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Lessons of Sochi

Commentary: Shadow of Western War 'Games' Falls on Friendly Olympics

Congratulations to the people and leadership of Russia on their success at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games of 2014. The spirit of the games, that the friendly, peaceful competition of sporting diplomacy between nations can lessen risk of war was well represented in the country whose diplomatic efforts recently won a stay of war escalation, if not peace, in Syria.

Off Piste--Hooligans in the Press Gallery

If the Games themselves were all about good will, the belligerent West--the interventionist party in numerous wars since 2001--was having none of it. The leaders of the G8 NATO members, with the exception of Italy, boycotted the Sochi Games. (Italy's PM has now been dismissed in a party 'coup,' as if by way of discipline for falling out of lockstep). As it happens, this is the very 'war camp' stymied for now by Russia's peacemaking efforts in the Middle East. But this was not of course the reason given by the West for the attendance boycott. Instead, it wrapped itself in the flag du jour, a rainbow banner, to hypocritically march into the stadium as champions of human rights, in Orwellian fashion.

Off piste of the games, in the media gallery as it were, was another spectacle --the lurid sideshow of Western media hooliganism, raining down scorn on Russia's Olympic pageant. It's a futile exercise to publish yet another editorial taking Western media pronouncements at face value and weighing their merit--like debating air quality on battlelines befogged with clouds of poison gas.

One example of the grotesque distortions on offer will suffice to represent the whole monstrous carnival Hall of Mirrors that is the lens of private Western media--where the fate of stray dogs in Sochi is more noteworthy than that of Syrians saved thanks to Russia's efforts.

These are our human rights champions. If propaganda were an Olympic sport, the shamelessly hypocritical West would long ago have been disqualified from claiming the moral high ground, having committed far too many flagrant human rights fouls. So what to make then of the rainbow banner, the West's prominent Sochi protest pretext? It is a human rights fig leaf for the Western New Order's policy of eugenics.

Some background

The rainbow banner sometimes seen flying at Sochi dates from 1984 when it was originally linked to the Rainbow Coalition, an African-American civil rights movement taking in diverse, disadvantaged identity groups. The coalition stood against racial discrimination but still advocated race differentiation (in law) for the purpose of affirmative action, seen as a temporary necessity to gain an equal footing for the disadvantaged groups. Ultimately, the anti-discrimination goal would mean complete color-blindness in law making.

Subsequently, the progressive, grassroots coalition was absorbed and transformed by the corporate US Democratic Party, and made the leap from advocacy for 'color blindness' to the feminist promotion of 'gender blindness.' (In this way, in the name of fairness, American feminism ironically would effectively suppress traditional femininity, in a muddle of equal rights with equivalence.) Finally, the banner would be adopted by the 'gay rights’ movement.

Rainbow flag--Diversity or Uniformity?

The continuing trend in the US, pioneer of look-alike mass-produced cars, seems to be an eroding of ‘gender-based’ (biology-based) identity altogether: a cultural symptom of the intolerance of difference in a factory society that demands uniformity (machines cannot tolerate differences in the objects they process). This enforced blindness to difference, in the name of equality, is in reality a push towards a new Fordist uniformity now moving forward from the factory into the biological realm of the individual and society.

Paradoxically, what had started as a pro-diversity movement [hence the rainbow of colors] has become a cudgel for conformity and uniformity--in line with the ever expanding corporate imperium of the West. The eroding of gender difference is of a piece with Western militarism, which demands sameness under threat of violence (cf. 'feminist' war propaganda in Afghanistan, for example. Here, instead of respect for sovereignty and cultural differences, we have chauvinist intolerance of difference, masquerading as progressiveness--a convenient mask or pretext for wars for empire, among others.)

Save the Males

Note well that the rainbow movement's new name, LGBT, takes the form of a Pentagon-speak acronym, like USAF or NORTHCOM. If this connotes attack, the point should be well taken, because the promotion of gay orientation (as opposed to tolerance) is a tug of war --to promote one side is to attack the other--and with political ramifications for a nation's demographics, for the preservation of the family unit, and for our offspring's right to freely reproduce. Matters of preference or taste must not be tyrannically promoted for all, like someone's loud techno on the bus.

Attacks on gender type, hormonal or otherwise, are also attacks on fertility, on the freedom to reproduce. What Chinese philosophy calls yin and yang contraries, like male-female, are the form of the creative principle itself. To oppose this with an imposed factory-like uniformity is to oppose life. This is of course what forces of destruction often do.

Such absurdities as the EU's male-male couple 'right to found a family' [in the gender neutral and activist Charter of Human Rights, Article 9] or Obamacare's maternity leave for men make clear the denial even of the biological facts of life--the inanities of factory creep trying to overturn biological nature.

Under the flag of 'equality' (read: uniformity), the West forces round pegs in square holes, like a drooling, stink-pants toddler on the playroom floor, blurting out “Same!”

Even a gay, feminist American social critic--Camille Paglia--has lamented what she described as a new feminization or neutering trend, and called the blind alley of 'gender neutrality' a path to 'suicide' for Western civilization.

[The Ruling Class, 1972]

Hidden Agenda

Yet there may be method to the madness. If the reasons behind a policy of denying biology are not obvious, the political synergies associated with what is effectively a new 'zero child policy' speak for themselves. Harkening back to longstanding goals of Western power for extending control, they suggest a move to impose a new industrial order over biological nature...

Falling reproduction rates mean depopulation. Control over population numbers, or quantity, may also serve as a lever of control over population 'quality,' or genetics [as the wall flowers at the Springtime ball, so to speak, are led away from the gene pool].

In this way (together with a chemical estrogen tsunami, from GMOs to BPA in the environment) the New Order policies act against fertility, in a likely move to bring the regimentation of industrial production to bear on human reproduction, for genetic quality control. This is eugenics, an important part of the Nazi-era, Western elites' politics.

As Russia's Sochi Games draw to a close, we see the smoke rising from the feared Olympic terror attack--not in Russia but on its doorstep in Kiev, yet another regime change hotspot. This is the real danger, as an old spectre haunts Europe--and the world--anew.

This time, in Ukraine, the West is finally outed, as it supports violent neo-Nazi opposition forces (Svoboda Party) against a democratically elected government. Now flying their true colors, the remade and resurgent Western neo-fascism is again on the march... arriving at Russia's doorstep, as in 1941, after a prolonged blitz of pyromania that has left a smoking trail of death and destruction since 2001 from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine, on the brink of civil war...



Saturday 22 February 2014