NWO Drops ‘Zika’ Bombshell in Rio


Brazen neo-Nazis Flaunt Fertility Shutdown at Brazil Crime Scene

11 Aug. 2016

by Mark Birdsong

A Boycott

The world’s fastest man had disappeared by the time another great bolt struck the world at the end of the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony Aug. 5. Most everyone else was caught looking, unawares, at the long and colorful spectacle, breathtaking for all the wrong reasons.

Media were emitting the ever-captivating drone note, talking of other things, like the West’s new smear on its latest enemy, independent Russia--an unsubstantiated “doping scandal”; or making ugly, racially-tinged jibes at Brazil’s “worthiness” as host of the Olympic Summer Games.

But the chemical doping scandal was assuredly elsewhere...

To their enormous credit, the Black all-time Sporting Greats Pele, slated to light the Olympic Flame, and Usain Bolt avoided this Olympic Ceremony turned NWO propaganda vehicle like the plague--the chemical one sweeping the Americas, for now, from ground zero Brazil.

Golden Girl (below)

A Fashionista with Poor Taste

Leading up to the flame-lighting climax, as the world tuned in to the first Olympiad from the Global South, Brazil had kicked things off by showcasing a ‘national treasure’--or at least one of the great fortunes among the Brazilian elite, now guarded by one of those Latin American extreme-Right coup governments, so familiar from over the years in the USA’s backyard.

It was Gisele Bundchen, a clothes horse trotted out to behold basking in the international spotlight, following on from the ceremony’s preceding historical vignettes. The ex-model had come out of retirement for the occasion and a lengthy sashay across the world stage, sporting an all-gold gown.

Gold is of course the object of the Olympic athletes’ desire in the competitions but isn’t it rich and an ill-suited display by the 340 million-dollar-woman, on a catwalk in the face of empty seats that locals couldn’t afford and in a city bristling with arms of repression and marked off with fenced-in favelas.

One can afford poor taste. The elites in this nation of lopsided wealth now have things in hand, after hijacking power from the elected government of Dilma Roussef (and with the popular leader Lula indicted). In fact, the streets around Rio’s Maracana Stadium were reported ‘locked down,’ with some 80,000 armed police and military on duty at the event (doubling London 2012), amid some scenes of stun grenades, streaming tear gas and scattering protesters outside, with one commenting to reporters that it was “like Iraq” out there.

As the (dark young) girl from Ipanema, the retired fashionista, at 36, is also a questionable choice. And as a Brazilian chosen to represent the country, Bundchen is atypical as well, not just because of her immense wealth but also because of her fully non-Brazilian heritage, showcased as such at the 2014 World Cup (see article) when she handed the trophy to the German winners. So the Girl from Ipanema ‘is German.’ Is pure-bred German pedigree relevant to the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony? Let’s see...

Young women of the

Brazilian delegation

A Reproductive Crisis--and Cover Up

The awkward question of heritage--and history--is germane because raised by some equally uncomfortable political realities casting a shadow over this world event. The rash of de facto dictatorships under the NWO is not the only epidemic: In Brazil the outbreak of thousands of cases of grave birth defects (and unknown miscarriages) starting in 2015 led to official warnings to Brazilian women not to get pregnant. The illegitimate Spring coup came in the wake of the country’s declaration of a state of public health emergency at the end of 2015 in response to the reproductive crisis: an anomaly suggesting a cover up.

