (sunrise) and on these occasions...[receive] human sacrifices ...offered to it" (ibid, p. 115).

Vatican Sundial

Of many obelisks in Rome since antiquity, Caligula’s obelisk was erected in St Peter’s Square (topped with a cross and exorcised) in 1586 (Ibid, p. 122). Sun worship was practiced in ancient Rome, as in Egypt, in the cult of “Sol Invictus,” the unconquerable sun, whose festival (the Saturnalias) we now know as Christmas. Christian Sabbath falls on the day of the Sun (or the ‘Lord’)--two examples of the pagan temple on which the Christian cathedral rests.

The Egyptian obelisks are obviously phallic (Osiris’s missing organ?), and paired with their pedestal or enclosing circle--the feminine principle--become a symbol of fertility, associated with the Sun and Creation: Circle would also represent the universe ‘fertilized’ by Sun's generative rays (ibid, p. 142); (also eternity). cf. steeple and dome.

An aerial view gives the circumpunct (left), a solar symbol.

Similarly, the ankh (left) , an ancient Egyptian symbol of life (also adopted by Christianity)

denotes the act of copulation, with an almond-shaped vesica piscis (vulva symbol, at right)

in union with a sword/phallic symbol.


Papism protestors from NATO NGO (femen) make Death gesture (reverse ‘Life’ sign), desecrate Christian icon, in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square,

6 Nov. 2014.

RT video still

7  EU/NATO’s Tyahnybok, his Svoboda Party (formerly ‘National Socialist’ Party), and their paramilitary wing Right Sector--instrumental in the violent removal of Ukraine’s elected president Yanukovych last year--are widely recognized as neo-Nazi not only for anti-Russian ‘ethnic cleansing’ but also for their outspoken anti-Semitism and their celebration of the Nazi collaborator in the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies and Communists in WWII, Stepan Bandera.

8 “The Rothschilds have been freemasons for generations” (--Knight).

Baroness Philippine de Rothschild (dec.)

9 The EU Parliament is a parliament in name only and not a legislative body, as the globalist designers of the EU themselves attest, in an early publication:

From the globalist horse’s mouth:

[EU Parliament in the Palace of Europe, Strasbourg] : "The group functions mainly as an advisory body to the Executive Commission and the Supreme Council of Ministers, which run [Common Market] affairs...Its legislative powers are negligible."

-- 'The Standard Quarterly Review,' 1979 in the "World Progress Yearbook," 1979--Standard (Oil) Educational Corp., Chicago,   ‘a supplement to the New Standard Encyclopedia.’

Rockefeller interests (University of Chicago) bought the Scottish Encyclopedia Britannica around 1900.

NB Chicago is home base of the Rockefeller research/educational institution, the University of Chicago, founded by John D. Rockefeller, the Standard Oil monopolist, and known for economics and social science, esp. behavioral science. Not educational philanthropy--the two disciplines meet in the effort to control behavior for the purpose of achieving better private economic results. First sociology department in an American university (1892).

Similarly, New York City is the base for Rockefeller-funded medical research, associated with AIDS, Mengela (RF funded his boss, Verschuer--”War on the Weak,” E. Black)...

Trick or Treat

10 ‘Unfinished pyramid’ --said to be Masonic symbol of transformational ‘perfecting’ process, leading to apotheosis, analogous to medieval alchemy.

According to hagiographer Dan Brown: “The pyramid essentially represents enlightenment. It’s an architectural symbol emblematic of ancient man’s ability to break free from the earthly plane and ascend upward toward heaven, toward the golden sun, and ultimately, toward the supreme source of illumination”-- in his Apologia for Freemasonry, “The Lost Symbol,” Corgi Books, 2009, p. 185 (not recommended)

Interestingly, the author has obliquely devised a character known as ‘The Architect,’ described as dark and elegant. Also interesting, (in the mouth of the antagonist): “In order to create, I must destroy. Such was the nature of polarity” p. 433. cf. purported Masonic notion of ‘full godhead.’

And: “Darkness and blood were where the true power lay. The ancients knew this.” Ibid p.587

The following excerpt from a transcription of a Masonic ‘Mystical Lecture’ (Royal Arch) describes the delta/triangle/pyramid form itself as sacred to the ancients and whatever is enclosed in it as divine, e.g. All-seeing eye/Sun--see illustration (below left) :

“In times of antiquity, names of God and symbols of divinity were always enclosed in triangular figures. In the days of Pythagoras, the triangle was considered the most sacred of emblems...The Egyptians termed it the sacred number [6(0),6(0),6(0)?--ed.], or number of perfection, and so highly was it prized by the ancients, that it became amongst them an object of worship [Great pyramids of Giza?]. They gave it the sacred name of God...This sacred delta is usually enclosed within a square and circle, thereby expressing its vivifying influence, extending its ramification through all created nature; for these reasons, it has ever been considered the Great All, the Summum Bonum. The word on the [altarpiece] triangle [Jah(weh)-Bul(Baal)-On] is that sacred and mysterious name you have just solemnly engaged yourself never to pronounce.”

