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J’Accuse, Part 2

French 5th Republic Falls Under NWO

NATO-Syria Back On ?

20 Nov., 2015

by Mark Birdsong

To think it all began with the playing of the German national anthem at the Stade de France (during a German-French ‘friendly’).

Paris today

As the French National Assembly passes the president’s emergency rule 3-month extension today, voted under the influence of fresh terror psychosis, it may be a good time to take a second look at what's transpired now that the dust has settled a bit--along with the fear, loathing and disgust--from the Friday the 13th Massacres in Paris.

Without diving into the sordid purported details of the terror-porn news-movie--with all-too-real victims--and here, conveniently disintegrating perpetrators (as is the M.O. in the long line of false flag attacks--no trials of attackers 1), it may be more useful to focus on the patterns that suggest a deeper Process at work, whose imperatives and consequent machinations we see churning at the surface, than on the (changing) official story or now familiar slogans.

Hollande’s Absurd Address at Versailles--Living Free, Under the Gun

Starting 30 Nov., Paris will host a much-hyped, ‘urgent’ international conference on the weather (‘Climate Change’), to ‘save the children.’ Protest will not be allowed.

In a revealing, post-terror address to the National Assembly held at the Palace of Versailles (ex-seat of monarchy), French president Hollande, in announcing the new martial reality in the fallen (in all but name) 5th Republic, including curfews, pre-emptive arrest, 24-hour armed-troop patrols, a massive reinforcement of the state apparatus of repression, usurpation of powers by the executive, banned assembly, censorship, emergency rule, and police shoot-to-kill rules in the works... said without irony : "they will never prevent live freely.” [It is Hollande himself who has now done this.] ”We shall go on...and that is why the international Climate Conference event will ... be maintained...a moment of hope and solidarity,” he continued, in utter debasement, in an address full of disingenuous Orwellian doublespeak. 2

Emergency Coronation -- Francois Hollande, Palace of Versailles
(seat of French monarchy), 16 Nov. 2015

World Government Financing Conference at Paris

To a nation reeling from shock and awe, and waking up to police-state rule (with no end in sight), Hollande, instead of solemnly apologizing for his grave failure 3 and duly and honorably offering his resignation in response to the historic massacre happening on his watch, glibly plugs the next item on the NWO world-government agenda 4 (after toppling the Republic), flogging bogus 5 ‘Climate Change.’

Rebranded from ‘global-warming,’ a concept that had fallen into some disrepute, this framework is a device of politicized science for universally imposing (and concealing) corporate will (corporate personhood’s Right to Profit trumping human rights, sovereignty, life and liberty--see TTIP), notably with the levying of an international carbon tax, for starters, to fund the nascent world government, of which the ever-expanding EU-NATO 6 bloc, with the UN and its ‘World...’ institutions, is the leading edge.

Speaking of ‘carbon goals’ today, consider that in post-war Europe of 1951, in the wake of the failed first try at a Nazi ‘New Order,’ the first pillar of what became the EU superstate was raised. This was the innocuous-sounding European Coal and Steel Community,  a seedling supranational corporate integration, established by the Treaty of Paris that year. The coal and steel belt of the German Ruhr [Krupp, Thyssen AG...] was what had put the iron into the Nazi iron cross, so to speak. Such is the foundation of today’s EU.

Slaves may obey but free people don’t choose dictatorship. It comes by violence and/or under another name. The one-two combination of terror-dictatorship is a mechanism to establish and further corporate tyranny, to get us to the New Order, now in France, under emergency rule, as before in the USA in 2001, as in 1933 Nazi Germany (see note 9 below). In this way, sham ‘Climate Change,’ pretext for international integration under world government, and the Big Lie of NATO’s ‘war on terror,’ both converging at Paris, are not unrelated. COP21 participants will arrive at a private-use airfield outside Paris (Le Bourget), to a capital on military lockdown, with protest banned, to confer on a project that dare not speak its name.