The health crisis relates to Bundchen’s Rio appearance (to represent Brazil as the ‘Girl from Ipanema’) because in past interviews the model has revealed that her political affinities include neo-Nazi notions like advocating worldwide law to enact mandatory birth control. The so-called ‘Zika epidemic’ 1 (in all likelihood really the chemical sabotage of fertility--see article) now hideously raging effectively amounts to just that, mandatory birth control, with disabled fertility (by chemically-induced mutation) producing miscarriage, stillbirths and birth defects; the threat alone of such dire outcomes is enough for women at risk to avoid pregnancy or childbirth altogether, effectively serving the same nefarious purpose of terminating genetic lines. The dovetailing of the NWO’s pink-shaded eugenic agenda (for the ‘mongrel masses’) and Gisele Bundchen’s politics throw another light on the fashion plate, as a throwback ‘legacy’ NWO figurehead; the legacy is that compelling evidence strongly suggests that her grandfather, the late Mayor (of Horizontina) Walter Bundchen, would have been a Nazi fugitive who settled in Brazil post-WWII (see article). 2

Golden DNA

“A New World...”

A remarkable Olympic Flame sculpture, revealed at the end of the Opening Ceremony, represented a “spiral helix symbolizing all life,” according to NBC Sports US, which broadcast the event (and undoubtedly reading from an official Rio 2016 press release). This gold-colored model, paralleling the first, was in other words a representation of ‘golden DNA,’ unveiled at the Olympic Games ‘genes contest’ (for biological determinists) amid a grave crisis of fertility.

The kinetic sculpture came to automaton-like life and motion when touched by the flames of the cauldron containing the Olympic flame, missing only the gothic accompaniment of a Toccata and Fugue to complete the gothic evocation (da-da-dah...)

Taken together, the reproductive-crisis background in host-nation Brazil, the event’s eugenic and NWO themes (see below), and the words of the Rio Organizing Committee president Carlos Nuzman at the ceremony, “A new world is born today,” all hinted at a shocking inference: The destruction of natural fertility (and ‘unworthy’ life) in the flames of the growing, worldwide ‘Zika epidemic’ will give life to a ‘new humanity’ (pope Francis), a self-directed evolution by unnatural Selection, and a New World, as in ‘New World Order (NWO). 3

Shades of Berlin 1936! (But darker still.)

The Lysol-Olympic Games

Besides the Nazi throwback focus on DNA (for race) in the ceremony another was the eugenics theme. If the Russia-bashing has taken a new turn since Sochi, with doping replacing ‘gay rights’ as the cudgel, so too has the eugenic PR campaign, now with a more nuanced tone. The strident rainbow-colored banners (and athlete’s uniforms) from Sochi were markedly absent in Rio as also at the DNC (US Democratic National Congress) last month; Why hide ‘progressive advancement’ ?

Instead, a eugenic-pink ‘ribbon’ (now dissociated from the ‘gay push’ as such) ran thematically through the Rio Ceremony, woven into the Brazilian
green, yellow and blue (above) and symbolically pointing the ‘way forward’ on the costumes of the Parade of Nations ushers, foreshadowing the ceremony’s DNA climax and recalling the Hillary Clinton campaign logo (at right; note also double American flags on vest fronts--center inset above). As with the Brazilian regime itself, American fingerprints are all over these Games, with hundreds of US intelligence advisors reportedly sent in to Rio to assist the regime with security; on the official Rio 2016 website, which at the time of the Opening was dominated by images of Team USA; and with shameless sponsors like Dow Chemical, a GM seed and pesticide major, implicated in the real chemical doping scandal: the attack on fertility.

Sounding the Wrong Alarm--A ‘Climate’ Commercial

The Opening Ceremony’s nature as an outsized NWO commercial was most blatant in the long Al Gore-style video alarm plugging “Global Warming/Climate Change.” This manufactured modern myth 4 is a phony environmental pretext to tie together and tax sovereign states on a treaty basis, under an unaccountable executive, as happened with the formation of the EU, and as necessary for the stealthy formation of World Government under Financial Diktat, culmination of the NWO. In this advertisement for  dictatorship we have yet another reminder of the past.

Rio ‘Global Warming’ video

with NWO pyramid

Bach’s Offbeat Spin

The German IOC Chairman, Thomas Bach, was on hand to throw sand in the eyes, with his egalitarian posturing and throwaway line ““We are all equal,” delivered at a sporting competition entirely conceived to winnow the great from the good from the not so good. Unless he’s planning to break with tradition and give everyone gold medals: “Everyone’s a winner!”

