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Warning to 'Thought Leaders': Truth may be explosive and should be handled with care under regimes of controlled opinion. Please be advised that in current conditions of mass surveillance, the dissident articles herein are best viewed by some, such as opinion leaders, with discretion--this means offline or away from webcam lenses--lest they be subject to a potentially life-threatening political sting: In Nature, a web is a device made to trap and kill. For those with a public voice--access to the Media mike/camp PA system--knowing too much may constitute a capital offense in these surveillance states of Whack Land. Continued below--


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Two years before the WHO announcement in 2015 of what is an unprecedented 1 'pandemic' of miscarriage and birth defects attributed to a 'Zika' virus, we broke the story of the incipient great fertility shutdown and a New Order policy of effective mandatory birth control for the masses. The original webzine articles specified that the coming 'epidemic' of reproductive failure would be realized via chemically-induced miscarriage, caused by GM food doped with herbicide, but would be blamed instead on an alleged virus.

While its implementation has been covert, the idea of such a policy was not always left unspoken but in fact was publicly floated by an unofficial NWO figurehead. 2 Added to that is a stark but all too striking pattern of evidence forming an unmistakable picture of an unfolding 'new Final Solution'--population ('quality') control by dissimulated, mass coercive abortion (by induced miscarriage). Continued below...


Caught on Camera: State Torture by RFDEW *

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The Eugenic War on Fertility


About the e-book--continued... The e-book presents the politics, the science and the history behind this unfolding epic crime against humanity, laying out in exhaustive detail the pattern revealing an historic conspiracy (a perfectly good word, still in the dictionary) to gradually shut down natural fertility, over a couple of generations, and end free reproduction for consumers of herbicide-tainted GMOs. In its place, according to the logic, would be an emerging new paradigm introducing a new economic gateway: controlled, artificial reproduction by IVF, available only to paying (approved), now-infertile 'parents' of any gender, for the purpose of instituting eugenic 'quality control' as in any industrial process; the natural ways of humanity overcome by relentless factory logic driving an off-the-rails juggernaut of social engineering. Its destination is the industrial murder of Love and its natural-born fruits; freely-founded family sacrificed to the Control imperative. But as even a Japanese gardener once said, a garden must be cultivated according to the Laws of Nature--here, respecting the attraction of opposite types (attraction, vibration, procreation) and not by the directed diversion or erosion of those genetic types for destructive purposes--homonaziism).


Here's the picture: GM foods were first rolled out in the late 1990s. The women now affected by reproductive failure are the first generation of new mothers since the rollout to have consumed GM foods since birth--i.e. to be fully dosed (having consumed accumulated residues of pesticide, sprayed directly on and absorbed by herbicide-tolerant GM food). As Rachel Carson pointed out in her landmark book "Silent Spring" (1962), pesticide poisoning "affects a generation once removed from initial contact with it"--in this case, the "Zika babies" and uncounted miscarriages. Authoritative studies have shown that Monsanto Roundup (RU) can cause such (teratogenic) effects (Carrasco, 2009) and even the WHO has said that it is a probable carcinogen. Yet processed foods containing ubiquitous herbicide-laced GM-soya and maize remain unlabeled, with labeling efforts repeatedly quashed, recently in Vermont. Damning in itself, the fact of ignored red flags is only corroborated by another anomaly: the refusal to label is an aberration that violates the well-established legal principle and precedent of informed consent.


There's a long list of other anomalies: the legal immunity from prosecution for Monsanto; deafening silence on the vital issue of 'modified food' and its labeling even during a year-long US presidential election period coinciding with an unprecedented birth defect epidemic! (shshshshshh!)--the issue of labeling alone is now taboo in mainstream media; the grotesque campaign to deny biological gender and redefine family in gender-neutral terms, i.e. around infertility; all taking place under ongoing post-2001 'emergency' rule, of late in France... (The Fascist New Order is the crisis!)


Forced vaccination, the new normal in the new USSA, is another aberrant violation of the legal right to informed consent, and together with unlabeled GMOs, is a further example of coercive 'medication', a form of medical rape (--ref.: CA SB277 06/30/2015). This abhorrent practice puts American school children, required to have the shots, on a health care par with the camp detainees at Guantanamo. The comparison is no exaggeration: not only is the medical establishment well-integrated into the defense complex, but also into a merging Big Chem/Pharma cartel with a dark history...



As part of the former IG Farben cartel, Sanofi, the leading vaccine maker (formerly Hoechst), with Bayer and BASF, the GMO majors, operated a Nazi-run complex at Auschwitz. What's more, vaccines were used as the delivery system in the launch of the AIDS virus, another bioweapon according to the independent expert Leonard Horowitz (see 'Emerging Viruses') and another important precedent to today's new human cull in-progress.


In the emerging camp-like, totalitarian, scientific dystopia of today, Corporate-state control over the body is of a piece with state control over the mind: vaccinations and pesticide-laced GM food may produce the same outcomes--brain damage, respectively by mercury poisoning (seen in the dramatic autism boom) and by GMO herbicide-linked 'Zika' births (failed miscarriages). More blatant is the example of the state-sponsored diversion of a city's water supply, in the Union City of Flint, from a freshwater lake to the factory town's toxic river, with the inevitable (lead) poisoning of the population.