To be sure, weather catastrophe is real and wreaking ‘nuclear-scale’ havoc as seen in Haiti, Japan and in the Aceh tsunami among many other terrible disasters. But under cover of ‘global warming’ hides an altogether different man-made factor: covert technological advancement in the long-sought military goal of weather modification. The use of weather modification-capable (according to patents) systems such as HAARP, SBX-1 and X-37B (land/sea/space-based) for RF-heating of the ionosphere and manipulation of the auroral electrojet is what in reality must be urgently controlled at the international level just as nuclear weapons are, to prevent the use of these WMD's and more ‘weather war’ disasters, in accordance with the 1976 UN ban on geophysical warfare (see Nick Begich, ‘...HAARP’, p. 177 for patents).

(WMD's: weapons of mass destruction--We know from precedent [1945] that if the destructive technological capability exists, the US will use it.)

9-11 à la français

Deniability--(Left) Hollande at Stade de France Germany match receives an explanation 7 of the FIRST explosion, at 9:20 p.m. Nov. 13. The release of a stock ‘deniability’ image of this moment (and with the president on display in public at the stadium), taken BEFORE all the other incidents followed, suggests foreknowledge. (Center) 9-11 photo. (Right) 9-11 ‘War on Terror’ marketing tie-in: New World Trade Center displays French colors after Paris attacks of Nov. 13, 2015. Deniability, now being exploited, is part of the reason NATO and allies use proxies like the ISIS death squads.


On the timing of the Friday the 13th Massacre: It’s noteworthy that the paired day and date have historical significance in Paris: Friday the 13th is said to be an ill-omened day because of the execution of the last Templar Grandmaster there on Friday 13 March, 1314 (at the stake), following the dissolution of the proto-international banking Order. (The grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, figures prominently in Masonic rites today.)

On the geopolitical timeline, NATO was teetering on failure and exposure in early October after Russia’s intervention in Syria against ISIS. The same could be said of the zeitgeist in the USA, where the failure in Syria was turning unwanted attention inward and retrospective--normally taboo in the fly-by-night US of Amnesia.

Russia had exposed NATO's fake war on ISIS and its (shared 8) sponsorship of or complicity in the use of proxy ‘jihadis’ to carve up the Middle East, while seizing the initiative--and the 'fly-zone'--in Syria. The Paris attack story had the elements necessary to get NATO back in the game (found Syrian passport, on-the-scene claim ‘It’s for Syria!’ [--US-affiliated BFMTV], and ‘ISIS statement’ of responsibility for the attacks), while also dovetailing with the Right’s scapegoating of immigrants and Muslims.

The now flagrant exposure saw repercussions in US domestic politics, where even on the extreme-Right, leading US presidential candidate Trump declared George W. Bush responsible for the 9-11 terror attack, albeit in couched terms. But the taboo-breaking mention seemed to reverberate like a prodded raw nerve. Next, (Nov. 5) we had 'Poppy' Bush (who had announced the NWO re-launch back in 1991--taking up the baton dropped by Hitler 9) raising and pointing a shaking, wrinkled finger at Cheney and Rumsfeld--and the unmentionable elephant in the national room--saying (in memoirs) that it was the Bush-2 regime chiefs who had “damaged America”; enough to conjure visions of a 9-11 Truth Commission in the heads of the idealistic.

Was the air getting uncomfortably close? With media next running leads on a ‘Water on Mars!’ story; NATO caught with its pants down (over its ‘jihadi’ proxies); the Pentagon's impotence exposed; Syria lost to resurgent Russia; and the 9-11 cover-up starting to unravel...It was almost shaping up like a finale to the endless terror attacks of disaster capitalism’s 10 14-year long terror run, finally coming bang up against an antagonized, roused Russian bear, which by the way has posed a nyet to the NWO, in favor of international law, respect of national sovereignty and of the UN Charter (“we are all different and we should respect that” --Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin at the UNGA 2015).

When a small voice emerges saying 'but the emperor has no clothes,' it's best to duck, as it may soon be overpowered by a Big Bang. Then keep your eyes on the bouncing bomb, leading a more ‘favorable’ media narrative and shaking up the geopolitical order, while fueling the war machine with fresh blood--and credibility--to create new victims in the fiendish cycle of NATO’s duplicitous ‘war on terror’ (as distinguished from the legitimate targeting of its terrorist proxies).