Bach also needlessly pointed out for our edification that refugees “are human beings,” as if magnanimously, and saying more about his wretched milieu than anything else.5 Causal NWO wars were beside the point.

United in Peace (by Enslavement)

Fruitless Tree

In fact, the concept of Peace did feature in the Opening Ceremony but in a totally hijacked form, as part
of the big Green Theme. In one vignette, shoots or tendrils came together to form a green peace sign around a tree trunk. In 2016, this is not retro-hippie Peace and Love.  The NWO has always been presented as a peacemaking effort (see note 1), with the loss of sovereignty in confederation meaning loss of state war-making power. The EU dictatorship was awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize in this sense, despite its own wars and bloodletting still going on today. The green NWO ‘peace’ represented in Rio really means the subjugation of the independent sovereign nations on parade, each forming a branch making up the Rio peace sign, under growing World Government. To drive the point home, in the parade of nations each country was led by a child carrying a sapling (pictured at right).

In the context of the green World Government motif, the preceding depiction of slavery in the proceedings carried more than historical connotations. One broadcaster spoke ominously of Brazil’s existing ‘environmental police.’

Yelena Isinbayeva

‘Diversity’ & Official Stigmatization of Russians

Another vaunted theme from the ceremonial speeches (and NWO rhetoric) has been ‘diversity.’ This does not seem to extend to include Russians, whose entire Athletics team was banned without so much as a single (previously unpenalized) positive doping test result; a ban taking in the Russian double Olympic-gold champion and world record holder Yelena Isinbayeva. Under the same circumstances the entire, disabled, Russian paralympic team was also banned. As has been said elsewhere, this is an example of the politicization of world sport as a propaganda vehicle and the subversion of the Olympics raison d’etre: a diplomatic tool for healthy international relations. [Update: IOC Chairman Bach confirms political messaging in admission that the Rio Games should be a ‘catalyst for social change.’ (19 Aug.)]

While the rhetoric of ‘diversity’ tactically sets the NWO apart lexically at least from the Nazi ‘Aryan’ fetish, in practice it fails to meet the mark, here with the stigmatization of Russians as Russians, another glaring Nazi throwback (see also article on Sochi 2014) that gives the lie to empty talk of equality--words as cheap disinfo bullets.

By contrast, ‘gender diversity’ is another matter, judging by the well-represented transsexual contingent (ushers for the national teams in the Parade of Nations, pictured at right). This has nothing to do with egalitarianism or democratic values as pretended. Quite the opposite, the usher is the reproductive equivalent of tied hands, symbolizing procreative ruination, and leading the ‘unworthy’ masses into the genetic impasse of infertility. Humiliation is a first step on the way to Slavery.

As we watch the winnowing at the NWO Games, we’re left to wonder at the brazenness of the shocking and sorry subtext of the Opening spectacle, so redolent of Third Reich Themes: Is it already too late to stop the clockwork unfolding of the New Wave Naziism of an NWO Fourth Reich and of this monstrous crime against humanity in-progress, met with general, media-numbed, incomprehension? Or with the breaking up of the NWO-prototype EU, are we instead in the swan song of Western hegemony, increasingly exposed despite the pink veil, in all its ashen-faced, murderous ugliness ?

Empty beach: NBC/Citibank Rio 2016 App

-- No Brazilians

Revised for style 30 Aug. 2016

Amended to delete ‘Zika’ abortion option

Military presence

Outside Maracana Stadium (1,2); anti-Temer protest (3)

White strand: Fireworks above Maracana Stadium

in Rio de Janeiro (below)

Three Spirals


DNA & Fertility

Following the ceremony broadcast a disclaimer appeared in the news, citing the DNA sculpture artist, an American Anthony Howe, saying that the work represented the sun, as a source of (clean) energy. As Sun, DNA (according to the organizers who commissioned it) or both, the golden helix may be taken to represent ‘the source of life,’ here symbolically mechanized (industrialized). From another angle: “A disco ball” (uk Telegraf).