--Inside the Brotherhood, Martin Short, p. 93

Illustration -- Sun caps pyramid top of House of the Temple, Washington, DC (left); (Right:) Sun motif, US Senate hall

11  “The Brotherhood,” Knight, 1983

12 “ ...under no less penalty than to have my body cut across, my bowels taken out and burnt to ashes, and those ashes scattered to the four winds of heaven; to have my body dissected into four equal parts, and those parts hung on the four cardinal points of the compass, there to hang and remain as a terror to all those who shall presume to violate the sacred obligation of a Master Mason.” --Masonic Rituals

If the penalties are symbolic, rather than literal threats, as argued by masons, then the masonic-Bible-sworn oath-taking (‘taken without equivocation or reservation of any kind’) is a ‘profane parody’ [--Walton Hannah, Darkness Visible, 1952, p. 24] and in any case, is still connected with effective rigid secrecy...symbolic perhaps of ‘a fate worth avoiding’ (--Short).

13 accepted criminals - ‘Inside the Brotherhood,’ Martin Short, pp. 308-310

14 even when justly [charged] -- Royal Arch Rites, excerpted from Hannah, Darkness Visible, p. 157

15 Some compelling aspects of the secret rites performed by higher Masons summed up as ‘pressing knives to bare chests, swearing violent oaths, performing mock murders, lying in ...coffins, and drinking wine from... human skull[s] (symbolic human sacrifice ritual).’ (Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, p.576)

16 Satanic Sigil (magic circle) of Baphomet [©], a hermaphrodite goat; originally a ram--search Goat of Mendes (Egypt).

Pentagram inscribed within ouroboros tail-in-mouth snake circle, also to be found in House of the Temple decor.

17 Scottish Rite masonic temple, around the corner from The Black Cat pub.

18 cf. Norman Mailer’s eponymous novel:

“I do not know if I will labor in greed forever among the demonic or serve some noble purpose I cannot name.”

--cited by Harold Bloom in New York Review of Books

19 Knight, ‘The Brotherhood’

full godhead--As sun gods and underworld gods (polar contraries) merged historically with Re/Osiris;  Baal Hammon/Melqart (Baal of Tyre) ?

...Osiris can be considered the nocturnal version of Sun god Re, some sources agree.

Dualistic deity? : From Royal Arch rites: “the three greater [lights of Royal Arch Masonry] are emblematic of the creative, preservative and annihilative [destructive] powers of the Deity.” (Hannah, Darkness Visible, p. 175)

cf. Hinduism

The Great Architect of the Universe--a French Connection?

‘Full godhead’ also possibly a reference to (Manichaean) Dualism or ‘bipolarity’ of material (Natural) and spiritual world, Darkness/Light, Good/Evil, etc.; cf the French (et al) “Cathar heresy” ca. 1140, which rejected Old Testament/Genesis and held (via Gnosticism) that the devil Lucifer was responsible for Creation, and the material world corrupt, with life springing forth, as sunlight out of darkness, from below (underworld). Lux e tenebris (Light out of Darkness) is a Masonic motto.

Templars were founded ca. 1120, by crusading French knights. Cathars/Cathar theology suppressed by force in Albigensian Crusades of 1208-1244, in France. Britain under Norman French rule from late-11th century. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is actually a French Order.

Pictured above: “Fiat Lux”--Let there be light: Stained glass window inscription of Masonic motto,  House of the Temple, Washington DC,

alluding to Genesis I, 1-3 Creation story; N.B. sun crowns in ceiling, double phoenix (or dove descending?).

Ordo ab Chao” and the Demiurge (Order from Chaos--a Masonic motto):

"Plato used the term [demiurge--craftsman] in the dialog Timaeus, an exposition of cosmology in which the Demiurge is the agent who takes the preexisting materials of chaos, arranges them according to the models of eternal forms, and produces all the physical things of the world, including human bodies. The Demiurge is sometimes thought of as the Platonic personification of active reason. The term was later adopted by some of the Gnostics, who, in their dualistic worldview, saw the Demiurge as one of the forces of evil, who was responsible for the creation of the despised material world and was wholly alien to the supreme God of goodness." --Britannica 2005

20 Triad: “Father Lord” (Osiris); “Word Lord” (Yahweh?); “Spirit Lord” (Ba’al) [cf. Catholic Holy Spirit/Ghost--dove descending] referenced in Royal Arch God-Name secret ceremony (Hannah/Short)

21 over 150 years--Royal Arch Ritual dates from ca. 1836

22 Bush family reportedly have a million dollar donation plaque in the House of the Temple, Washington DC (--tour guide). cf. ‘My Pet Goat.’

The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, addressing the UN in famed 2006 Devil speech

NB Mythological names are used in the mythological sense, i.e. as a symbolic language interpreting and expressing

the human condition and experience.


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