Cui Bono

A UN resolution on ISIS on Nov. 20 following the Paris attack would now seem synergistically to offer an (illegal) entry for NATO into Syria--interrupted in September by the lawful Russian intervention against the West’s terror groups--and an opportunity to regroup there, possibly salvaging a foothold with ‘safe zones’.

Preemption angle

And so the rebel-heart, humanist and liberty-loving French are the next to fall under dictatorial emergency rule--which never ends (even if nominal leaders’ terms may, see USA)--dragged bleeding and duped into the NWO; after the fascist coup in Ukraine, the financial subjugation of member state Greece, and now the military subjugation of France. They are also a real potential threat to this Fascist Order, given the history between France and Germany, leader of the sovereignty- and territory-devouring EU. Witness the furious recent workers' attack on Air France directors, left fleeing, shirtless; the blazing riots of 2005; the widespread 1995 general strike that ground the country to a halt and drove the prime minister (Alain Juppé) from office; the 1968 student protests and strikes that drove president de Gaulle to seek refuge abroad; and historically, the 1871 Paris Commune city-revolution, and of course the famous cutting off of some snake heads in 1789.11 During the original Nazi occupation of France, towards the end of World War II, then-NWO-spokesman Hitler ordered the French capital destroyed.

The more the hidden NWO agenda gets exposed the more its elite backers have to fear from would-be subjects, as we learn of the grave threat of permanent loss of liberty. Emergency rule at this time in France also plays out as pre-emptive repression, with COP21's 10,000+ security, 12 and as stories emerge corroborating evidence of a covert, slow-fuse, mass sterilization program (see here or here) under the NWO. As it begins to bear fruit, or rather doesn't, as a result of surmised GM food poisoning, the New Order’s defenders may well fear unrest.

The claim of responsibility statement from NATO’s Isis for the Nov. 13 gangland-style attacks included a threat, consistent with the GM food-fertility fears: We will poison your food (Abu Salman, 'the Frenchman'--France24). Coming from a NATO ‘agency’, it would seem an incriminating manipulation (transfer of responsibility). Another group doing NATO’s face-saving PR work was promoting the false notion of a moderate ‘jihadi’ opposition in Syria among the NATO-terror army, in its tweet: ‘Syrian opposition sends prayers,’ from a key ‘activist group’ to Parisians (--Telegraph uk, Nov. 14).

Bayer Crop Science

Curiously just a few days before the attacks and establishment of another dictatorial police state in NATO, one American commentator was asking if we would see French leaders “killed in the streets" 13 in response to the slowly emerging toxic foods (and fertility crisis) scandal. Instead, it’s the citizenry, unarmed and innocent, who have fallen. .

It’s important to note that the terror targets in Paris were not the likes of the Theatre des Champs-Elysées (featuring the ‘Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’ that evening) or the cafés of the Boulevard St-Germain but the populaire Bataclan Theater and the traditionally working-class (and multi-ethnic) districts of the 10th and 11th, long the setting of regular mass protest marches. The morning after the attacks, one report came of the presence of a blue bus (color of French police coaches) parked in front of the Bataclan, scene of the worst massacre,


with the coincidental but still resonant slogan “Beat the Streets” on its side (Telegraph, Nov. 14, Andrew Gilligan): “The wealthy fear revolution, and finance bands of gangsters to teach the workers good manners.” (-- Fascism and Big Business, Daniel Guerin, here referring to politicians)

Out of the Playbook

According to the amazingly thin and worn old playbook’s formula, the elite financial aristocracy in private banking deflects (or preempts) blowback from the oppressed/exploited masses into nationalism ‘..and the belief that the enemy is FOREIGN (=immigrants, refugees, Muslims) rather than the elite economic class or big business itself. “Nation” is code for the corporate elite’ [national security, etc.] (ibid).

The new twist in the ‘it’s not us it’s them’ tactic is that instead of yesteryear’s ‘race biology,’ it’s a sponsored-terror Frankenstein that feeds not only the scapegoating but also the division, repression, war and genocide ‘necessary’ to elite conquest and self-preservation. In this way, today’s normalized neo-Naziism in the West is free to wage war under false pretexts and officially stigmatize Muslims as a group, setting them up for further destruction.