Despite the artist’s no-nonsense, ecology disclaimer, the Ceremony had strong religious overtones, featuring the golden 'altarpiece' sculpture, the burning torch, and the hushed, spellbound masses at the lighting of the Olympic Flame, giving us stadium as temple, with an aura of candlelit rites to mark a new epoch--as one official
explicitly suggested--conjuring the beginning of ...Man’s creation of his future self? But the rites were marked also by a hellish red glow of destruction, with the man-made Sun raised in Rio leaving their hilltop God in darkness.

‘There are no limits to what a human being can accomplish’--Rio Games centerpiece sculptor, asked in an interview to express his Olympic message, and conveying a wholly Masonic, rebel-angel idea.

Sun worship is an ancient pagan practice, as in Rome and Egypt, where the ultimate object of adoration is the god of the Underworld, in its (nocturnal) dark aspect. The rites of the centuries-old Masonic networks (in elite Finance, Mil/Police, govt., Business, etc. ) are said to mimic this dark practice (see article).

Golden helix with Olympic flame and cauldron                                                                                  London 2012 -- Masonic Phoenix rising

All-seeing eye/Sun over ‘the Kremlin‘                                                                                                               

at Sochi Games 2014 closing ceremony                                                                                                     Masonic Horus eye/pyramid/sun

Next Games: In the Land of the Rising Sun


1 ‘Zika virus’

The (Still) Missing Link

On May 12 the crucial scientific ‘confirmation’ was reported in the US academic journal Cell Stem Cell of the ‘link’ between the ‘Zika virus’ and the microcephaly outbreak in pesticide-sodden and GM food swamped Brazil. Brazil and the USA are major consumers and producers of GM food, with Brazil the number one consumer of agrochemical pesticides worldwide.

Symptoms of chronic exposure to herbicide are consistent with those of the outbreak and include miscarriage and teratogenic effects like microcephaly, notably in the case of Monsanto’s glyphosate, which can cause fetal malformation by “impairing retinoic acid signaling,” according to the 2009 Carrasco* study.*

*Paganelli A, Gnazzo V, Acosta H, López S, Carrasco AE. Glyphosate-based herbicides produce teratogenic effects on vertebrates by impairing retinoic acid signaling. Chem Res Toxicol 2010; 23(10): 1586-1595

The scientists would be two Chinese (Read: ‘uncompromised’) members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, both with connections however to either the US or the UK. Dr Xu Zhiheng earned his PhD at Rutgers University’s prestigious Waksman Institute, ‘linked in’ to the American medico-defense establishment, including the nearby Carnegie Institute’s Cold Spring Harbor Lab of Genetics--research-ground-zero of the American Eugenics movement for over a century--from where many faculty have been drawn. [Rutgers has a Chair in Genetics in honor of the Nobel laureate and geneticist Barbara McClintock, an institution herself at Cold Spring Harbor Labs for decades.] The other, a Dr Qin Chengfeng, “is supported by” a ‘Newton Advanced Fellowship’ at the UK Academy of Medical Sciences. [The UK is the birthplace of the Eugenics Movement and uk media have been steadily promoting the current anti-fertility campaign.]

The Dog Ate My Homework

They purportedly demonstrated that Zika virus caused smaller brain growth in developing fetal rodents. One problem with the study however was that none of the evidence was available for observation in birthed, living mice because all were destroyed when ‘eaten by the mother’ after being brought to term, according to the reports. Instead, photographs showing different-sized fetal mice brains were presented as evidence of the all-important link: purportedly showing the normal, non-infected size compared to smaller ones from infected fetal mice, removed from the dissected mother before birth.