Media Brain Wringing


More history:  As if that weren't enough, the rest of the story totally corroborates the thesis... The elite eugenics movement going back a century, from where the (cultural) mania for eugenic 'tidying' in the Anglo-Saxon lands (US-UK-Germany), which wholly informed Naziism (see Edwin Black's 'War Against the Weak', 2003); likewise it is American, UK 3 and Swiss/German companies involved in GMOs today, and the latter's criminal history makes for an alarming incongruity: pesticide makers with Nuremberg convictions for crimes against humanity have taken upstream control over the food chain! The demonization of Russia (the real Nazi killers) fills out the picture, with for good measure the international GMO tech hub located in Raleigh, N.C., home of Big Tobacco--another lies, disease and death business. It goes on and on.


It may be painfully obvious but it's also a very uncomfortable truth, a black prospect for people to contemplate--too dark in fact to see on the rose-colored glass of TV screens, flashing like a shiny, pendular watch: the prospect of a future based on normalized Naziism, which had shocked a more lucid world of the time with its inhuman horrors. But we are not doomed to repeat history. The hope is that this would be the tragic final act of failed Western hegemony (as it convicts itself), finally giving way to a brighter world future in a budding Eurasian century.



Warning to 'politically exposed persons'--continued

Instead of once-vaunted political freedom, it's Financial diktat in the West, with wayward opinion, insolent pursuit of self-interest savagely suppressed. Even (US) 'Republicans' in the old sense of the word, or Constitutionalists, to say nothing of Socialists, now fall beyond the pale. How times change. The Rubicon is crossed. Think Romans and Christians. Old school defenders of family (free, natural reproduction), the constitutional Republic, political freedom and Justice (the pledge of allegiance!) may be thrown to the lions under the new Western imperium, built not on freedom but on persecution. It's about adherence to self-serving established doctrine, rather than law, and on the other hand, political policing or 'fly swatting': hounding, torturing, suppressing naysaying nonconformists and whistleblowers--so many heretics and blasphemers to feed the electric flames of federal Grand Inquisitors.


Reign of Terror

Today the pretense is dropped. The purge apparatus, once more or less covert (to keep up the appearance of political freedom and government by consent: see COINTELPRO), has been institutionalized since the 2001 NWO rollout. With the fusion of military and police (and the public as enemy) we now have official DHS Fusion Centers', 4 an integration of military, 'intelligence', FBI, police and private contractors working together out of the same centers and practicing illegal organized surveillance, harassment, entrapment, defamation and meting out persecution on blacklisted 'targeted individuals'. Although their official existence is not hidden (you can visit their websites, see their published addresses, etc.; see note 4) their real function as behind-the-scenes Brownshirts is under the radar. In another incarnation, these were known as "Secret State Police", or in German, "Gestapo" (Geheime Staatspolizei). Note that in the US it's called Office of Public Safety, another notorious blast from the past--being the name of the execut-ive body of the French Revolution's Reign of Terror (which is where the comparison ends, since it now describes not a revolution but a reactionary counter-revolution).


Like the war pilot on his bombing mission, the closer you get to the target, the more horrendous the flak! A price is paid for fighting the Good Fight--a traditional religious theme, as in Islam's Hegira (flight from persecution) or in the Christmas story, from where the carol lyric ...




...In an evil world, human social progress is paid for with human life--meaning martyrs, from JC to MLK (who before they are sainted and celebrated, are first safely executed). In a new twist, as some would have it, the price today would be much inflated--industrial-scale infanticide, with private capitalism as cancer on humanity, now turning out the results of damaged pregnancies like proliferating bad cells (see 'Eugenic War on Fertility' e-book, download).


* On RF Directed Energy Weapons
(see featured video above)

In ancient times in Greek Sicily there was an unusual torture and execution device called the Brazen Bull, about life size but made of bronze with a large, locking hatch on one side and fitted with an acoustic-guide horn going from the inside up to the mouth. A disfavored man would be locked inside the bull and then a roaring fire lit beneath it. After a while, as the metal heated up from the fire, the bronze bull would start to bellow, to the delight of the amused torturers.*

Now in modern radiology, microwave radiation--like in cell phone telecommunications--has been made use of for cooking. It is also now used for remote torture. You know about radar guns and you know of police tasers or stun guns. Well, there's a new non-lethal weapon, roughly like a combination of the two, that can invisibly zap targeted victims from afar...('We have all this powerful radar. Why don't we point it at people?')

There are patents going back to 1985 (RCA) concerned with focusing dispersive microwave energy into a coherent beam. Think of a satellite transmission focused by a receiver dish 'lens' onto a small collimator. Now scale all this down with magnetron ('generator'), dielectric lens for dish and then a reflector and you have a beam weapon, roughly comparable to laser light (focused photons) versus diffuse lamp light. This is called Directed Energy and you can read about it in the mainstream of the Internet, even wikipedia. This is hardly science fiction (see Raytheon patents #US 7784390/8049173 B1) although it is deliberately unpublicized: This instrument of remote, push-button torture is used to brutalize and disable a helpless victim with a virtual flogging of electroshock, radiation sickness, seizures and unconsciousness, victim testimony shows. Now well-developed, the technology has of course been weaponized and integrated into the new class of non-lethal weapons as part of the fascist regime's military/police arsenal, under the auspices of the USAF "Human Effectiveness" Directorate (see here), and likely made available, for joystick-operated torture sessions, to slimy sadists and assorted knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing security goons. Think 'Planet of the Apes'. (See 'Fusion Centers' below.)