Association by juxtaposition

(Far left) Attack scene photo paired with “dark savage” pic (animated gif ad).

(Left) Retro-justification: NATO murder victim, the former Libyan leader Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, paired with Paris attack scene pic.

(La Voix du Nord, Nov. 14, 2015)

(Below) ...The usual suspects? (Telegraph uk)

Muslim Holocaust

The candidate Trump recently announced he’s in favor of a national register of Muslims--a type of religion-based census forbidden in Europe precisely because of the Nazi roundup and extermination of ‘Bolshevik Jews’ in WW2. Trump’s call for the deportation of 10-million-plus ‘illegal’ Mexican immigrants would provide a pretext for the activation of mass internment camps across the US, which already maintains a gulag abroad for Muslims, since 2002, at Guantanamo.

The gathering danger is not hypothetical. NATO wars and embargoes on Muslim nations since 1991 have already claimed the lives of an estimated six million or more 14 men, women and children--and counting.


The targeting of one group in this way does not make non-group members safe from Fascism. History shows that the net is cast wide enough to purge any opposition, an aim expressly aired on American TV earlier this year by retired US general Wesley Clark, who suggested internment for ‘disloyal’ Americans. This is the meaning of Guantanamo--a door left ajar towards last-resort mass internment (and ‘purging’), for the preservation of Western capitalism. It’s been done before.

It’s time to recognize and acknowledge that the world is indeed in grave danger, not from pretended climate change,

but from a new strain of camouflaged fascism or neo-Naziism--and its new doomsday weapons--that would make itself universal as the world’s first

--and last?--global government :

“Dictatorship is not a sustainable form of government--unless it becomes worldwide.”--Bertrand Russell

New Jews’

(Far left) Man in 1945 Jewish ghetto wearing stigmatizing yellow star.

(Left) Man arrested, paraded as animal, after military/police raid Nov. 18, which featured violent pre-dawn war zone scenes in the ‘Battle of Saint Denis’, against an unseen enemy, in the largely Muslim/Communist city center, north of Paris. All detained were later released. A ‘getaway car linked to the attacks’ turned up in Montreuil, another Communist stronghold city in suburban Paris. (photo-LeParisien/Matthieu de Martignac)

Google suggests: ‘The Muslim Problem’

cf. “The Jewish problem” ca. 1941

[n.b. not from my search history!]

Some anti-Muslim snippets from the weekend of Nov. 14

To get the full neo-Nazi flavor of where we stand in the West today, with historical perspective, replace the word “Muslim”, “Islamist”, “Islam”, “mosque” with “Jew/ish”, “Judaism”, “synagogue”...

“Muslim Rampage” --US Drudge Report headline on Paris attacks

Close some mosques--French Interior Minister Caseneuve

Muslims must disavow their religion--(Former French PM) Alain Juppé

We need internment camps for (Muslim) refugees--‘Express’ uk editorial

Islam’s values ‘from the Dark Ages’ --Telegraph uk (so let’s keep on killing them!)

‘Islamist scumbags’ --BBC (talking head Andrew Neil, original quote)

National register of Muslims needed--Donald Trump

Update 7 Dec.:

*** US-led coalition bombs Syrian troops (--Syrian government)

*** "The old system is dead'--FN junior leader (Marion Marechal Le Pen), after French Far Right Party's victory in 1st round of regional elections, 6 Dec. 2015 [Le vieux systeme est mort"--Le Monde]

Revised for style 7 Dec.

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1 ‘No trials’--with the only exceptions since 2001, to my knowledge (where suspected attackers survived for trial) were first, the unacknowledged mistrial of the ‘Boston bomber’, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose defense lawyer committed malpractice by condemning her own client, who was pleading not guilty (and Tsarnaev’s uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev has CIA-jihadi connections); and second, Zacarias Moussaoui, a French citizen arrested in 2001 on US immigration violation, who pled guilty in a dubious * four-year long (2002-2006) trial for conspiracy relating to 9-11. He reportedly had been a US al Qaeda asset in Chechnya. (* government evidence tampering, witness coaching, denial of defense witnesses by reason of state secrets...) After the first Paris attacks of 2015 (in which no alleged attackers survived), a judicial inquiry into how one deceased suspect (Coulibaly) had acquired weapons of war was blocked by the current French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve (June 18, 2015) by reason of state secrets.