In the news reports of the crucial finding, one of the Chinese scientists, Dr Xu Zhiheng, is pictured giving a presentation in Beijing in front of a diagram notated in perfect English, bearing little relation to his lab work. More propaganda-style poster than info-graphic or technical slide (see at left), it compares the sizes of a human baby’s head with and without microcephaly. Dr Xu’s study was performed however not on humans but on rodents.

N.B.: None of the foregoing should necessarily impugn the reputations of either the scientists or the Chinese Academy, as it is common practice for research teams to carry out the grunt work of a study rather than the ‘name’ scientists themselves, who direct it.

China Daily

2 The very dubious click-to-edit source Wikipedia simply repeats Gisele Bundchen’s claim that she is sixth generation Brazilian, citing however another named source, a Carlos Albuquerque, in an interview with ... Gisele Bundchen.

3 The NWO is a century-old ‘Big Banking’ project, to establish a central international authority for world control (theirs)--an Order of financial diktat in place of sovereign, ‘democratic chaos.’ It was a declared aim of the Third Reich. Today it refers to the Globalist World Government project, already germinating in the Paris COP21 treaty signing, and of which the EU is/was the consolidating leading edge.

French NWO Agent Hollande (and friends)

at Rio Opening Ceremony, Aug. 5, 2016

NWO History

In what would become a long chain of gradual usurpations of national powers, the first sovereign Right to fall under the new ‘Usurocracy’ was that of coinage or the sovereign right to create a national currency for exchange, debt-and-interest free.

In the US, the establishment in 1913 of the so-called Federal Reserve central bank --a private bank with international money-family shareholders--put paid to the Constitutional delegation of economic authority to the Congress, in favor of a fraud obliging the nation ever since to draw its own money as loans (creation of reserves by Fed’s ‘buying’ of government bonds/debt issues)--a coup on behalf of global high Finance, and a coup de grace to end the long Jacksonian resistance to financial re-colonization.

Internationally, this occurred with the recent creation of the Euro and European Central Bank.

It was the lackey Wilson, the Bankers’ President, who preaching banking reform (to end contrived ‘banking panics’) inflicted the new financial dictatorship on the Americans; elected on neutrality, delivered the US into WWI; preaching unity for Peace caused another (profitable) Great War--in just 21 years time--with the infamous Treaty of Versailles, also the instrument of a primordial first stab at world government, with its League of Nations, progenitor of the UN and EU, and a device for ‘the internationalization of finance/central banking’ system (--Eustace Mullins).

In the wake of the pointless (except for the profiteers) imperialist carnage of WWI, the internationalist project to overcome national sovereignty seemed to have the veneer of a compelling and pacific rationale--a needed solution to a problem--covering its aims; in the words of the world government enthusiast H.G. Wells, it meant : “the necessity of disavowing the sovereignty of contemporary governments, of setting up authoritative central control to ...supersede them [for]...

* cooperation over belligerent competition and nationalism...

* a central authority as arbiter of disputes between sovereign nations, in order to abolish war...

* an organized order as world system..

* human brotherhood in place of militant patriotism...”

-- ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, 1933

And this from Wells’s contemporary, Bertrand Russell:

"The establishment of an international authority sufficiently strong to impose its settlement of disputes upon recalcitrant States is I am convinced the most important reform from an educational as well as from every other point of view." (Education & the Social Order, 1932 p. 145)

It’s well to note that for these cited advocates of the coming world state, the NWO would not be Capitalist but Socialist, an evolutionary step forward from the Russian revolution, already beginning to fail under Stalinist nationalism. But the project was a Trojan Horse for a Globalist cabal substituting private Financial Diktat for public Socialist Internationalism.

The World State concept or a totalitarian federalized superstate (read EU) may have been avant-garde in 1919/1933, but today it is showing its 100-year age. Central Authority, like Monarchy, is an Olde political form, a regression to feudal, entrenched privilege favored by the privileged Banking elite (and declared aim of the “National Socialist” Adolf Hitler and of George Bush I).