To give you some idea, imagine someone playing with a laser to make a cat chase a red or green spot. Now a sadist shining the spot in the cat's eyes. Now make that an invisible spot of high-power directed energy (nanosecond spikes of thousands of volts each, delivered 15 times per second) and give the arm to a sadistic Mil/Police agent in front of a surveillance video screen that shows the blacklisted target, well within range. You can also imagine the awful possibilities (instead of a cat chasing a spot, a man on his back and twitching under brain-scorching electroshock). This is one effect of Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (RFDEW).

In electronic warfare, jamming is used to quash alternative information by squelching unwanted radio signals with interference. Similarly, this beam weapon is used to literally knock out or disable dissident critics with absolute impunity/deniability, according to victim testimony.


Here's the excerpt from the e-book on this (p. 311):


The use of RF Directed Energy Weapons is roughly similar to other electroshock weapons. Just as the cattle prod-like taser has been widely adopted in "law enforcement" to temporarily disable (or permanently kill) those targeted, pulsed microwave directed energy weapons have been covertly adopted by the US (& UK) for remote incapacitation of human targets. Although loosely analogous to the police taser, an important exception is that the lower (continuous) power microwave directed energy may be applied to the targeted person... invisibly and continually over the long-term. More properly classified as weapons of electronic warfare--a type of information war--RFDEWs are used for the ‘jamming’ of ‘enemy information systems,’ which also happen to be human brains.


The only protection is what is known as a Faraday cage--an electrically conductive metal-box surrounding, obviously difficult to improvise for continuous protection.


When bringing up novelties, especially ones arising from covert military programs, there's always the risk of not being believed, like the first to say the earth was round! Fortunately, we now have video evidence (see video above).


Victims have reported the following other effects, in line with those described in the declassified US Army document: Daily knockout -- a virtual flogging to the point of unconsciousness; the fever -- a mind-numbing, electric scorching of the head; bobble-head -- a Parkinsons-like trembling of the head in the beam; horse-like nickering -- an involuntary exhaling with the lips (pbrr-pbrr-brr-brr-brrhh) from an obscure influence of electrical current on the brain; death rattle. Also violent spasms; the staggers; working-memory loss; disorientation; constant tinnitus and tell-tale wet ears (i.e. clearly not subjective or medical but from wax melted in microwave heat); headache; depending on targeted area also joint, teeth, back pain; induced heavy chest pain (rare);5 sterilization by RF radiation-induced mutagenesis (unconfirmed).


The idea of integrating non-lethal weapons into the military arsenal (here the USAF "711 Human Performance Wing," Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio), which came down from the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), was described as a way to deal with 'low-intensity conflict' by 'dirty little wars',6 under the legal radar; to neutralize low-level 'threats' by covert 'finesse', with hands kept clean. Although the aim would seem to be to silence critics with a searing current streamed across the head, in practice the targeting does not stop with "modified behavior" nor is it limited by geography or regional political borders, according to victims' reports. The relentless and brutal chronic abuse would be meant to break the victim, drive into regression or suicide. It is also 'weapons testing'. More




* The final victim of the ancient brazen bull device before it was forever destroyed was said to be its inventor himself.

1 Unprecedented, i.e. since the (trial run?) Thalidomide scandal of the early 1960s (like GMOs today, also associated with former members of the IG Farben cartel);

see e-book p. 105


2 Gisele Bundchen: The NWO cover girl at Rio 2016. See Tilsit, here and here.


3 UK-- indirectly through the AstraZeneca shares of its spinoff, the Swiss Syngenta--from Zeneca and Novartis. Zeneca came from Imperial Chemical, part of the notorious IG Farben cartel together with GMO-makers Bayer and BASF (and vaccine-maker Sanofi, formerly Hoechst). See 'The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben', Joseph Borkin, 1978. IG operated a petrochemical complex and slave labor camp at Auschwitz (Monowitz Bunawerke).


4 Fusion Centers: found regionally throughout the US (for example here) and internationally: The Defence Intelligence Fusion Centre (DIFC) based at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire, UK, for example. They operate largely under the media radar and consequently are unknown to most people. Gestapo was short for 'Geheime Staatspolizei', meaning State Secret Police, an apt moniker here.


5 Electrical current through the body can also kill, as well as stun, as explicitly mentioned in one of the RFDE weapons patents, presumably by stopping the heart: a question of amplitude and intent. Victims' reports of similar terrible pressure applied below the coccyx leave no doubt as to this effect's artificiality--a symptom not of a medical problem but of sadistic and shameful state torture.


6 See also here

and in the e-book, p. 299-


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