2 Jamais ils ne nous empêcheront de vivre, de vivre comme nous en avons décidé, de vivre pleinement, de vivre librement et nous devons en faire la démonstration avec sang-froid. Et je pense à la jeunesse, je pense à celle qui se sent blessée à travers toutes ces victimes et qui s’interroge sur sa capacité à pouvoir vivre dans un Etat de droit.

Nous devons continuer, continuer à travailler, continuer à sortir, continuer à vivre, continuer à influencer le monde et c’est pourquoi le grand événement international de la Conférence sur le Climat sera non seulement maintenu mais sera un moment d’espérance et de solidarité.

--Address of President Hollande to the National Assembly at Versailles, 16 Nov. 2015

3 no end in sight--la menace va nous mobiliser encore longtemps...” [The threat will occupy us for a long time still] --Address by Francois Hollande to National Assembly at Versailles, Nov. 16. 2015

failure--to ‘prevent the second attack’ in less than a year (n.b. The suggested exchange of liberty for security proves no security at all, exposing the true aims and authors of the terrorism. Note also, glaringly, the police’s failure to act at the Bataclan--scene of the worst massacre, in which 89 were reported dead--until 12:20-40 a.m., according to varying reports, three (3) hours after the killing began around 21:40, according to Europe-1 reporter Julien Pearce, present at the concert. A claimed hostage situation delaying police response is inapplicable once killings started--and other attacks around the city had also already taken lives. The official story asks us to believe not that there was a threat and negotiation situation but a negotiation to ‘stop the killing’ delaying police action--a nonsense.

[Reports and screenshots of an alleged desperate SOS on social media from another person purportedly inside, Benjamin Cazenoves (cf. Cazeneuve), reported executions in progress; screen grabs of the Tweet appearing in media showed varying post times (‘10:00’, ‘14:00’, ‘1hr’ ), which would have to be 12 a.m. midnight at the latest (with time zone shift). Even if we accept the official story, with hostage standoff and this SOS tweet, it still means that at a minimum the RAID gave the commandos from 20-40 minutes of resumed killing before finally storming the concert hall. ]

As always in the lengthening line of false flag attacks, the story doesn’t wash--and it doesn’t really have to because it will never be tested in a court trial. But in the court of public opinion, we may take it as more incriminating evidence against a collaborationist government, no matter how many flowers they may lay, and a testament to what is effectively a (Vichyiste) hostile military ‘occupation’ of France, within a federalized EU, under NATO, à la 1940. The postmodern twist is that with the nature of latent power and its media instrument today, the duped public never saw the enemy. )

Shades of a Ritual Sacrifice?

A disturbing but important detail of the Bataclan concert, consistent with the false flag theory, concerns the moments leading up to the attack. From  a phone video of the live concert, the footage in retrospect gives the atrocity the eerie air of a sacrificial rite: the performing American ‘death metal’ band (EODM, from a cultural milieu of Satanism, porn, and SS insignia) asks the crowd before the attack: “Are you ready to be possessed by the spirits of the night?” Then, “Do I say a prayer for you now or save it for the morning after?” And for what would prove the final song, to a French audience whose custom is to greet with kisses, performs “Kiss the Devil.”

Dark metaphor -- sacrifice-rite/snuff-reference CD cover (‘Heart-On’)

4 NWO--New World Order

World Government Project--

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

--David Rockefeller, Memoirs, ch. 27, 2003


On COP21 “Climate Conference” and its ‘carbon goals’

The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) ... an international organisation serving to unify European countries after World War II. It was ...signed by Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The ECSC was the first international organisation to be based on the principles of supranationalism, and would ultimately lead the way to the founding of the European Union.”--Wikipedia

A Bloc of resistance is beginning to emerge in Eurasia, around the Russian-Chinese strategic alliance, under an umbrella of new international organizations like the AIIB, the SCO and the EEU for example--forming a germ of hope for an alternative future of peaceful economic and social development.