The present model of the emerging world state--the treaty-proffering EU--gives the lie, in practice, to the old aims and rhetoric of beneficence, now become a hollow sales pitch, as it violently destroys sovereignty, with terror and bloodletting, coups and war or proxy war, in the drive towards a global, feudal, financial dictatorship.

While idealists of old may have genuinely looked to the concept of an NWO to avoid future ‘Lost Generations’ slaughtered in war, the fact of the project’s hijacking by the bankers is betrayed also by new horrors--more ‘Lost Generations,’ as natural fertility (and free reproduction) are gradually chemically extinguished in favor of a eugenic, industrial model to be based on IVF (see article).

4  “Climate Change”: Despite the record-setting volume of hot air hyping man-made climate change and global gearing up to save the world, it’s another of Disaster Capitalism’s sky is falling scenarios--a myth and a con.


Historical cycles in climate temperature have been shown not to correlate with atmospheric CO2 levels but with variations in the sun’s radiant energy (source), as anyone would expect. The best-known data showing a locked-in upward trend in temperature since the 20th century was shown to have been based on flawed data and methodology (article). Separately, leading climatologist proponents of global warming (at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia) were exposed as frauds in the 2009 Climate Gate scandal (see article) in which their private email correspondence was hacked and released. In one such email, a scientist (Dr Phil Jones) implied that though his data actually showed climate cooling since 1998, it would be impossible to publish since it contradicted the ‘consensus’ on ‘settled science.’

Not aligned with progress but with reaction, our corporate leaders are taking us back to the pre-science era of dogma and medieval forms of censorship as they exploit the unknown to trade in myth, an ancient theocratic practice.

As Noam Chomsky (caution: gatekeeper) has pointed out, a good rule of thumb to follow when testing bits of info debris from the propaganda storm for verity is that the louder and more repeated it is (global warming, the ‘international Muslim conspiracy’) the more likely it is to be professional myth making (marketing and cloak and dagger manipulation). In our brave new totalitarian world, truth is not broadcast, it is whispered. Big Lie ‘facts’ are manufactured, precisely by volume and repetition, à la Goebbels. As for wild weather, there must be some other explanation (search : HAARP).

So why propagate the man-made warming fraud? Because of a little agenda item in the Globalist empire called World Government. The greenhouse gas climate warming myth is a ruse to introduce a global tax (on carbon emissions) as an international revenue source for world government under the corporate new world order. The tax, which would hit developing nations hardest (high polluters), would also thereby counter development, together with energy rationing, synergistically perpetuating the hegemony of the financial elite, as the new tribute payments roll in, transferring more public funds into private hands. In addition to regulating energy use, the scheme also seeks to assert comprehensive control by regulating land use, transportation at the international level, and human fertility and reproduction.

Regional trade agreements (NAFTA, etc), (now shelved) plans for further currency mergers, and local power grabs under the UN’s new green flag (ICLEI) form the filaments, along with existing world bodies (UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, WHO, etc), that would tie together the EU, African Union, Americas Union with Asia in a burgeoning world state, along the lines of the new (COP21) and future World Climate Treaties, starting with their Energy Controls (presciently foreshadowed, in literature, by H.G. Wells’s international Transport Ministry--the seedling for an evolving future world state in the fictional ‘Shape of Things to Come’).

5 Update: Similarly, ‘Respect’ is another theme of the Rio Games. During the Athletics competitions, a highly unnecessary and insidious announcement was made in the stadium appealing for the audience to please ‘show respect to all the athletes’ (...whether Muslim, Russian, or Black?). What’s not to respect in a collection of the most fit and able athletes in the world if not their ethnic/racial/religious backgrounds according to the subtly projected racism of the Fascist organizers ? See also UEFA



“A spiral helix, symbol of all life”--NBC Sports Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony broadcast,

describing DNA-like kinetic sculpture complementing Olympic Flame, Aug. 5, 2016

(above left: sculpture; above right: DNA molecule model)