*From this website...

What characterizes our recast Western world in the 21st century is that this model of private power has encroached on the once separate and public sphere of (self-)government, replacing the remains of sovereign nation states, based on the legal rights of citizens, with an imperial superstructure of World Institutions: World Bank, IMF, WTO, WHO, G8, EU, UN, etc. that no one voted for, organized around central banking and based on..[ a Right to Profit superseding the Rights of Man]. A sort of feudal restoration has been set in motion, with the political hour rewound to oligarchic rule by the unaccountable private power of a financial aristocracy. The [fascist] “new” order consists of imposing this regression by force and terror as one world government in a 'global society of control' (Empire: Negri, Hardt) to replace the ‘disorder’ of democracy.


In an irony of history, the West has taken on the totalitarian form of its erstwhile Cold War enemy, throwing out political freedom in favor of totalitarianism, with the unchecked growth of private corporate power for over a century. But instead of dictatorship by the majority under Socialism, tracing its mandate to popular revolution, the Western decline into authoritarianism is a dictatorship by Capital, which is just “arbitrary privilege” for an elite minority--the ancien regime (old order), transposed onto a financial hierarchy --an aristocracy of bankers with a pretended electoral mandate...

cf. ‘Climate change is root cause of Syrian war, terrorism’--Charles Gotha-Saxe-Coburg, UK monarchist

--see ‘Resistance’ webzine on this site, #1, #4.


5 See also Resistance no.2, pp 20-21, 25

6 NATO--refers to all signatory countries, including US (US-led NATO)

7 Monsieur le President, Le Quick a sauté (Le Parisien, 14 Nov. 2015) = ‘Mr President, the ‘McDonalds’ blew up’--not ‘we are under attack’ or ‘it was a kamikaze’; the presidential aide is explaining what happened after an explosion was heard in the stadium. This is the first incident of the evening and he does not yet know the real cause.

‘foreknowledge’--not necessarily Hollande’s

8 ‘shared’--with the western Gulf States and Israel, as has been widely reported.

9 NWO Jubilee (see also ‘Resistance’ no. 1, page 9)

>Hitler New Order speech, Berlin, Jan. 30, 1941

>George Bush Sr. New World Order speech, Jan. 30, 1991 (Germany time)

Three generations of the Bush family are linked with Fascism in America: US Sen. Prescott Bush with Naziism; George Bush Sr with NWO call, JFK assassination; George W. Bush with 9/11 Fascist coup

10 Create the problem, provide your solution--an evolutionary (or devolutionary) development of Western Capitalism into Disaster Capitalism, from the cold call and the hard sell to forced disaster relief (‘rescue’): the door-to-door window glass salesman with a sack full of rocks.

Western capitalism has relapsed to pirate-type from the textbook supplying of needs to the simple smash and grab, starting with a ‘catalyzing event’ (see Zbigniew Brzezinski’s call for “a New Pearl Harbor,” pre-figuring 9-11, in The Grand Chessboard, 1998.)

11 The French and American revolutions are widely considered in fact Masonic revolutions, according to historians, against the old monarchies in the New Age of Enlightenment. The American revolutionaries Washington and Franklin and the French champion of revolutionary Reason, Voltaire, were all Masons. It would be ironic that this once progressive path would have ultimately led to a kind of Restoration, but with private Capital (or Profit) enthroned over Man.


2,800 on-site

[ "...8 000 policiers et gendarmes seront déployés aux frontières. 2 800 sur le site de la conférence. « Au total ce sont 120 000 policiers, gendarmes et militaires qui seront déployés sur l'ensemble du territoire », placé au niveau le plus haut du plan Vigipirate, assuré le ministre [Cazeneuve]."

-- 'Le Parisien', 26-11-15 (late add)]

13 Former Reagan admin. official Paul Craig Roberts, Nov. 9, 2015

14 Gideon Polya,



Sputtering War of Terror Restarts, Turns Guns on Paris in France’s 9-11


Nazi occupation troops parade
in Paris (archives).

Whose revolution? Touting “Environmental’ Revolution in the aftermath of the Friday the 13th Massacre (=legal environment)